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Plasma Generator is a clean energy generator, that uses different plasmas for fuel and produces no pollution. Singleblock plasma generators can be crafted on LuV tier, produce one ampere of current and have variants spanning from EV to UV. They do not require expendable turbines, but have poor fuel efficiency starting at 50% (which improves to 90% on UV). Multiblock plasma generators are also available on UV, Large Plasma Generator and XL Turbo Plasma Turbine. Besides fuel these also require expendable turbines (rotors), but have much higher fuel efficiency. Above that, XL plasma generator supports multiple dynamo hatches, which helps extracting all of the energy produced. Infamous plasma nerf of 2.4.0 has capped the power output of XL plasma turbine to about 2mil EU/t for low tier plasmas.

Optimal Flow Calculation

As you may know, each type of turbine (rotor) has a specific nominal EU output. This value should be stated in the tooltip under "Optimal Plasma Flow". This is the nominal EU output that this rotor is capable of generating if given the correct amount of plasma at the correct rate.

Since this nominal EU output is in EU/t, we will then want to calculate just how much plasma we need to feed into the turbine (and at what rate) to obtain our nominal EU output out of our turbine. The formula for this is (Optimal Flow) = (Nominal Output) / (Fuel Value)

The fuel value of the plasma can be found in NEI, by clicking U (default button to show "usage") on plasma cell and switching to plasma generator fuels tab. Let's say we are using Helium Plasma. In GT:NH, 1 cell of Helium Plasma gives 81920000 EU. We want the EU/L fuel value, so we divide by 1000, since 1 cell contains 1 bucket or 1000L of fluids. 81920000/1000 = 81920 EU/L. Now that we have a fuel value, we just need to divide this number from our Nominal Output to get the Optimal Plasma Flow.

Let's say we are working with a rotor that states 192000 EU/t "Optimal Plasma Flow". The nominal output of this rotor is 192000 EU/t. Dividing by our fuel value of helium plasma gives 192000/81920 = 2.34375 L/t or 46.875 L/s optimal plasma flow (47 L/s after rounding upwards).

This means that if our Large Plasma Turbine is fed 47 Liters of plasma per second, our hypothetical rotor will generate 192000 EU/t, before efficiency. Multiply with the Efficiency stated on the rotor to find the output.


Just like the other Large Turbines, make sure that nothing is in the empty space 1 block in front of the front face of the Large Plasma Generator (where the "rotor" is visually showing), otherwise it can cause issues with the multiblock formation.