New Mods:

  • Thaumcraft NEI Additions

Mod Upgrade:

  • -Appliedenergistics 2 rv3 beta 22
  • -Avaritia 1.17
  • -Better Questing 3.0.322
  • -Binnies Mod 2.0.26
  • -Bartworks 0.5.10
  • -Chisel
  • -Core Mod 1.6.31
  • -EnderIO
  • -Ender Zoo
  • -GT-PlusPlus
  • -GTNH TC Wands 1.2.0
  • -Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye
  • -Not Enough Items 2.0.0-beta-6-GTNH
  • -Special Mobs-1.7.10-3.3.4
  • -Standard Expansion 3.0.174
  • -Storage Drawers 1.11.1-gtnh
  • -Thaumic Horizons
  • -Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-557-GTNH
  • -Twilightforest 2.3.8dev
  • -Universal Singularities 8.6
  • -Witching Gadgets 1.2.10-GTNH

Mod Changes:


  • -Duct tape fix for HEE replacing the Dragon Egg
  • -Revert "Moved the cache up a level, so that pattern terminal also would use it."


  • -Added Impure Tear to Avaritia.


  • -Minor fixes
  • -reworked LuVTierEnhancer
  • -use of isAir() instead of block.equals(air) in base layer check method
  • -circuitassemblyline balance
  • -refractor of code
  • -Fixed air offset for multis

Binnies Mod

  • -fix(tile): remove useless meta nbt
  • -fix(fruitdrop): remove 5x multiplier
  • -fix(lang): osange orange and sync lang keys
  • -fix(doors): up max stack size from 1 to 8
  • -Align Max stack size to 8 same as MC Door Item.


  • -Don't allow chiseling of TileEntity


  • -Fluxed electrum no mixer recipe, only shapeless #5366
  • -add damuscus steel to 9 slot mixer
  • -feat(oredict): add fenceWoodRegistration
  • -Added EndSteel recipe
  • -redstone alloy weak exploit #5560


  • -Added Grinding Balls and End Steel
  • -Added EndSteel Armor
  • -Added Capacitor
  • -Added Empowered 5
  • -Added more 1.12 content
  • - Added Generators
  • - Added Fluids
  • - made grindingBalls seperate Items
  • - Added solar Panel 3
  • -Fixed missing localization

Ender Zoo

  • -Update forge version
  • -Remove WAILA build requirement
  • -Add WAILA dependency lib
  • -Remove CONIFEROUS from biome filter
  • -Update direwolf howl behavior
  • -Add custom drops for Dire Wolf
  • -Fixed sceptre has wand rod name instead of staff rod name
  • -Fixed sceptre has wand rod name instead of staff rod name
  • -added Thaumcraft NEI Additions to development workspace
  • -added auto uncommenting 'required-after:dreamcraft' while building jar
  • -Fixed custom crafting rods are not applied for sceptres.


  • -Fluxed electrum no mixer recipe, only shapeless #5366
  • -Fix textures of Pyrolyse Oven
  • -962 is texture of 8 page and 66 ID.
  • -New GT Mixer texture need to be corrected #5467
  • -Set correct mass fabricator recipe map amperage
  • -(Massfab recipes are fake, so no one except NEI actually uses it's amperage)
  • -Suggestion for Distilled Water uses #5520
  • -Added EndSteel
  • -Added ability to lock output hatch with a cell or any IFluidContainerItem if it was locked but fluid was not set yet.
  • -(Basically use screwdriver to set mode 8 or 9, and set the fluid with a cell)
  • -Iron Electron Tube recipe #5554
  • -Ender Electron Tube missing CA recipe #4502
  • -Crash shortly after loading world (probably caused by pyrolyse oven texture change) #5577
  • -removed unused imports changed subversion to 33


  • -Update
  • -Improved readability, fixed some warnings
  • -Improved readability v2
  • -Initial refactor commit
  • -Added gregtech sources...
  • -Moved to working gregtech...
  • -Fixed error with empty String
  • -moved Items so they are not null
  • -Reviewed, fixed and removed some FIXME tags

Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye

  • -Upgrade Gradle
  • -RM jars
  • -Don't choke on null items -- unclear why it is null...

