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Magnets are a group of utility items that increase the range of dropped item entity collection. They are usually an item worn or carried in the inventory to make tasks like crop harvesting, logging or mob farming easier, as all the drops will be attracted to the player automatically. GTNH has several options for portable magnets, including the Item Dislocator, Ring of Magnetization, and Electromagnet. Placeable block forms of magnets also exist in the Vacuum Hopper and Item Collector. Luggage is another item entity pickup option. While not technically a magnet, it will collect dropped items nearby the player if it has inventory space.

Item Dislocator

Two U-shaped magnet icons, left magenta-purple with orange tips, right crimson with purple tips.

Draconic Evolution's magnet is the item of choice for many. Not only is it the most easily accessible magnet, it works anywhere in the inventory, can be toggled on/off, requires no power and has an eight block range. It requires two blocks of steel, four magnetic steel ingots and a small lithium battery to make, achievable in mid-LV. It cannot be equipped, and if stored in a backpack or alternate hotbar will stop working. If there is no room in the player's inventory for all the items the dislocator has attracted, it will make a constant XP orb noise and bounce the items around the player's feet. This sound can be disabled in the config file, and specific items blacklisted. The pickup speed is fast enough that it's possible to safely glide while magnetizing many stacks, a short-distance transportation option for quantities that exceed normal carrying capacity. Disclocators ignore AE2 seeds (fluix, nether quartz, certus quartz), but will pick up Mana Tablets. There is no delay between dropping items from the inventory and the Dislocator picking them up, which can make mana pool and cauldron tasks impossible. Shift-right-click with the Item Dislocator to turn it on/off or assign it a keybind under Esc > Options > Controls > Draconic Evolution > Toggle Magnet.

The upgraded version is the Awakened Item Dislocator available in HV, as a Dire Crafting Table recipe. It has an upgraded range of 32 blocks.

Ring of Magnetization

Two ring icons, left vibrant sky blue, right neon green, both set with a red and blue gem.

Botania's magnet is gated behind Manasteel, available post-Twilight Forest if Botania progression is pursued. Its crafting recipe is slightly more complicated than the Item Dislocator's, but not difficult once Manasteel and basic machines are available. It must be equipped as a ring bauble in order to work, has a range of six blocks and an item limit of 200. When worn, items will be attracted to the player more gently than the Item Dislocator, but faster than the Electromagnet. The ring will not pull items through other blocks, and can be temporarily disabled by holding down Shift (sneaking). Items dropped from the inventory will not be attracted for five seconds.

A golden loop-petaled flower with ruby red center on a small floating platform of grassy dirt.

The main attraction of Botania's magnet option is the Solegnolia. This functional flower prevents all Rings of Magnetization from working within a four block radius of itself, useful for automating functions that require dropped entities. The Solegnolia Petite version of this flower works only for entities dropped directly on it. Both have a floating option for placement in locations where a grass block is unfeasible. Solegnolias only work with Rings of Magnetization, they will not shut off other magnets. Mana holding items like Mana Tablets, Botania relics from the Dice of Fate and AE2 seeds (fluix, nether quartz, certus quartz) are automatically ignored by magnetization rings.

The upgraded version is the Greater Ring of Magnetization, which has an improved range of sixteen blocks.


A U-shaped magnet, dull orange-red with grey tips, with a bright green gem in the middle of the bend.

EnderIO's magnet is gated behind Vibrant Alloy (EBF, Nichrome coils), and requires charging, making it less attractive than the Item Dislocator early game. It only works if equipped as a necklace bauble or in the hotbar, with a range of five blocks and constantly spends RF while active, even if no items are being collected. The Electromagnet's attraction speed is notably slow, and items may get stuck behind blocks. Electromagnets ignore AE2 seeds, but will pick up Mana Tablets. Shift-right-click with the Electromagnet to turn it on/off.

Mysterious Magnet

Two forked magnets with three prongs, blue green and red with grey tips. The right magnet has a purple enchantment and particle overlay.

The magnet from Extra Bees is unique for having eight upgradable levels with increasing range. The level 0 magnet has a range of three blocks, the fully upgraded level 8 has a range of nine blocks. Arguably one of the most expensive options, as it requires an Infusion Altar component with three Eyes of Ender and Transmuting Propolis, which is only available from Mutable, Transmuting, Crumbling or Botanic Bees. Each upgrade requires two of the previous level magnet and an additional Dimensional Singularity. The Mysterious Magnet does not require power and immediately attracts any items in range with no delay, making a sound similar to Enderman teleportation each time. It attracts all items, including AE2 seeds and Mana Tablets. Shift-right-click with the Mysterious Magnet to turn it on/off.

Sigil of Magnetization

An orange-brown flat irregular tablet icon, with dark brown runes.

The Sigil of Magnetization from Blood Magic is a magnet with a five block radius. It costs LP to operate.

Vacuum Hopper

A black cube with purple particle effects, similar to an Enderman.

The Vacuum Hopper is a placeable magnet from OpenBlocks. It has a range of three - 7x7x7 cube centered on itself, an internal inventory of ten slots and a fluid tank. Vacuum Hoppers can collect both items and XP orbs, and output either or both to different faces. Open the GUI with right-click and choose the chest (items) or Bottle o' Enchanting (XP) tab. A 3D model of the vacuum hopper will be shown; spin it by holding down right click, left click to place an output. An output with a green band will deliver XP fluid, one with a blue band sends items. Item collection is indiscriminate, including AE2 seeds and Mana Tablets. Vacuum Hoppers drag items towards themselves so entities can be blocked by any solid obstruction.

Item Collector

A small black pole with a purple tip, with a flared black base. It's sitting on top of a standard minecraft chest.

The basic Item Collector from RandomThings is a placeable magnet with a working area of 5x5x5, centered on itself. It must be Shift-right-clicked on a valid inventory such as a chest. Instead of dragging items towards itself, entities are teleported into its associated inventory, even through solid blocks. This makes it an excellent choice for a mob farm or other area where hidden item collection is needed. It will not function if not attached to a valid inventory, and requires no power to operate. Item Collectors pick up all items including AE2 seeds and Mana Tablets.

The upgraded Advanced Item Collector has individually configurable X, Y and Z ranges, up to 10 blocks each and accepts Item Filters to blacklist or whitelist specific items that should or should not be collected. Right-click to bring up the GUI for setting range and filter.

Ender Collector