New Mods:

  • Travellers Gear 1.16.6a
  • Witching Gadgets 1.2.9a-GTNH

Mod Upgrade:

  • Crop Load Core 0.1.1
  • Crops PP 1.2.9
  • Galaxy Space 1.1.3c
  • gregtech
  • GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.5.25
  • GT PlusPlus prerelease 21
  • GTTweaker 1.7.0
  • Pam's Harvestcraft 1.7.10n
  • Tec Tech 3.6.5a
  • thaumicenergistics

Config changes:

Anger Mod

  • Add knife and Butchery knife to blacklist for mob explosions. Raise explosion chances to 10%. Related to

Core Mod

  • Mana Beans are enabled for placing again
  • Add Gendustry Machines to the Blacklist from World Accelerators (Gendustry Apiaries are not on the list)

Ender IO

  • [Suggestion] Make Travel Anchor's Great Again #2939


  • Add a bunch of new Bees by Zoko
  • Chnage Gendustry recipes and configs
  • Mutagen is more expensive
  • New Gendustry recipes for Mutatron and Apiary
  • nerf bees
  • disable Infinity branch in Mutatron
  • Add arsenic and firestone Bee
  • add upgrade config override for bees

Spice of Life

  • Spice of Life settings #2930

Witching Gadgets

  • Add new Configs for Travellars Gears and Witching Gadgets

Added/Changed Recipes:

Biome O Plenty

  • Bone Meal different recipes between Sagmill and Macerator #3000

Core Mod

  • try to fix prim peral in core mod section not working @bartimaeusnek
  • change core mod script primordial Pearl


  • change GC recipes and tier them
  • remove torche from chisel group and add glowstone torch (balancing reasons on Planets)
  • change glowstone torch recipe
  • integrate Lander 3 in GC and GS
  • tier 3 lander not need a second seat


  • Broken recipe | Fixed #2933

Ender IO

  • [suggestion] ender fluid pipes should be more expensive #2997


  • Forestry circuits crafting+questing annoyance #2879


  • change output to tungstate (ender goo)

IC2/compact Kinetic Generators

  • Iron III Chloride Coin Quest Wrong Cell Requirement #2826
  • Fixing the Thick Neutron Collector (GTTweaker 1.7.0) Quick fix for the Thick Neutron Collector for GTTweaker 1.7.0
  • Kinetic Generator Recipe Rebalance #2825

Spice of Life

  • lunchbox needs steel screws due to changes done to the weighted pressure plate #3004

Tinkers Construct

  • Tinker spruce stencil #2944

Thaumic Base

  • Void seed (Thaumic Bases) #2940

Twilight Forest

  • uncraftingFix hides and removes the uncrafting table


  • shimmerleaf has no option to turn it into quicksilver anymore (?) #2950


  • Orfanix server overloading #2956

Code changes:

Core Mod

  • Added Uniboxinator fur GT++ compatibility
  • change the mass fab using gt item list because of gt++ compat
  • Add UHV Mass fabricator
  • More Bees #2917
  • Add UHV Centrifuge for Infinity Bee Combs
  • revert vac freezer reipes back in secs it was before
  • change centrifuge tiers for combs
  • nerf inifinity line
  • Manuyllyn recipes unbalansed #2962
  • Quantum chest scanning(for gravi recipe) #2959
  • Superconducting Coil only crafted with UHV #2924
  • add new glowstone torch recipe
  • make recipe craftable (Glowstone Torches)
  • No moon tungsten. Change it tungstate
  • bounch of fixes replaced null with "GT_Values.NI", "GT_Values.NF" or "new Int[]{10000}"
  • High End recipes for Infernal Brick #2991
  • Vanadiumsteel Dust im Mixer #3001
  • new recipe for #2999
  • Assembler recipes for EV+ GT crafting materials (robot arm, sensor, emitter) don't match shaped crafting circuit tier #2996


  • Add Unboxinator LuV-UV for gt++ compat
  • add massfab to item list gt++ compat
  • nuclear control displays 2.0, lang file addition (#120) applied mitchej123 fix to all turbines added .lang translation for GUI removed error log for quicksilver dust Lang file for Multiblock Information Superconducting Coil only crafted with UHV #2924Nuclear Display patch
  • Oregeneration config error - Apatite veins #2001
  • Turbine nuclear gui (#121) fixes critical server crash due to server sided getInfoData() by using StatCollector.translateToLocal instead of I18n.format
  • remove Styrene recipes. Now you need to go the GT++ way using Chemical dehydrator.
  • [RFC][Balance] Move food cans to HV #2821
  • Copy fix from
  • Fix for #2420. Small knife damage reduced, mob damage immunitiy implemented. Butchery knife damage buffed. Based on mining level, 5+ will instakill cows. Looting enchantment does not appear to work, filing separate ticket for that.
  • rebased Mulch recipes
  • applied

Quests changes:

  • Fusion reactor and assembly line quests cleanup.
  • Added a tip about iron golems in the Nether
  • setting up pollution scrubber and wireless charger quests.
  • [Quest] 1k Item Storage Cell #2947
  • Fix GT++ Quests and add Dummy Blocks.
  • [Quest] Tier 2 Storage #2946
  • IC2 Wind Meter - quest #2945
  • [Quest] [Suggestion] "Indium" quest requirements #2938
  • (Quest Text) Making Americum #2941
  • Titanium Quests (suggestion) #2936
  • [Quest] Power of the Sun 1x1 HV #2951
  • MV fluid solidifier quest requires the LV machine #2873
  • Unnecessary item (Quest 887) #2969
  • New space race quests #2974
  • more armor quests and more space race quests
  • Quest ID: 1184 doesn't complete #2976
  • more moon quests
  • Too many Assembler Machine Casings in Assembling Line Quest #2980
  • Quest ID: 674 Wooden Rail Variants #2984
  • Most GT++ high priority quests completed. Need to finish thermal centrifuge and fishing port. PLease validate rewards.
  • Add info on higher tier knives having better looting levels.
  • Add Chapter Tir 7 to Quest book
  • fix a few quests
  • add EV and IV Machine parts to the coins coins coins questpage

Version History