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The Processing Array is a multiblock from GT5 that allows a user to combine several machines of the same type into a single structure. This can be to save space, cables for power and can reduce the strain that the machines otherwise would have on the server.

The multiblock itself consists of a 3x3x3 (WxHxL) hollow structure with at least the following blocks:

  • 1x Processing Array controller block (Centre front)
  • 1x Energy Hatch (Anywhere)
  • 1x Input Bus/Hatch (Anywhere)
  • 1x Output Bus/Hatch (Anywhere)
  • 1x Maintenance Hatch (Anywhere)
  • Rest Robust Tungstensteel Machine Casings (At least 14)

Block info

The structures other casings can be replaced with input/output hatches in case a recipe needs them. After the structure is complete, maintenancen is needed to make the multiblock work. When opening the GUI (Right-click on the controller block) you will see a small slot in the top right. This is where you will have to place your machines that you want the multiblock to use. You can place up to 16 machines of the same type in this slot.


The structure can use any type of energy hatch, but it has to at least match the power requirement of the block put in the controller. For instance, if one puts a LV (32EU/t) energy hatch in the multiblock, and a MV (128EU/t) machine in the controller the multiblock will not work. On the other hand, if the player puts an HV (512EU/t) energy hatch on the multiblock, it is possible to power up to 16 LV machines (512 / 32 = 16).


In order to make the a machines such as the Ore Washing Plant, one will quickly realize that such a machine requires water in order to process any ore. Therefore the multiblock needs at least one input hatch for water, in addition to the inout bus for the crushed ore, and an output bus for the output ores.