Not Enough Items

  • -Add back in ItemPanel.items as static
  • -Fixes crash in ThermalDyanmics [probably]
  • -Avoid divide by zero error
  • -Fix clicking on items in the bookmark panel. Thanks @monatann for contributin
  • -Slightly better fix.
  • -Fix the underlying problem -- Bad X!

Special Mobs

  • -First working commit of Lava Monsters incorporated into Special Mobs
  • -Adjust spawning algorithm. Adjust for better defaults.
  • -Remove trolling BS.
  • -Fix spawn egg issues.
  • -Add START_FIRES option
  • -Added some nicer loot options on superRare drops.
  • -Fix model/texture issues
  • -Basic drop now prefers coal, then firecharges, then lava buckets.
  • -Added new "healing when in lava" abilitiy.
  • -Adjusted attack to be a little faster.
  • -Added back in decreasing age in bright areas - otherwise they despawn too soon.
  • -Basic Loot option added.
  • -Upped damage from snowballs to 1/3 of the entity health.
  • -Fixed healing so they properly heal 1/4 of their damage when in lava.
  • -Default health increased to 24.
  • -Ember modified to do 2 hearts of direct damage using normal mechanism so that graves spawn.
  • -New fun damage source with death chat provided.
  • -Redo how Pain works.
  • -Add custom damage for blazes on named blaze Conflagration from snowballs and Frost Wand Focus.
  • -Move class detection function into Properties file. Add support for Twilight Forest ice sword and ice bow.
  • -Add strong/weak attack tweaks to vampire pigman, conflagration, unholy ghast
  • -Stick now effective against vampire pigman
  • -Implemented first pass of snarky/super effective messages
  • -Add localized chat messages per mob.
  • -Update required Java version for proper static interface support.
  • -Handle mod classes not present.
  • -Use client side checks for server play.
  • -Check against null in case player is not holding anything and attacks like a moron
  • -Add snark for empty handed attacks
  • -Reduce the number of chances for a jolt teleport
  • -Change name is something a little less stupid
  • -Skip obvious damage sources not from the player.
  • -Block chats being sent to FakePlayers
  • -Block chats sent from dispensers etc in mobfarms.
  • -Jolts only teleport now when hit by a projectile.
  • -When hit, they take 1/5th the damage from projectiles.
  • -This has no minimum, so if you have a weak arrow, it takes 0 damage just like before.
  • -Melee does not teleport the Jolt, but it does still cause a lightning strike.
  • -Remove unneeded classes

Storage Drawers

  • -new(integration): storagedrawers gtnh recipes
  • -Integrates StorageDrawers with gtnh recipes.
  • -Config change
  • -Deprecate script
  • -Remove Gregtech assembler recipes map spam
  • -Move wood variants of drawers to chisel
  • -Save on load and server join time
  • -fix(crash): gtnh integration returning null modid
  • -now returns "gtnh" string that is comparable to another string.
  • -fix(integration): gtnh recipes not loading
  • -Fixed the MOD_ID String conditioning the gtnh module initialization to "dreamcraft" that is the GTNH-Core MOD_ID.

Thaumic Horizons

  • -A very very cheap way to remove all permanent warp 2 #5404
  • -remove gregtech dependencies
  • -fix recipe
  • -reduce aspects on recipes

Thaumic Tinkerer

  • -Quest Suggestion: Bedrock Dimension #5476
  • -Ores that exists in GT not working
  • -Cleaned gradle up and made it buildable
  • -Fixed TTResearchItem.setPages calling twice


