New Mods:

  • Hodgepodge 1.3.0
  • Sponge Mixins 1.1.0

Mod Upgrade:

  • -Adventurebackpack 0.9-h11-GTNH
  • -Appliedenergistics rv3.beta-23
  • -Bartworks 0.5.12
  • -Binnie Mods 2.0.27-GTNH
  • -Blood Arsenal 1.2-10
  • -Core Mod 1.6.33
  • -Ender Zoo
  • -Forestry
  • -Galactic Greg 1.0.3
  • -GT PlusPlus
  • -Infernal Mobs 1.7.0-GTNH
  • -In Game Info XML
  • -Kekztech-0.2.3
  • -Magicbees 2.5.2
  • -Mine and Blade Battlegear
  • -Not Enough Items 2.0.1-GTNH
  • -Not EnoughThaumcraft Tabs 1.1.0
  • -Open Blocks 1.6.1
  • -Open Mods Lib 0.10.1
  • -Spice Of Life 2.0.0-carrot-beta-1
  • -Storage Drawers 1.11.4-gtnh
  • -TConstruct 1.8.9-GTNH.build15
  • -Tec Tech 3.7.4
  • -Warp Theory 1.0.1-GTNH
  • -Witching Gadgets 1.2.11-GTNH

Mod Changes:


  • -Fixed a bug where an NPE occurred during death from a fall with the copter turned on
  • -and in the presence of the Open Blocks mod. Dummy fix, just preventing NPE - refactor needed.


  • -Added processing pattern terminal with 16 input slots
  • -fixed crafting CPU to work with large (processing) recipes
  • -Tooltip name
  • -Added ability to "upgrade" AE interface


  • -Fixes #50 #51 #52
  • -fixes a bug where old recipes were still chosen due to missing buffer update
  • -Fixed Materials
  • -Fixed some GTNH small ores not having weight
  • -fixed tooltip on Platinum Metallic Powder
  • -Fixed NEI Handler for small ores
  • -useage of fastfloor/ceil
  • -Loading plugin reorder

Binnies Mod

  • -fix(fences): connection to logic
  • -Fix ExtraTrees fences to connect correctly to other wooden fences and fence gates.

Blood Arsenal

  • -Fixed three-times death after applying Soul Burn effect with 0 LP in Network.
  • -Fixed crash when taking Soul Burn effect on multiplayer server
  • -TileLifeInfuser: Improved readability, because I hate such style
  • -TileLifeInfuser: fixed changing meta in items with subtypes


  • -Update
  • -Chang endsteel and darksteel
  • -Two same recipes of electrotine #5639
  • -remove europium from LuV lapotronic orbs #5645
  • -Archmage Blood Orb still uses Chrome Screws #5573
  • -Add Seared Brick Block in Forge Hammer > Seared Bricks? #5704
  • -Tanned Leather not craftable in the Chemical Dehydrator #5697

Ender Zoo

  • -Drop debug log message when howling


  • -Fix NPE

Galactic Greg

  • -Update to Java 8
  • -Fixed Crash with BWOres


  • -Gradlewrapper to 4.4.1
  • -Return default texture in case of NPE isntead of crashing
  • -Update
  • -EnergeticAlloy Combs now produce correctly, not vibrant alloy.
  • -No way to turn amethyst dust into amethyst. #5596
  • -Cannot get High speed booster track in Assembler #5631
  • -OP command to toggle debug flags
  • -tab completion improved
  • -Provide owner's UUID to forge event bus for fake players.
  • -Provide owner's UUID to forge event bus for fake players. Second PR cuz line endings fixed.
  • -Centrifuging Rubber Wood only outputs Methane Gas #5243
  • -Add separate debug variables for pumps and miners
  • -Add new debug switches to command list.
  • -Undo bounding box size increase, for now. After testing might increase.
  • -Basalt GT covers #5683
  • -LCR recipe for Diesel/Fuel is more expensive EU-wise compared to the Mixer #5679
  • -Hydrogen sulfide in the LCR has a conflicting recipe #5677
  • -Question: Phobos bee flower type #5674
  • -add localizer for bee effects
  • -changing a bit bees allele
  • -Pyrolyse oven won't form with certain coils #5663

