Precise Auto-Assembler MT-3662

From GT New Horizons

The Precise Auto-Assembler is a multiblock from Good Generator. It is used to build Good Generator components or can function as a multiblock Assembler, running recipes in parallel.

How to Build

The assembler accepts different tiers of casing and will run recipes up to that tier. It supports TecTech Energy Hatches. The front and back have recessed glass panes enclosing a single block wide gap of air. The Precise Assembler cannot tier skip by using two Energy Hatches. Use the Multiblock Structure Hologram Projector to view the basic shape but note that it will not place any hatches, busses or the muffler.


  • 1x Controller, front bottom, centered
  • 1x Maintenance Hatch, any casing location
  • 1x Muffler, any casing location
  • +1x Input Hatch, any casing location
  • +1x Output Hatch, any casing location (generally not required, as few if any recipes has fluid outputs)
  • +1x Input Bus, any casing location
  • +1x Output Bus, any casing location
  • 1x Energy Hatch / Laser Target Hatch / TecTech multi-amp Energy Hatch maximum, any casing location
  • x42+ Precise Electronic Unit Casings, minimum, remainder of structure (MK-I, MK-II or MK-III, must be all the same)
  • 12x Tungstensteel Frame Box, all corners of three middle layers
  • 42x Glass, two recessed wall panels, front and back (EV Tier, higher can be used but is purely an aesthetic choice.)
  • 21x Machine Casing, bottom layer interior, excluding outer edge (Not Machine Hulls!)


It can run in two modes: assembler and precise assembler and will run different recipes depending on the mode. As the assembler can run in only one mode at time, it's advised to build two. Right-click with a Screwdriver to switch between Normal and Precise modes. Provide logistics for the outputs so the multiblock won't shut down due to lacking output space.

  • In assembler mode it will run sinlge-block assembler recipes but in parallel.
  • In precise assembler mode it will run precise assembler recipes but not assembler ones.