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Large Essentia Generator Overview

The Large Essentia Generator (LEG) is a multiblock power generator added by the Good Generator mod crafted in EV tier that consumes certain types of Thaumcraft essentia to generate power. There also exist several upgrades which allow the LEG to consume external fluids to boost the efficiency of some types of essentia or allow some previously unusable kinds of essentia to be consumed.


The research for the LEG can be found in the Artifice tab of the Thaumonomicon, with the Artifice: Infusion parent research.

Multiblock Structure

LEG Layer 1: Hatches can replace any Magic Casing in the centered plus shape.
  1. Layer 1: Consists of Magic Casings and Arcane Stone Bricks. Fluid Input Hatches, Essentia Input Hatches, Maintenance Hatches, and Dynamo Hatches can replace any of the magic casings in the middle plus shape on this layer.
  2. Layer 2: Consists of a ring of Magic Casings and Essentia Diffusion Cells, and Arcane Stone Bricks on the outer pillars. Essentia Diffusion Cells come in four different tiers and can be mixed. See the Essentia Diffusion Cells section below.
  3. Layer 3: Consists of the controller block on the top center, and Amber Bricks on the outer pillars.

Essentia Diffusion Cells

The minimum tier of the Essentia Diffusion Cells dictates the maximum Dynamo Hatch tier the LEG can accept. Higher tiers also improve efficiency via the StablePoint mechanic. The total stable value of a LEG is the sum of the StablePoints contributed by each Diffusion Cell.

Essentia Diffusion Cell Tier Dynamo Hatch Tier StablePoint
Novice EV 1
Adept IV 2
Master LuV 5
Grandmaster ZPM 10


The optional LEG upgrades allow the LEG to consume external fluid to boost the EU value of some essentias or allow them to be consumed at all. These essentias come in 9 categories: Radiation, Spirit, Mechanics, Tainted, Victus, Unstable, Thermal, Air, and Electric. The upgrades' names are formatted as "Essentia Generator: [Category]" (i.e., Essentia Generator: Thermal). Installation of an upgrade is done by right-clicking the controller with the upgrade, and multiple upgrades can be applied to a LEG.

Liquid is optional for Victus, Tainted, Spirit, and Radiation, and not used in Electric.

Warning: any installed upgrades are not displayed anywhere, a message in chat is only displayed during installation, upgrades cannot be retrieved or removed, and breaking the controller voids all upgrades.

Essentia Input

Before running the LEG, the Essentia Input Hatch must be attuned to the desired essentia. This can be done by right clicking the Essentia Input Hatch with a phial filled with that essentia. The Thaumcraft Essentia Resonator can check if the attunement was successful. Essentia can be provided using either Essentia Tubes or the Thaumic Energistics Essentia Provider.

Tainted Upgrade Mechanics

Using the essentias and fluids in the Tainted category is supposed to cause flux gas pollution around the LEG. The volume spawned is a random fluid level from 0-8. The spawn chance per essentia consumed is dependent on the fluid used.

Fluid Flux Gas Spawn Chance per Aspect Consumed
None 20%
Purifying Fluid 0%
Liquid Death 40%

However, this behavior is currently bugged and the LEG will attempt to spawn the flux gas at a random coordinate in the range x=0-4, y=0, z=0-4 wherever there is open air; in the overworld, this will likely fail due to the presence of bedrock at y=0.


The LEG will always try to output the highest voltage it can at 1A before outputting more amps.

As of 2.6.1 (drawn from GitHub, GT5U repository):

The formula for EU generated per essentia is

The formula for fluid drained per essentia is

The Thaumonomicon entries gives an incorrect basic consuming speed in a rate of seconds; in reality, fluid consumption is proportional to essentia consumption (the "Upgrade your generator" entry also does somewhat imply this). The source code instead has "Category Fluid Volumes" that are the fluid consumption rates in the Thaumonomicon divided by 20.