Infernal Mobs

  • -Make various aspects of mob modifiers configurable
  • -Fix wrong sound effects being played
  • -Fix Infernal Modifiers getting lost from mobs when reentering world
  • -Happens in singleplayer when leaving and immediately reentering a world.
  • -There seems to be a mechanism already present, but it is ineffective.
  • -Make modifier strings case insensitive
  • -Don't adjust base max health when setting actual health
  • -Before, adjusting health through setEntityHealthPastMax() would use the
  • -new health amount as max health, which lead to the healthbar being
  • -rendered incorrectly.
  • -This fixes problems with MM_1UP, MM_Lifesteal, and MM_Regen
  • -Fix targetting mechanic effecting neutrals
  • -When applicable, use built-in targetting mechanics. This fixes certain
  • -modifiers firing even though opponent it neutral.
  • -Fixes MM_Blastoff, MM_Choke, MM_Cloaking, MM_Quicksand, MM_Storm, and MM_Webber.
  • -Move remaining modifiers to fixed targetting mechanic
  • -Fixes MM_Ghastly, MM_Alchemist
  • -Also updates targetting mechanic to ignore creative players
  • -Make Quicksand duration continuous
  • -Make Webber ignore creative players
  • -Rework cloaking modifier duration
  • -Make certain modifiers ignore creative players
  • -Effects MM_Blastoff, MM_Gravity, and MM_Sticky.
  • -Add command to spawn Infernal with a random number of modifiers
  • -Add configuration options for minimum and maximum number of modifiers per Infernal class
  • -Make certain modifiers no longer apply when hurt using ranged attacks
  • -Backport choke modifier render fix from 1.7.6
  • -Drop maxOneShotDamage config option
  • -This option was too coarse grained. Instead, replace it with max damage
  • -options and reflect damage multipliers for earch modifier itself.
  • -This applies to Vengeance, Ninja, Ender, and Berserk.
  • -Replace System.* with FMLLog.log()
  • -Use centrally defined mod version
  • -Inspired by

In Game Info XML

  • -optimized things
  • -scale value changed to INT


  • -one more TFFT cell, fixed press/alloying recipes, improved fuel cells
  • -Fixed Item Server structure check. Wrote better doc for the MIH
  • -Improved TE IS IO port code but it's still not working
  • -added maintenance hatch to tfft tooltip
  • -tfft scanner data should now correctly show power usage during maintenance issues
  • -removed WIP things for v0.2.3 bug fix release


  • -More Thaumcraft compat
  • -Fixed only some hives having aspects assigned
  • -Removed the [MB] tag from research. This hasn't been needed since TC3, when addons didn't have their own tabs
  • -Added Void metal scoop and grafter for the eldritch-inclined apiarists
  • -Added uncommon rarity to Thaumium scoop/grafter for consistant tool look

Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye

  • -Overloaded Armor Bar backported to 1.7.10!!
  • -The vanilla armor bar doesn't accurately show "better than diamond" level armor,
  • -as it simply maxes out when its full.
  • -This mod allows armor values over 20 to be displayed as
  • -different colored (configurable) icons depending on how many times you fill the bar.
  • -However, without AttributeFix, the armor display will cap out at 30 Armor,
  • -or 1.5x diamond armor due to the vanilla armor cap.
  • -ToroHealth Damage Indicators backported to 1.7.10!!
  • -With ToroHealth Damage Indicators, damage given, received,
  • -or mitigated will be displayed as a number that pops off of the entity.
  • -New arrows
  • -Ice Packed arrow, effective against fire immune creatures.
  • -Holy Torch arrow, it helps you face the darkness
  • -New Bows
  • -Iron and Diamond bow, that have a cool arrow render and more durability.
  • -Separate key category
  • -GUI clean up-->:
  • -Mod updater "Mud" removed.
  • -Now the Battlegear slots are shown when you are in the dual wielding mode.
  • -New config options-->:
  • -(overloaded armor bar options:)

Not Enough Items

  • -Adjust cheat button alignment with bookmark previous button
  • -promote to non beta
  • -Handle NPE from GC
  • -Whoops, it's ArithmeticException not NPE

