Commonly used acronyms and nicknames

From GT New Horizons

Being an exceptionally technology and magic-heavy modpack, GTNH comes with a large variety of items and materials with long names that earn themselves various acronyms and nicknames, especially on the Discord server.

This is intended to be a non-comprehensive list of known acronyms and nicknames for various things in the modpack. Please help to add new acronyms as they come into common use.


  • AAL: Advanced Assembly Line. A more advanced version of the Assembly Line.
  • ABS: Alloy Blast Smelter, a GT++ multiblock that can smelt materials directly into liquids.
  • AE / AE2: Applied Energistics, a logistics mod capable of executing on-demand autocrafting. Available from EV onwards. Also known as ME.
  • AE2FC: AE2 Fluid Crafting, a addon to AE2.
  • AL: Assemby Line, the multiblock machine that gates progress from IV into LuV.
  • ARR: All rights reserved. A mod license that prevents others from changing or fixing it.
  • assline: see AL.
  • AT: Active Transformer, converts voltage tier to another with virtually no loss.


  • BBF: Bricked Blast Furnace, the starter-tier multiblock needed to smelt your first steel.
  • BBW: Better Builder's Wand. May also be used for the ExtraUtilities Builder's Wands.
  • BC: Buildcraft (e.g. bc tank = buildcraft tank)
  • BLS: Better Loading Screen, a mod to make your loading screen real pretty. Disabling may speed up load times.
  • BM: Blood Magic, a magic mod involving sacrifice gated behind Thaumcraft
  • BQ: Better Questing, the mod that gives the questbook system.
  • BW: Bartworks, a mod. Might also mean the developer BlueWeabo.


  • CA: Circuit Assembler. An assembler dedicated to making circuits, needed for higher tier circuits.
  • CE: Community Edition. A version of GregTech that is not used in New Horizons, with much less content.
  • CAL: Circuit Assembly Line. LuV-tier multiblock machine needed to craft very high-tier circuits efficiently.
  • CBD: Cetane-Boosted Diesel. 2nd highest energy density of the combustion generator, fuels and a T1-T2 rocket fuel.
  • CIB: See CRIB.
  • CBT: Crop and Bee Torture. How it’ll feel when you’re twenty five hours into breeding and realize you missed a step.
  • CoAL: Component Assembly Line. Special Assembly Line only for motors, pumps etc.
  • CP: ExxonMobil Chemical Plant, a GT++ multiblock used to make some interesting recipes.
  • CRIB: CRafting Input Buffer. Part of GTNH's custom Applied Energistics additions.


  • DAAL - Dedicated Advanced Assembly Line. An AAL that does only one recipe with high power input.
  • DD: Deep Dark
  • DEFC: Draconic Evolution Fusion Crafter. For Draconic Cores and Dragonblood.
  • DEHP: Deep Earth Heating Pump. Heats coolant for a Fluid Reactor.
  • DS: Dyson Swarm. Endgame power generation multiblock.
  • DT: Distillation Tower. HV multiblock for processing oil and other fluids.
  • DTPF: Dimensionally Transcendent Plasma Forge: Endgame multi used to mix molten metals and fluid into new molten metals.


  • EBF: Electric Blast Furnace. Essential Multiblock machine needed for smelting of materials
  • ECE: Extreme Combustion Engine. Multiblock version of the single block combustion generators.
  • EEC: Extreme Extermination Chamber: Multiblock that simulates killing monsters to get their loot. The multiblock name will be changed to Extreme Entity Crusher soon.
  • EFC: Ender Fluid Conduit, the HV-tier EnderIO method of teleporting fluids around
  • EHE: Extreme Heat Exchanger, a multiblock machine capable of making steam, SH steam, and SC steam. The big brother to the LHE.
  • EIO: EnderIO, a mod with numerous utility functions.
  • EIG: Extreme Industrial Greenhouse. Multiblock for crop automation.
  • EoH: Eye of Harmony. Cool-looking endgame multiblock machine.
  • EQ: Ender Quarry. An automated area mining machine commonly used to gather planet blocks or other things Miners won't.
  • EU/t: Energy Units per Tick, see Electricity.
  • EV: Extreme Voltage. T4 in the quest book, and associated with Mars


  • FDR: Fluid Drilling Rig. Also known as the multiblock fluid drill. Able to tap the bedrock fluid reservoirs on various planets.
  • Fluid nuke: Fluid Reactors, IC2 Nuclear Reactor multiblocks that generate hot coolant instead of EU directly. Requires significant infrastructure to fully extract their power, but offers decent sub-LuV power generation.
  • FPS: Frames per second.


