New Mods:

Hardcore Darkness 1.7

Mod Upgrade:

-Bartworks 0.5.8

-Core Mod 1.6.28


-GTTweaker 1.7.5

-Hardcore Darkness 1.7

-Not Enough Items 2.0.0-beta-1-GTNH

Mod Changes:


  • -fixed rejoin issues
  • -made circuit assembler recipes get readded if server is switched and re-calcuted
  • -added a command to clear the crafting cache
  • -made the NEI OreHandler more stable
  • -worked a bit on implementing the APL
  • -reworked LuVTierEnhancer
  • -use of isAir() instead of block.equals(air) in base layer check method


  • -Infinite iron/steel through re-smelting/pulverizing boiler tanks. #5321


  • -Add GT++ Blast Smelter more recipes

Not Enough Items

  • -rename version to be beta.

Config changes:


  • -#5356 Loophole in the big backpack recipe

Block Limiter

  • -#5349 Allow Hardcore Questing mode consume heart

Hardcore Darkness

  • -update random things and HD mod config

Random Things

  • -update random things and HD mod config

Script changes:

Extra Cells

  • -ME Fluid Interface panel can't be back to block form #5322

Quests changes:

  • -#5342 Fix for questbook losing sounds.
  • -#5345 Changed door quest to require oak slabs, add pointers to coins quest for purchasing oaks, unlocks with questbook quest now.
  • -#5343 Add overflow cover quest
  • -#5337 added ignoreNBT tag to all rocket quests because of GT crafting tags.
  • -#5338 Many random quest suggestions.
  • -#5349 Allow Hardcore Questing mode
  • -Move Tips and Tricks tab to after Tier 0, since top tab is where book opens to first time it is used.
  • -#5355 Add Ingame Info quest description.
  • -#5357 Add quest for Workbench Backpack
  • -#5262 Add warning on nether farms killing TPS. Remove comment that chemical bath is best source of Platinum.
  • -#5233 Removed diamond sword requirement from Division Sigil quest.
  • -hide the few info quest behind the first quest
  • -Undo ignoreNBT changes to ic2 crops, not necessary.
  • -More ignoreNBT tags
  • -#5320 created separate crowbar quest to not block progress
  • -Move GT++ Chemical Plant to HV and add more info
  • -Add info on using the cauldron to make dough without wasting water
  • -Fix alumite quest wording
  • -Alloy Smelter/wrought iron quest wording
  • -Add note on first tree breeding quests that trees must be pure species and scanned.
  • -Add coins quests for steadfast and monastic bees
  • -Change solid fueled firebox quest to retrival instead of crafting since players might have forestry worktables by this time.
  • -Fix HP solar boiler icon, advanced circuit assembler nbt
  • -Fix NBT data on fishing/farming/cooking tab
  • -Fix missing text in quest 3, fix nbt on How to bee quests
  • -Translation update to

Version History