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Choosing the right material

Choosing what the best material to make a tool out of can be daunting given the sheer variety of options that GregTech presents. Durability and scarcity are the most important factors to consider when making a tool, and some suggestions are listed below:

  • Iron
Steam + early LV
  • Iron
  • Wrought Iron
  • Stay away from bronze and steel (bronze has worse durability than iron and you need the copper and tin; steel takes too long to make for it to go towards tools)
LV (post EBF)
  • Steel
  • Damascus steel
  • Vanadiumsteel (likely the almost best option you have, also great for Tinker's Construct weapons/tools)
  • Manasteel - unlike steel, has 10 times greater durability and definitely worth the effort to make tools from it (this however requires circuit assembler for twilight portal gem and a little bit exploration to find botania shrooms to actually get manasteel)
  • Vibrant Alloy
  • Manasteel - if you haven't done this yet it actually around 25% more durability then vibrant alloy and same mining level - usable for ore prospectors, electric tools and all that staff: literally mvp of all materials (in manufacturing difficulty and useful properties comparison)

Hard tools

Axe - Disabled in favour of Tinker's Construct

Branch Cutter - Guarantees sapling drops from leaves

Butchery Knife - Incorporates looting based on mining level, stops cows exploding occasionally when they die

Buzzsaw - Used as a saw in crafting recipes; requires power

Crowbar - Takes covers off blocks, opens crates

File - Used for crafting

Hammer - Used for crafting

Hoe - Tills the ground

Knife - Used for crafting

Mortar - Used to make dusts

Pickaxe - Disabled in favour of Tinker's Construct

Plow -

Plunger - Removes fluids from both in and out slots of machines

Saw - Used for crafting, provides extra planks from wood

Scoop - Used to break hives and retrieve bees

Screwdriver - Used to configure machines and covers

Sense - Harvests crops in a 3x3 are

Shovel - Disabled in favour of Tinker's Construct

Soldering Iron - Used for multiblock maintenance

Sword - Disabled in favour of Tinker's Construct and Mine & Blade: Battlegear

Universal Spade - Combines saw, crowbar and shovel

Wire Cutter - Used in crafting, mining wire, configuring wire connection points

Wrench - Used in crafting, mining pipes, configuring pipe connection points

Soft tools

These tools can be crafted with wood, rubber, or plastic materials. Ironwood, made from Living Root in the Twilight Forest, is a great material to build these tools.

Rolling Pin

Soft Mallet

(other Pam's tools)

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