Automated LV Steam Generation

From GT New Horizons

*******Imgur Album - Automated LP Boilers with Coke Ovens and Steve's Carts Wood Farm*****

This is a link to an imgur guide I made detailing my first automated setup. It shows a basic setup for gathering wood from a Steve's Carts farm, piping it with conveyor belts and GT item pipes into 24 coke ovens, then piping out charcoal into a compressor and into a max size 3x3x4 LP solid-fueled railcraft boiler, and also piping out the creosote directly into a max size LP liquid-fueled railcraft boiler. The only input required from the player is to feed a diamond into the cart every few hours. I'm sure there's a way to automate this as well, but I didn't get that far. This setup produces enough steam for 9 LV steam turbines to run at max output continuously. That's 288 EU/t, which could run 144 LV macerators simultaneously, much more than 9 machines. Remember, 9 generators != power for only 9 machines. Read more here: Snagger's_Electricity_Guide_for_New_Players

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