Automated Essentia Storage

From GT New Horizons

Large Essentia Buffer

The setup disables the suction on the essentia buffer when it is full, allowing essentia to instead be sent into the reservoirs. When the essentia buffer is emptied by the output, the bellows turn back on and the 32 suction overrides the 24 suction of the reservoirs.
Vis reader settings.The east and west outputs need to be changed based on orientation. The left side (in the front view) is the one that should be inverted.
Top view
Can be done with jars if only 1 type of essentia is being handled, needs filtered tubes and an extra bellows. Can be done instead with labelled jars, no filtered tubes needed by the jars, but 3 bellows needed. Filtered tubes are needed because all suction needs to be the same type. With reservoirs, all suction is untyped, but jars with essentia in have suction of that essentia's type. So all sources of untyped suction need a filtered tube next to them so it matches the filled jars' suction type.