  • GC: Galacticraft. The mod that provides planets and such.
  • GG: GoodGenerator. A GregTech addon that adds a few multiblocks and materials.
  • GT: GregTech. The mod that has all the machines.
  • GT++: GregTech Plus Plus: A mod that adds multi blocks and many other things to GregTech.
  • GTNH: GregTech New Horizons. Really, you should already know this one.
  • GS: GalaxySpace


  • HBM: Horrible Bad Mod. Won’t be added (actually Hbm's Nuclear Tech Mod)
  • HC: Hardcore mode, either from Minecraft or from BetterQuesting.
  • HOG: high-octane gasoline, the most energy dense combustion engine fuel.
  • HP: high pressure, usually used in the context of a large HP steam turbine or HP steam machines.
  • HTGR: High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor
  • HV: High Voltage. T3 in the quest book, and associated with cleanrooms and the Moon
  • HEE: Hardcore ender expansion. A mod that overhauls the end.


  • IAADDS: Industrial Apicultural Acclimatiser and Drone Domestication Station, also known as the Mega Apiary.
  • IBF: Infernal Blast Furnace from Witching Gadgets.
  • IC / IC2: Industrial Craft 2
  • ICO: Industrial Coke Oven. GT++ multi that is (mostly) an upgrade for the Pyrolyse Oven.
  • IV: Insane Voltage. T5 in the quest book


  • JEI: Just Enough Items. Not used in GTNH. See NEI.



  • LCE: Large Combustion Engine. EV-tier multiblock generator running off combustible fuels.
  • LCR: Large Chemical Reactor. Multiblock machine capable of running chemical reactor recipes without fluid cells.
  • LDIP: Long Distance Item Pipeline for item transfer.
  • LDFP: Long Distance Fluid Pipeline for fluid transfer.
  • LDP: Long Distance Pipeline, can come in two variations listed below. Either subtype requires chunkloading of the start and end, and only accommodates 1 input and 1 output.
  • LES: Large Essentia Smeltery.
  • LESU: Lapotronic Energy Storage Unit. Don’t build it.
  • LEG: Large Essentia Generator, a multiblock power generator that converts your essentia to EU.
  • LFTR: Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, a multiblock generator.
  • LGT: Large Gas Turbine. HV-tier multiblock generator running off gas-turbine fuels
  • LHE: Large heat exchanger. EV-tier multiblock machine capable of making steam or SH steam in ludicrous amounts when adequately supplied with either lava or hot coolant. Commonly coupled to either Everburn urns or fluid nukes.
  • LP: Logistics Pipes.
  • LPF: Large Processing Factory. The 9 in 1 multiblock added by GT++.
  • LSC: Lapotronic Supercapacitor. The alternative to the PSS for very large centralized power storage.
  • LuV: Ludicrous voltage, T6 in the questbook
  • LV: Low voltage, T1 in the questbook
  • lwjgl3ify: A magic mod that makes it possible to run GTNH with Java 9-19. Stands for Lightweight Java Game Library 3 -ify.


  • MABS: Mega Alloy Blast Smelter.
  • MAX: Maximum voltage, T14.
  • MB: Multiblock machine.
  • MBM: multiblock miner. Can either refer to the ODPs or to the Void Miners, but more commonly the latter.
  • MBF: Mega Blast Furnace. Proper name for the MEBF.
  • MCR: Mega chemical reactor
  • MDT: Mega Distillation Tower, a massively upsized version of the Distillation Tower.
  • ME: matter-energy, usually used in the context of a ME network, made using AE2 parts.
  • MEBF: Mega Electric Blast Furnace, a massively upsized version of the Electric Blast Furnace that can run up to 256 recipes in parallel.
  • MF: multifarm, commonly referring to the Forestry Farm multiblock structure used for farming trees, crops, etc.
  • MMC: MultiMC, a launcher that works well with GTNH.
  • MT: Molecular Transformer, a machine uses energy to transform certain materials into others.
  • MTE: either stands for Meta Tile Entity or Multi Tile Entity (see MuTE)
  • MuTE: A new, unfinished multiblock system specifically developed for GTNH.
  • MVF: Mega Vacuum Freezer, a massively upsized version of the Vacuum Freezer.
  • MV: medium voltage, T2 in the questbook


  • Naq: Naquadah, mid-late game material. Also, a stargate shoutout.
  • NEI: Not Enough Items
  • NVG: Nightvision Goggles


  • OC: Overclocking or OpenComputers, depending on the context. For overclock x/y would be ratio of speed to power, 2/4 double speed, quad power, 4/4 quad both = perfect OC.
  • ODP: Ore Drilling Plant. Comes in 4 tiers and available from EV onwards. Automatically crushes mined ores and gives a (tier-dependent) bonus to small ores.
  • OW: Overworld


