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The Centrifuge is a singleblock machine that uses centrifugal force to separate mixtures into their components via weight. This function is not to be confused with the Electrolyzer, which separates compounds into it's own components.
Basic LV centrifuge
Centrifuge interface
There are 12 tiers of centrifuges in the game, running from LV through to UMV. The multiblock equivalent, the Industrial Centrifuge, can go through to MAX voltage. Generally, the rarer or more complex the mixture, the higher the tier of centrifuge that is required. For example, the centrifuging of impure dusts only requires LV, while the centrifuging of metal mixture dust into its various components requires EV.

This machine sees common use in ore processing, as it is usually the final step before a pure dust. It is also used to separate useful materials from planetary or normal stone dusts, although doing so takes a significant amount of time and power, and is not recommended in the early stages of the game. It is also used as part of the platline.