  • -Fix textures that make the max mipmap level drop
  • -Compress armor textures (lossless)
  • -Compress item textures (lossless)
  • -Compress block textures (lossless)
  • -Compress model textures (lossless)
  • -Update forge version to
  • -Organize imports (removes a large number of unused imports)
  • -Only save the biome ID config if it has changed
  • -Change several "else if" statements to "switch case" statements
  • -Don't use Byte.valueOf() on something cast as a byte
  • -Don't use Integer.valueOf on an int or something cast as an int
  • -Format code so I don't go insane trying to read it
  • -Improve onCrafting event listener in TFEventListener
  • -Fast render mode for magic leaves
  • -Misc formatting and more if else to switch case
  • -Fix for Timewood Clock chunk corruption bug
  • -I was unable to do extensive testing, but 15 minutes with six of them going followed
  • -by switching my render distance, flying around, and save reloading did not cause issues.
  • -More formatting cleanup and if else to switch case
  • -Split classes out of (like later versions of the mod) to make debugging easier
  • -Fix errors from last commit and format said code again (No idea why Eclipse stopped showing errors)
  • -Fix final dungeon calling random.nextInt with a zero
  • -Small improvement to last fix
  • -Update english lang file (some things are still missing from it)
  • -Ice bomb damage source
  • -Update en_US.lang
  • -Fix water check in TFGenRavine
  • -Add missing breaks to a swicth case in TFGenSmallLog
  • -More code cleanup and small optimizations
  • -Use String.valueOf rather than adding to an empty string + other cleanup
  • -Improve TF event listener performance significantly
  • -Optimize TFGenerator surroundedByAir, hasAirAround, and nearSolid checks
  • -Make some Firefly and Cicada checks much faster
  • -Use equals over == when possible
  • -Turn off seeker arrow debug logging
  • -Add missing localization
  • -Comment uneeded code out of BlockTFPlant updateTick
  • -Remove updateTick and tickRate from BlockTFFirefly
  • -Make blank magic and maze maps only work in the Twilight Forest
  • -Replace tabs with four spaces
  • -Comment out unneeded code from BlockTFPortal
  • -Add more missing localization
  • -Further optimize TFGenerator surroundedByAir, hasAirAround, and nearSolid checks
  • -Clean up some log code
  • -Limit placements from TF misc biome decorator to between 20 and 75 height
  • -Remove minimum placement limit from TF misc biome decorator, it is not needed

Universal Singularities

  • -[Suggest]Fine tune the number of singularities for automation #5567
  • -update gradle

Witching Gadget

  • -Update
  • -it is now possible for spinwheel automation.
  • -Before this commit I can't get the output slot of spinwheel other than by hand.

Config changes:

Better Questing

  • -Update readme with better information on how to do quests.

Core Mod

  • -add all solar pannels to blacklist of the worldaccelerator

Ender IO

  • -Free platinum from nickel ore #5433
  • -update ender io recipes and config files
  • -add recipes to enderIo by Zoko
  • -add value for new armor
  • -add Gdiode to Endsteel Armor
  • -add Melodic Capacitor to Dimensional Transceiver
  • -fix Grindball info
  • -add dark steel rod recipe

Ender Zoo

  • -Update Enderzoo Dire Wolf config per #5485


  • -Update railcraft settings from Gt++ #5481
  • -update gt++ config

Holo Inventory

  • -HoloInventory: Added Nuclear Info Panel & Advance Panel to Blacklist
  • -Just to prevent this from happening lol:

Infernal Mobs

  • -Makes all blazes Special Blazes, so that snowball damage works when they are infernal.
  • -Vanilla spawn ratio set to 20 so that special blazes are rarer.
  • -Make jolt blazes have 50% more health since they got a little easier.

Special Mobs

  • -update special mobs cfg
  • -Makes all blazes Special Blazes, so that snowball damage works when they are infernal.
  • -Vanilla spawn ratio set to 20 so that special blazes are rarer.

Storage Drawers

  • -update(config): storagedrawer
  • -Adapt to new custom version of StorageDrawers

Script changes:


  • -feat(tconstruct): move chiselling decorations to chisel2 mod


  • -fix #5517 Conflicting recipes for leather and gold dust change recipe from shape.


