Mod Upgrade:

  • Enchiridion 2.0.2a
  • Better Questing 1.0.132
  • Block Limiter 0.5.1a
  • Bloody Quest 1.1.0
  • Craft Tweaker 3.0.10
  • Draconic Evolution 1.0.2h1custom
  • Galacticraft
  • Gregtech
  • Gt New Horizons Core Mod 1.1.61
  • GTTweaker 1.1.1
  • Hunger Overhaul
  • Mod Tweaker
  • RF Expansion 1.0.13
  • Standard Expansion 1.0.85
  • Storage Drawers 1.10.0
  • Thaumic Tinker 2.5.527
  • Utility World 1.0.9

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • Blood Arsenal (Nerf the whole mod and put most of the Stuff in Thaumonomicum)
  • Blood Magic (Put all Thaumcraft Stuff in one file)
  • Forestry (Change Bee House Recipe to be early game available. Need Core Mod 1.1.61)
  • Harvestcraft (Changed Skillet and Sauce Pan recipe not using Plastic anymore, Adding Rainbow Curry recipe, Change Tofu recipe to be early game available)
  • Magic Bees (Change Frames need Singularity first researched)
  • Thaumcraft(remove the upgrade recipe because not working well(NBT data). We have to look what we can do about the Wand recycling and upgrades, rearranged the Script files)
  • Thaumic Machine (Change the Core recipe and change all Researches was bugged before)
  • Tinkers Construct (remove Alu Ingot casting and adding Alu Brass Ingots to the Smeltery)

Code and config changes:

  • Block Limiter(duct taped crash with Berry Medly)
  • Blood Arsenal(Change LP Values a bit)
  • Forbidden Magic (Added back Block via Chisel)
  • GT New Horizons Core Mod (Added a Wooden Casing for Bee Houses, Added 16x insulated Cables, Add Blood Infused Iron Blood Wand cap, Fix Piko Circuit, Adding Field Generators to Assembler)
  • Gregtech (Added 16x insulated Cables, change cable recipe using Rubber sheet Shaped Recipe (32 EU only), change some Graphics from Fluid regulators and Fluid Filter and changed Ids to be not overridden, Added LuV, ZPM and UV Mob Rep, Change Pile Igniter recipe to be LV Steel, Added Blood Aps pollution system but not have any effects now, Name fixes Assembly Line (Blood Asp), Rise generator internal EU storage to counter production bug (Blood Asp), rebalancing sifting output (Blood Asp), make GT trigger ic2 achievements (Blood Asp), Finished adding all component assembly line recipes (Blood Asp), fix ic2 crash (Blood Asp), change Electric Tiers, Adding new Tooltip to Assembly Line, Add Argon Gas, Adding Blood Infused Iron to GT, visual changes, fix Stuff, Turbine tooltip fixes(Muramasa))

Quests changes:

  • A lot of fixes not remember.

Version History