  • PA: Processing Array. Multiblock machine capable of running up to 64 identical single-block machines as if placed in the world
  • PBI: polybenzimidazole. High-tier plastic.
  • PBF: Primitive Blast Furnace, aka the BBF.
  • PE: polyethylene. Low-tier plastic. Also known as poly
  • Platline: Platinum processing line, a long series of processing steps (and therefore, machines) needed to extract all the platinum-group metals from PMPD.
  • PLE: Precision Laser Engraver. Essential machine for circuit crafting
  • PMPD: platinum metallic powder dust, the starting material for the platinum processing line
  • PPS: polyphenylene sulfide. Mid-tier plastic needed to cheaply coat high-tier cables.
  • PR: ProjectRed
  • PrAss: Precise Assembler. A multiblock assembler.
  • PRT: Project Red: Transportation. Used for autocrafting pre-AE2.
  • PSS: Power Sub-station, a GT++ multiblock providing very large centralized power storage.
  • PTFE, teflon: polytetrafluoroethylene. Mid-tier plastic.
  • PVC: polyvinylchloride. Mid-tier plastic.


  • QB: Questbook.
  • QFT: Quantum Force Transformer. UEV multiblock that processes resources with a non-consumed catalyst item.


  • RC: RailCraft, a mod that adds rail-related stuff. The most important part from this mod is the iron/steel multiblock tanks.
  • RC, but in version string: Release candidate. This is the kind of version we release right before a stable release. Recipe and balance wise it should be identical or nearly identical to the stable release that soon follows. Slightly more buggy than a stable.


  • SB: Singleblock machine.
  • SBDR, SB rubber: styrene-butadiene rubber. Plastic needed to coat cables at higher tiers. Not the best choice but relatively cheap.
  • SC: Superconductor
  • SC steam: Supercritical steam. Created with a EHE and converted into power (and maybe steam?) with a large SC steam turbine multiblock.
  • SE: Space Elevator
  • SFM: Steve’s factory manager
  • SH Steam: Superheated steam. Created with a LHE and converted into regular steam and power using a large HP steam turbine multiblock and an appropriate turbine item.
  • SMD: Surface Mount Devices, or circuit parts; resistors, diodes, capacitors, transistors.
  • SoC: System on a Chip; Wafer component used for making Circuits.
  • SR: Silicone Rubber. Plastic needed to coat cables at higher tiers. A better choice for cable coating.
  • SS: Stainless Steel or screenshot depending on the context.
  • SSP: Survival Single Player. Single player mode.
  • SU: ServerUtilities, GTNH's version of FTBUtilities & FTBLibrary.


  • T: Tier. Often used in power equations.
  • TC: Thaumcraft (magic mod) or Tinker’s Construct - usually the first unless directly referring to tools or the smeltry.
  • TE: Tile Entity. See WA.
  • TF: Twilight Forest, an alternate dimension and one of the first dimensions players can access
  • TFFT: T.F.F.T. (actual in-game name), possibly the fuckin' fluid tank
  • TH: Thaumic Horizons, a magic mod expanding Thaumcraft.
  • THTR: Thorium High Temperature Reactor
  • TGS: Tree Growth Simulator, grows wood and saplings from EU and an input tool
  • TiC / TiCon: Tinker's Construct, mainly used for the tools and various materials.
  • TPM: Transcendent Plasma Mixer
  • TPS: Ticks per second. Ideally you want 20.
  • TT: Tool Tip, TecTech, or Thaumic Tinkerer depending on context. Nobody says Tool Tip that way other than Prometheus though.
  • TVI: Transvector Interface. From Thaumic Tinkerer: Lets you interact with a block's side via the TVI to multiple sides.


  • UAAL: Universal Advanced Assembly Line. An AAL capable of doing many different recipes.
  • UCFE: Universal Chemical Fuel Engine, a multiblock power generator that accepts gases like diesel, benzene and rocket fuel.
  • UV: Ultimate voltage. T8 in the questbook. Not actually the highest voltage tier, however.
  • UEV: Extremely Ultimate voltage, T10
  • UHV: Highly Ultimate voltage, T9 in the questbook.
  • UIV: Insanely Ultimate voltage, T11. From this point onwards, more and more items don't have recipes.
  • ULV: Ultra Low voltage, lowest voltage tier. Not a proper voltage tier (does not overclock to LV).
  • UMV: Mega Ultimate voltage, T12
  • UXV: Extended Mega Ultimate voltage, T13


  • VF: Vacuum Freezer. Multiblock machine needed to cool hot things (mostly hot ingots, occasionally plasma cells) and chill cool things (compressed air -> liquid air)
  • VM: Void Miner


  • WA: World Accelerator (TE mode - tile entity mode for the WA)
  • WCT: Wireless Crafting Terminal
  • WG: Witching Gadgets, a mod.


  • XL: usually means an XL turbine, like the XL Gas Turbine or the XL Plasma Turbine.



  • ZPM: Zero Point Module voltage, T7 in the questbook. Also refers to the item of the same name.