  • Fluid Efficiency: higher is better
  • Category Fluid Volume: lower is better
  • Drain Coefficient: lower is better
Essentia Type Upgrade Fuel Value (EU) Drain Coefficient
Terra None 800 N/A
Aqua None 5000 N/A
Ordo None 12000 N/A
Lux None 13000 N/A
Tempestas None 61200 N/A
Gelum None 3900 N/A
Vitreus None 2000 N/A
Potentia None 25600 N/A
Permutatio None 6000 N/A
Metallum None 2600 N/A
Tenebrae None 9000 N/A
Praecantatio None 36000 N/A
Herba None 2600 N/A
Arbor None 4500 N/A
Bestia None 1000 N/A
Messis None 9800 N/A
Perfodio None 1300 N/A
Instrumentum None 1200 N/A
Meto None 3600 N/A
Tutamen None 6200 N/A
Fabrico None 1100 N/A
Pannus None 600 N/A
Vinculum None 500 N/A
Magneto None 108000 N/A
Vesania None 1 N/A
Primordium None 217000 N/A
Gula None 64000 N/A
Tempus None 142857 N/A
Aer Air 10000 1.0
Motus Air 20000 0.5
Volatus Air 56000 2.0
Auram Air 42000 2.7
Ignis Thermal 16000 1.0
Aequalitas Thermal 300000 7.0
Volatus Thermal 56000 2.0
Infernus Thermal 35700 3.0
Ira Thermal 82600 5.0
Perditio Unstable 4500 1.0
Vacuos Unstable 8200 1.5
Venenum Unstable 17000 2.0
Telum Unstable 14200 2.5
Terminus Unstable 300000 10.0
Victus Victus 20000 1.0
Spiritus Victus 37600 0.7
Sano Victus 24600 1.2
Corpus Victus 5200 0.9
Humanus Victus 16700 1.3
Fames Victus 17600 1.1
Gloria Victus 120000 0.6
Mortuus Tainted 7200 1.0
Alienis Tainted 9700 1.7
Vitium Tainted 4700 10.0
Exanimis Tainted 9000 1.2
Iter Machina 16000 1.0
Machina Machina 61200 1.0
Limus Machina 11800 1.0
Cognitio Spirit 2200 1.2
Sensus Spirit 1400 0.7
Lucrum Spirit 6000 2.0
Strontio Spirit 200 0.03
Nebrisum Spirit 24300 2.0
Luxuria Spirit 79200 3.7
Superbia Spirit 10900 2.1
Invidia Spirit 7700 1.0
Desidia Spirit 600 0.1
Radio Radiation 238000 1.0
Astrum Radiation 118000 0.5
Electrum Electric N/A

The number corresponding to the Dynamo Hatch Tier starts with 0 at ULV and increases by 1 for each higher tier.

Fluid Upgrade Category Fluid Efficiency
None Victus/Tainted/Spirit/Radiation 1.0
Air Air 1.0
Liquid Air Air 1.5
Water Thermal 0.5
Distilled Water Thermal 1.0
Crushed Ice Thermal 1.2
IC2 Coolant Thermal 1.5
Cryotheum Thermal 5.0
Super Coolant Thermal 9.0
Nitrogen Unstable 1.0
Helium Unstable 2.0
Neon Unstable 2.2
Argon Unstable 2.5
Krypton Unstable 3.0
Xenon Unstable 4.0
Liquid XP Victus 2.0
Life Essence Victus 6.0
Purifying Fluid Tainted 60.0
Liquid Death Tainted
Lubricant Machina 1.0
Hollow Tears Spirit
Flowing Spirit Spirit
Molten Caesium Radiation 2.0
Molten Uranium-235 Radiation 3.0
Molten Naquadah Radiation 4.0
Molten Atomic Separation Catalyst Radiation 16.0
Upgrade Category Category Fluid Volume (L/aspect)
Air 8
Thermal 2
Unstable 4
Victus 18
Tainted 3
Machina 20
Spirit 2
Radiation 6
Electrum N/A

Remark: Flowing Spirit is more efficient than Hollow Tears for Spirit when stable value is (strictly) greater than 150.

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