  • -Quest #810 doesn't accept rocket with storage #5533


  • -"Sharpness: Over... 5..." quest issue. #5384


  • -Add a use for HEE Sphalerite #5426

Storage Drawers

  • -obsolete now. Thanks to leagris modified version of Storage Drawers

Thaumic Tinker

  • -Fixed wrong recipe of Ichorium Ingot in Thaumonomicon

Tinkers Construct

  • -feat(tconstruct): move chiselling decorations to chisel2 mod


  • -some witchery books recipes are a little expensive #5436
  • -Earmuffs have no recipe #5484
  • -request to change the new witchery quartz crystal recipe #5369

Many Mod

  • -feat(ordict): add all wooden fences to fenceWood
  • -Forestry mod already provides the fenceWood oredictionary name.
  • -Adds all other wooden fences to
  • -Use the oredict in recipes to reduce the number of same output recipes
  • -Recipes updated to the :
  • -Carpenter's Barrier (Carpenter's Blocks)
  • -Builder's Backpack (Forestry)
  • -Piston (Minecraft)
  • -Bed (Minecraft)
  • -Firework Display (Steve's Carts 2)
  • -Stencil Table (Tinkers' Construct)
  • -remove(oredict): fenceWood registration offloaded to coremod
  • -Returned back old research keys for rods and wands to fix the issue that NEI can't show some wand recipes.
  • -Removed en-localizations that duplicates standard ones (tested)

Quests changes:

  • -Quest #1243 - Pitchblende only accepts "Mars" Pitchblende #5439
  • -Energetic Alloy quest #5438
  • -Cannot complete oredrill quest due to nbt on second task #5434
  • -HEE quests require you to collect large amounts of useless stuff #5428
  • -Flower Power quest change suggestion #5424
  • -Medium Fuel Canister Quest not detecting #5422
  • -tier 5 rocket stuffing quests #5442
  • -Fresh Soft Mallet not recognized in retrieval task #5418
  • -Quest 839 not recognized (NBT issue) #5417
  • -#5456 Added Drawer Controller quest
  • -#5471 Added Rare Earths quest
  • -#5476 Added Bedrock Dim quest
  • -#5478 Added LM quest, and LM hint quest
  • -#5479 Added Deep Dark Quest
  • -Not sold on the name of the quest though, The Deepest Darkness or Just How Dark? could also be used for example
  • -The quest rewards are a joke, if anything is added to the UV lootbag, remove it from the rewards for this quest. Currently it gives a diamond.
  • -Has LM quest as a Req to show up, so keep that in mind when testing
  • -I'm not sure what the real reqs are though. Infinity catalyst + UV Tier? There's no quests for those either.
  • -#5483 Added text to quest
  • -Also fixed incorrect text in the names of the valid materials for the CP
  • -Added what the machine casing are to prevent confusion (the thing you make hulls out of)
  • -#5487 Added Void Upgrade quest
  • -#5341 Added Quest that points at witchery for biome changing on FFC and be(e) tab (and explains other options)
  • -Added ghetto biome changinq quest on be(e) tab
  • -Added mention of NC to tropical bee quest, not gonna find all the appropriate biomes to list though
  • -#5341 Added biome changing questline for witchery
  • -fixing a few Quests have to be hidden untill triggered
  • -fixing DE Questline use Ichorium
  • -move Deep Dark Quest to Magic Adept tab
  • -Gallium Arsenide quest wrong info #5549
  • -Tantalum quest #1835 not oredicted #5544
  • -adding Nether Quest
  • -advanced fermenter for Fermented Biomass (MV) quest isn't detected #5551
  • -I can’t complete quest # 908 #5543
  • -Quest #1404 Electric Pump(MV) cannot be recognized. #5541
  • -Retrieval Quest Detection: Quest #169 #5448
  • -plunger 2.0 The Hand Pump - quest wrong #5170
  • -#5576 Completely hide old familiar quest
  • -#5576 Delete the old familiar quest because dream said to

Version History