Mod Upgrade:

Binnies Mod 2.0.22


GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.5

GT-PlusPlus 1.5.9a

Thaumic Exploration 1.1.70-0

Tinkers Construct

Config changes:

  • Core Mod(Plated Reinforced Stone Tooltips #1868)
  • Ender IO(EnderIo Itemfilter #1874)
  • Enhanced Lootbags (Forgot about lootbags(Gardenlootbags))
  • Forge(Improving loading time #1897)
  • Tinkers Construct(Slime islands should only spawn in the Overworld)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • Architecture Craft
    • Added chisel recipe for Architecture Craft
  • Avaritia
    • Neutronium compressor #1894
  • Backpacks
    • Minor Bug with backpack #1879
  • Biome o' Plenty
    • Added recipes to craft various BoP Corals #1887
  • Blood Magic
    • Updated various Blood Magic texts in the Thaumonomicon
  • Chisel
    • Added cheaper chisel recipes #1901
  • Extra Utilities
    • Made conveyor recipe cheaper #1888
  • Galacticraft
    • Tier 1 Rocket quest now accepts rocket with cargo space #1896
  • Gregtech
    • Changed Empty Circuit Board to use Fluid Extractor/Assembler instead of Thermionic Fabricator #1885
    • Added missing recipe for coal dust from small and tiny coal dust #1906
  • Magic Bees
    • Added a description to the Enchanted Earth page in the Thaumonomicon
  • Tainted Magic
    • Unable to infuse Shadowmetal Cap #1884
  • Tinkers Construct
    • Added some missing things about slimeballs. #1870
  • Various
    • Text changes in Quests, CoreMod, Thaumic Exploration and Thaumic Tinkerer

Code changes:

Core Mod

  • Cherry pick Commit: 3edd505c7e64ad4845793711e34c4d9e0b0eeab7 [3edd505] All SMD Components now use Plastic, MV, cherry pick (modified GTNH) Commit: 4eafe3368562fe55baea169bf482e2253267be94 [4eafe33] Added Assembler recipes for Small Coils, can use Annealed Copper, ( Duralumin dust mixer recipe conflicts with aluminum brass dust. #1863
  • Add fix for alloy smelter, remove unised imports., [Quest & Recipe] Change "Empty Circuit Board" to use Fluid Extractor/Assembler instead of Thermionic Fabricator #1885, add gt++ dependencies, Diode recipes use more fine wires


  • Restore api for assembler, Cherry Pick 1e4f093966c14ef1542d624eb801585bcf63d6ca Reenabled several old recipes regardless of the config -IC2 Biomass -> IC2 Biogas -Forestry Biomass -> Ethanol
  • -LPG -> Super Fuel -Food --Centrifuge--> Methane -Heavy Fuel/Light Fuel --Distillery--> Toluene, Scaleable Recipes for Fermented Biomass has been added. It is now possible to produce Fermented Biomass in the Pyrolyse Oven without the need of any Fermenters. resin rebalance, Macerating glass into glass dust #1849, cherry pick Commit: 967c3c07af627f92200111013b5a7d0e6a176de1 [967c3c0] Reduced Oxygen consumption of Plastic Production by 50%, cherry pick Commit: d85b7bee49dbb309127753c96ce4eae2e45e83bd [d85b7be] Fixed Chloroform recipe, cherry pick Commit: 1c8df8fb7f05a8828ad09705d5d6a2fe730fa553 [1c8df8f] Fixed Titaniumtetrachloride temperature, cherry pick Commit: 1afc8405e8005433903afdf8a3cdcc82d3f05c9a [1afc840] Added multi-step recipes for the Large Chemical Reactor Added recipes for the Large Chemical Reactor that perform several steps of a processing line in a single recipe. Added new method for Chemical rector not using a clenroom, Extruder rotor shape is single-use #1857, cherry pick Commit: 3b3921034805f45e59534890faf258a3e19b21ce [3b39210] Fixed desulfuriation recipes colliding with hydro-cracking recipes, cherry pick Commit: bc58367801878dfb07c283ab0c06008ceea7242e [bc58367] Added missing Tetrafluoroethylene recipes, chery pick Commit: c2e4ebea6ead832c1916249bc8166605a5b530e0 [c2e4ebe] Fixed EV Pumps using the wrong Rubber, cherry pick Commit: 57dbb05068b76bcac70e6123b1008a502f902077 [57dbb05] Added scalable Methane + Water -> Hydrogen + CarbonDioxide recipes, cherry pick
  • Commit: 262951068334a5cd18a046d360eb7aa26a507934 [2629510] Fixed collision between Acetic Acid and Vinyl Chloride recipes, cherry pick Commit: 97fc717f9a69480beda609c4c7789027c89246bf [97fc717] Fixed LCM desulfurization recipes in combination with CirChemUpdateFU, Fixed Large Chemical Reactor GUI, was wrongly using default before, [Quest] Gas Turbine wording needs updated #1865, Add tickDiff for tick diff detection using totalWorldTime, should prevent spontaneous wire combustion, cherry pick Commit: 01da9150f662d010db07f8729f5ec696a4f935fd [01da915] Added missing Tetraitromethane, Polymerization recipes, cherry pick Commit: 0189b933e35476bc65bfda0201db657b9689bec1 [0189b93] Revised Hydrochloric Acid recycling, Salt electrolyzation cost Hydrochloric Acid can be recycled at 100% efficiency. The production of Dimethylhydrazine, Tetrafluoroethylene, Polydimethylsiloxane, and Hypochlorous Acid yields Diluted Hydrochloric Acid, which can be recycled at 50% efficiency. The energy cost of 21600 EU per 2 Salt -> Sodium + Chlorine has turned out to be too high. The cost is now 9600 EU., Move the setting out of the temperature to new method Materials disableAutoGeneratedBlastFurnaceRecipes() -> return "this" with disabled auto gen on EBF recipes, Refactor ebf code to match bloody code, Add auto output to output busses, and limit the speed to once every 8 ticks on both fluid and item outputs., Set proper EBF temps., Methanol recipies missing carbon monoxide #1907
  • Tinkers Construct(possible fix of Wither skull drop #1833)

Quests changes:

  • Quest #885 wrong title #1867, [Quest] Gas Turbine wording needs updated #1865, Meteoric Iron Ingot consumed #1862, [] Wrong type of dust in Monocrystalline Silicon Boule quest (#782) #1860
  • Dire crafting quest issue #1855, [Quest] Basic Forming Press information incorrect #1893, Minor quest in Transport modification #1878, In bricked blast furnace quest Gypsum dust is skipped. #1871, [Quest] Steve's Carts Assembler needs gating behind multiple quests #1876, Spawn eggs are very buggy #1872, [Quest] Update Antimony quest to point to Twilight Forest/fetching lead #1902, Frequency Module Quest #1903, [Suggestion] Some missing things about slimeballs. #1870, [Quest] Update Antimony quest to point to Twilight Forest/fetching lead #1902, Dolly Quest #1869

Version History