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There are a lot of covers available in gregtech, Each one has its own use as described below.

The covers can be placed on the sides of machines, cables, wires and pipes.

The covers can be removed with a Crowbar, and they can be configured with a Screwdriver.

When they send a redstone signal the redstone signal will depend on the mode, A few outputs only “on/off” signals while others can be different strengths from 0-15.

Shift-right-clicking with a soldering iron on a cover that sends a redstone signal will toggle it between emitting weak and strong redstone power, consuming a piece of solder. Strong redstone power will penetrate through a solid block (but not a hatch or bus,) allowing one to use faces of a multiblock other than the front for emitting redstone.

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Field Generator

This quest page goes over all of the covers, just in case you forgot or they weren't mentioned. If they have their own quest page, look at it for more info. You can put them on basically any GT block, pipe, machine, tank, etc. Though that doesn't consider whether it will work right or be useful. Shift-Right-Click will open a GUI for many of them. For covers that you can adjust the amount of, clicking the left side with a screwdriver goes down, and right goes up. All covers block rain on the side they're attached to. Generally you can adjust covers with a screwdriver, whether they have a GUI or not. You can remove them with a crowbar if you forgot.

Fluid-Related Covers:

Ender Fluid Link: Cover version of ender tanks to TP fluid around. Doesn't connect to ender tanks though.

Drain Module: Collects fluid blocks immediately in front of it and pushes it into the attached tank/pipe, if there is space available in the tank/pipe. Can also collect water from rain at a very slow rate if placed on the top face of the tank/pipe.

Fluid Detector: Will emit RS based on fluid fill of the tank it's on. By default, empty=15, full=0. Use inverted mode to swap. Useful on tanks and hatches to RScontrol covers and multiblocks.

Fluid Filter: Filters fluid going through it. Right click on the face of the cover with a cell of the desired fluid to set the filter. Right clicking with anything that isn't a fluid containing item will probably clear the filter.

Fluid Regulator: Regulates the rate that fluid can go through it, as well as pumping it. Can work x/s or x/t. Can be RS controlled with a machine controller.

Fluid Storage Monitor: Displays the fluid currently in the tank/pipe, similar in appearance to a BuildCraft tank.

Overflow: GT++, will be removed soon? Voids anything over the specified amount in the tank.

Pump: Transfers fluids at the speed specified on the tooltip. Can be RS controlled with a machine controller.

Shutter: Blocks items/fluids when active. Use it with a machine controller and RS. Does not visually disconnect/block. You place it between the pipes, and put the MC on the same pipe.

Steam Valve: Moves more, but is only for steam. Only goes to IV. Does not work on SH steam. Can be RS controlled with a machine controller.

Item-Related Covers:

Conveyor: Exports (pushes out) or Imports (pulls in) to/from the adjacent block/pipe depending on setting. Defaults to Export mode. Prevents items to be pushed into its side, but can be configured to allow. Can be RS controlled by a machine controller.

Item Detector: Will emit RS based on item fill of the block it's on. By default, empty=0, full=15. Detects by filled slots, so doesn't work right with the super/quantum chests. Probably better for busses.

Item Filter: WIP PR.

Item Filter Cover (Export): Works in the same fashion as a Conveyor, except that it has a filter that can be set by Right clicking the face of the cover with the desired item. Has blacklist and whitelist modes. Defaults to whitelist. Retains filter setting if block its installed on is wrenched.

Item Filter Cover (Import): Same as the Item Filter Cover (Export) but pulls filtered items into the block/pipe its installed on.

Robot Arm: Sends from a specific slot in the machine it's on (internal) to another specific slot in a block next to it (adjacent). Keep going through numbers until you get it right, it seems to change per machine. If the output slot is full, it won't output. There need to be a valid block with slots to send to or the settings won't save.

Shutter Module: See entry in Fluid-Related Covers.

EU-Related Covers:

Energy Detector: Will emit RS based on EU fill rate of the batbuff/tank it's on. By default, empty=0, full=15. Make sure to set it to include batteries - "EU stored". Can also detect steam for some reason.

Power Pass Upgrade: Read the tooltip, then ask Bart how it works, he didn't bother telling anyone. He'll probably just tell you the code is the best documentation, just like the Tectech guys. May not actually be finished/work, either.

Tesla Coil/Tesla Coil Rich Edition: Use with the tesla tower to send EU wirelessly or something.

Other Covers:

Activity Detector: Detects either recipe progress or idleness. 0%=0 RS, ~95%=14 by default. In idle mode, idleness is 15, and is 0 when running by default.

Crafting Table: Adds a vanilla-style crafting table to the block you can use. Useless.

Computer Monitor: Adds a visual look. Useless, but sorta fancy.

Heat Vent: (From IC2) Speeds up machines a tiny amount? Someone look through the code and tell me what it means. Also looks neat. Can be used on a GT Fluid tank full of hot IC2 Coolant to cool it back down.

Lens: Visual only. Useless.

Machine Controller: Turns machines and covers on/off based on RS.

For Controlling Machines and Multiblocks:

  • "Enable with Redstone" Will turn the machine/multiblock ON when powered by RS
  • "Disable with Redstone" Will turn the machine/multiblock OFF when powered by RS
  • "Disable Machine" will keep it off regardless of RS state.
  • "Safe Mode" will disable a machine/multiblock should it run out of power, preventing loss of input items/fluids. After fixing the power issue, re-enable the machine and exit the cover's GUI before attempting to re-enable Safe Mode.
    • Safe Mode does not save items/fluids from any other issues, such as maintenance issues or a blocked muffler.
  • This video explains how to use a Machine Controller with Energy Detector covers and a RS-latch to turn on/off a generator multiblock based on energy storage of a battery buffer.

For Controlling Covers:

  • "Enable with Redstone" will pass the RS signal through to RS controllable covers attached on the same block/pipe.
  • "Disable with Redstone" will invert the RS signal to other covers.
  • "Disable Machine" and "Safe Mode" have no effect on covers.

Needs Maintenance: Emits RS if it meets the condition specified. Rotor=turbine?

Planks/Plates/Foils: Blocks I/O on that side. Use a screwdriver to set allowed types of stuff through. Blocks everything by default. Set the output to another side first to avoid changing its settings too. You'll probably 'use' this by accident at least once. Can be used to block the rain from blowing up energy hatches and most singleblock machines.

Player Detector: Detects players. About 10 block range. Currently owner/other is inverted on non-pipes due to some bug or another.

Redstone Transmitter/Receiver (In/Out): OK, these things are confusing, so listen closely. First, set a frequency, either by using the GUI, or using the original way: right clicking it with an item. Empty hand = 0, other items = their item ID. Be careful not to reset it to 0 by accident. Honestly, just use the GUI. You can set it to private or not, it's the same kind of thing as EnderStorage, so you don't blare RS across the server. Channel state = RS level.

  • RT(O) sets the channel state based on the redstone level sent from outside to the specific side. You can TP a RS from this to the RR(O).
  • RT(I) sets the channel state based on redstone level that would be emitted from the machine itself. Always sends 15, so it's useless.
  • RR(O) outputs redstone level based on channel state. You can TP RS from the RT(O) to here.
  • RR(I) controls whether a machine can work based on channel state, just like a machine controller cover does. If it has 0 RS, it stays off. At least 1, and it turns on. You send the signal from elsewhere with the RT(O).
  • RR(I) can also be used in conjunction with other covers whose states talk about conditional.

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