Automatic Energy Toggle Guide

From GT New Horizons

More advanced EU generation options such as Nuclear Reactors or Large Gas Turbines run constantly whether or not the EU they are generating is being used. It can be advantageous to create a system that turns the power generation on when your battery is empty, and turns it off when your battery is full. This is particularly important for things like boilers and turbines that have a low-efficiency "warm up" time that needs to be minimized.

A compact latch system that can be set up in the LV era is shown to the right. Two energy detector covers are attached to a battery buffer, one on either side. Both are in 'Normal Electrical Storage (including batteries)' mode, though the one on the left is inverted. The mode of the covers can be toggled using a screwdriver.

The energy detector cover on the right sends a max strength signal when the battery is full; the one on the left sends a max strength signal when it is empty. In the compact latch system, the wire on the right (shown as on in the image) comes from the non-inverted energy detector cover. It connects to a vanilla redstone comparator, and then into a RS latch. The wire on the left comes from the inverted energy detector cover, and also connects to a separate comparator and into the other side of the RS latch. In between the redstone comparators is a potentiometer (set to level 14) that tells the system only to pass the redstone signal through to the latch if it is near maximum strength.

In this example the latch sends out the resulting redstone signal to a wireless transmitter, though conventional redstone wires can also be used. The redstone signal sent by the latch must be connected to a machine control cover to control large turbines, or can be directly connected to an IC2 nuclear reactor.

Even more compact systems are possible by utilizing dense red crystals instead of potentiometers and comparators, though this requires some investment in magical research.