Extreme Entity Crusher

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The Extreme Entity Crusher (EEC) is a multiblock that functions as an automatic mob farm. Despite what it says in the tooltip it does not spawn mobs or other entities, instead each work cycle it generates a certain amount of items from the corresponding drop table and puts them directly into the output bus. This is very efficient lag reduction method, and it is recommended to replace all other mob farms with EEC when possible. Prior to 2.5, this multiblock was called the Extreme Extermination Chamber.

Multiblock Structure

A Extreme Entity Crusher is a hollow 5x7x5 structure.


  • x1 Extreme Entity Crusher (controller); front, bottom layer's edge center
  • x35-46 Solid Steel Machine Casings, variable: top and bottom layers
  • x20 Steel Frame Box: edges of vertical walls
  • x9 Diamond Spikes: 3x3 center of layer 2 (from bottom to up)
  • x60 Glass (EV-tier or above): 4 3x5 windows in each vertical wall
  • x1 Maintenance Hatch; anywhere on bottom layer
  • x1+ Energy Hatch (EV+, limited by glass tier); anywhere on bottom layer
  • x1+ Output Bus (any); anywhere on bottom layer, optional
  • x1+ Output Hatch (any), anywhere on bottom layer, optional

Note that the multi does technically form with HV glass and an HV hatch; however, it can't do any useful recipes without at least EV glass and two HV hatches (i.e. overclock to EV). If you want to farm mobs that always spawn infernal, the minimum is 4 EV hatches with EV glass (it'll draw 8A EV, enough for continuous infernal spawns). If your EEC still isn't forming, try removing the input bus.


A non-empty EnderIO powered spawner must be put into the EEC controller. Turn the EEC on in GUI or with a Soft Mallet, and the items will start appearing in the Output Bus. You may also put an enchanted weapon into the controller, and EEC will apply the Looting enchant on the weapon to increase the amount of generated items. Some items in drop tables only generate when the weapon has a specific enchant applied, so also check that. Besides items, each operation produces 120mB of Liquid XP, which goes into Output Hatch.

Processing time depends on the amount of HP the mob has, the damage of the machine (9) and the damage of the weapon inserted into the controller. The damage is applied to the HP every 0.5sec, the minimum time for every "kill" is 2.5sec. Even though the minimum processing time is 5sec the player might see increase in the amount of drops after adding a good weapon if the machine didn't cap out it's 2kills/5sec earlier.

Ritual Mode

Ritual Mode is a setting that allows EEC to produce Life Essence (LP, blood) to fill the Blood Magic altar, in addition to normal production.

To enable Ritual Mode you must have a working Well of Suffering (WoS) ritual centered on EEC, above or below it, also a Blood Magic Altar should be within 10 blocks vertically and 5 blocks horizontally of the Master Ritual Stone. After that you need to turn the Ritual Mode on in EEC GUI.

If the Extreme Entity Crusher does not work, refer to troubleshooting guide. A specific condition where EEC refuses to work is some mobs can only be generated as Infernals (more powerful mob version), which raises voltage requirements. Check mob info in NEI and adjust your power supply if necessary.