Special Mobs

  • -First working commit of Lava Monsters incorporated into Special Mobs
  • -Adjust spawning algorithm. Adjust for better defaults.
  • -Remove trolling BS.
  • -Fix spawn egg issues.
  • -Add START_FIRES option
  • -Added some nicer loot options on superRare drops.
  • -Fix model/texture issues
  • -Basic drop now prefers coal, then firecharges, then lava buckets.
  • -Added new "healing when in lava" abilitiy.
  • -Adjusted attack to be a little faster.
  • -Added back in decreasing age in bright areas - otherwise they despawn too soon.
  • -Basic Loot option added.
  • -Upped damage from snowballs to 1/3 of the entity health.
  • -Fixed healing so they properly heal 1/4 of their damage when in lava.
  • -Default health increased to 24.
  • -Ember modified to do 2 hearts of direct damage using normal mechanism so that graves spawn.
  • -New fun damage source with death chat provided.
  • -Redo how Pain works.
  • -Add custom damage for blazes on named blaze Conflagration from snowballs and Frost Wand Focus.
  • -Move class detection function into Properties file. Add support for Twilight Forest ice sword and ice bow.
  • -Add strong/weak attack tweaks to vampire pigman, conflagration, unholy ghast
  • -Stick now effective against vampire pigman
  • -Implemented first pass of snarky/super effective messages
  • -Add localized chat messages per mob.
  • -Update required Java version for proper static interface support.
  • -Handle mod classes not present.
  • -Use client side checks for server play.
  • -Check against null in case player is not holding anything and attacks like a moron
  • -Add snark for empty handed attacks
  • -Reduce the number of chances for a jolt teleport
  • -Change name is something a little less stupid
  • -Skip obvious damage sources not from the player.
  • -Block chats being sent to FakePlayers
  • -Block chats sent from dispensers etc in mobfarms.
  • -Jolts only teleport now when hit by a projectile.
  • -When hit, they take 1/5th the damage from projectiles.
  • -This has no minimum, so if you have a weak arrow, it takes 0 damage just like before.
  • -Melee does not teleport the Jolt, but it does still cause a lightning strike.
  • -Remove unneeded classes

Not EnoughThaumcraft Tabs

  • -Initially import decompiled NotEnoughThaumcraftTabs sources
  • -This was decompiled using fernflower. No modification to the mod logic
  • -was done other then the decompilation and the automatic version
  • -replacement in the code.
  • -Reformat code to remove cruft from decompilation
  • -Add type parameters in core mod
  • -The GuiResearchBrowser requires some more work to add type parameters.
  • -Remove offending log message
  • -This used to fill the client log when the player opened the Thaumonomicon.
  • -Add missing type parameters for generic Types
  • -Basic refactoring part 1 and 2
  • -Initial refactoring. Everything except genResearchBackground().

Spice Of Life 2.0.0-carrot-beta-1

  • -Update License (LGPL) for GTNH additions, including any inspiration taken from SoL Carrot Edition
  • -Reformat Code
  • -Run Idea code inspections and address some of them
  • -WIP Carrot Edition
  • -Add tooltip handler
  • -Add FoodSet
  • -Add Sync of full history
  • -Wire up MaxHealthHandler
  • -Add FoodList (List of all Foods)
  • -Remove unused config options
  • -FoodList command
  • -Remove onPlayerLogin event handler from MaxHealthHandler since it's handled by syncFoodList anyway
  • -FoodBook now shows all food history, and currently shows a tooltip for recently eaten ones

Storage Drawers

  • -fix(recipe): upgrade template workbench recipe
  • -Re-add a workbench recipe for the upgrade template.
  • -Address issue #5622
  • -errata(recipe): upgrade template
  • -Condition the upgrade template's workbench recipe registration,
  • -to its config enablement.
  • -fix(recipes): tierred upgrade

Tec Tech

  • -Optical Connector Fix
  • -Quick issue patch for Kiwi233
  • -Fixes Optical master connector and Optical slave connector having GUIs on right click


  • -Show casting progress for casting basins & tables


  • -Further speed up parts of the TF event listener
  • -New items for the Adherent and Harbinger Cube mobs to drop.

Warp Theory

  • -Attempt to add new item that removes 1 warp
  • -Fix the stuff I didn't know I needed so it builds
  • -Fix name and texture
  • -Change new item's color. Make using it semi-random. Adjust text to say so.
  • -subclass instead of copy
  • -static random
  • -Changed Tear and talisman textures
  • -I always thought the texture didn't correspond to a "tear"
  • -so I made another (imho better looking) texture that is a derivative of a ghast tear (It also glows, yay).
  • -The amulet colors were remade to match that change.
  • -A few rendering changes had to be done to render the tear nicely in hand.
  • -Thanks to TechnicianLP for that.

Witching Gadget

  • -Added libraries to properly build and test mod
  • -Infernal Blast Furnace: fixed lack of processing of boosted low-time recipes

Config changes:


-Sacrificial dagger triggers anger mod explosions. #5714

Apple Core

-Add apple core config

Better Questing

-add midnight ressource file to BQ

Blood Magic

-Add Sky Stone to Mark of the Falling Tower ritual from blood magic #4794


-Update GregTech.cfg


-add hodgepodge cfg

Holo Inventory

-Set default holoinventory keymode to 1 #5613

Infernal Mobs

-add new config values to infernal mobs

Ingame Info

-fix infoxml to workd with new version

Server dat

-Add Russian server #5611

-New fresh Russian server: Zvezdolet #5650

Script changes:


-add new recipes to Processing Terminal and Pattern Capacity Card


-Fix recipe of Fancy Gold Lamp

Blood Magic

-BM Weak Activation Crystal can't be made at the tier it should be #5685

Carpenters Blocks

-Incorrect time usage with Lubricant


-change chisel recipes of Upgrades to LV

-Add reversions Upgrade recipe

-feat(chisel): mushroom blocks variations

-Address issue [Mushroom Block With Chisel Support #5701

Enhanced Lootbags

-EV tier lootbag can't be enchanted with fortune III #5661

Extra Utilities

-etheric sword uncraftable with stable ingot #5666


-Frames show now always they values


-Raw Walleye cannot be processed into mince meat #5667

Magic Bees

-update Magic Bees file with new void items

Project Red

-Two same recipes of electrotine #5639


-Cannot get High speed booster track in Assembler #5631

-adjust recipes times and eu/t

-removed unused tracks


-Move to WarpWarning to BasicTab

-update position warp warning

Tinkers Construct

-Add Seared Brick Block in Forge Hammer > Seared Bricks? #5704

Warp Theory

-#5643 As noted on the issue page, I'm not sure this should be the final recipe

-fix impure Tier names


-fix(ztones): myst block recipe

-Add any mushroom block as ingredient

Many Mods

-Apiarist Database #5668

Quests changes:

  • -#5602 Dimension and range values were mixed up
  • -Fix typo in Redstone quest
  • -Schematic quest tier2 rocket small typo EV => HV #5615
  • -Quest 2110 world accelerator NBT issue #5612
  • -Passive Chunklaoding quest not work #5616
  • -Little Helpers quest issue #5600
  • -Questbook singularity triger dont work #5595
  • -Bucket Duping #5591
  • -Translation update to
  • -Quest Forming Press v0.1 #5634
  • -start with ore exchange Quests in coins coins coins tab
  • -Quest "High Pressure Boiler Tank" can't be completed #5652
  • -A couple of notes after completing steam age #5649
  • -quest #721 "Unknown seeds no more" can't be completed #5647
  • -Cyprium doesn't accept copper ore as soil. #5633
  • -Quest 205 detect & amt item #5628
  • -Quest 1754 - Computer Case not detecting MV Transformer #5625
  • -Item pipes placed after updating world cannot be broken with wrench #5482
  • -Woah Rad Graphics not detecting Monitor Cover #5624
  • -Enchantment table #5586
  • -Soul bee quest broke #5575
  • -#3987 Adjusted text/quest req for PE quests
  • -#3989 Adjusted text for HDP to 37
  • -#4852 Adjusted amount of glass needed
  • -#4957 Adjusted amount of chloroform needed
  • -#5394 Adjusted text to add the name of the block and how to use it
  • -#5235 Added text to explain to use a tank to fill larger cells to aluminium cell quest
  • -#5360 Adjusted text/quest req to reflect platinum changes
  • -#5386 Turned on ignoreNBT for Centrifuge quest.
  • -I thought GT items were supposed to be in their own retrieval tasks according to the readme guide?
  • -It's already on in the Carpenter one, so I don't know what's up with that
  • -#5396 Turned ignoreNBT off
  • -#5413 Turn on ignoreNBT
  • -#5451 Turned ignoreNBT on
  • -#5452 Turned on ignoreNBT for second mentioned quest.
  • -Is there a separate ticket somewhere? Main issue not resolved yet though
  • -#5462 Turned on ignoreNBT again
  • -#5473 Added suggested text
  • -#5569 Turned ignoreNBT on
  • -#5568 Added oxygen to req to make it clearer you should use it. Changed 30 to 31, since you make that many
  • -#5680 Change prereq to HV pump, since you'll have the EBF and alloy smelter by then anyways
  • -#5688 Turned ignoreNBT on, becuase golem tags are trash
  • -BQ quest "Automated evolution" (#391) not consume item #5688
  • -Fixed quest typo and readme typos
  • -quest 1780: find => found
  • -quest 1834: rwg => RWG | it's an acronym (tho "rwg" might have been intended)
  • -Readme: Corrected some typos, also checked with grammarly for the commas
  • -update fuel values for light and heavy fuel

Version History