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By default GTNH is hard-locked to the "Realistic Alpha" world type. This is the intended world type to set when creating a new world and ensures that custom Ore Generation, structures and other critical features work properly. However there are some cases where a non-standard world type is desired, for example to set up barren Creative testing area or Challenge Run.

Permanently Enabling/Disabling Cheat Mode

Cheat Mode can be temporarily enabled in SP by Opening to LAN, enabling cheats, doing the necessary commands and then exiting. To permanently change an existing world, do the following:

  • find /your_instance/saves/your_world/level.dat
  • Open the level.dat file in an NBT editor. webNBT - github
  • Find NBT tag Data > AllowCommands. Set to 1 for enabled cheats, set to 0 to disable cheats.
  • On servers, access to cheats is handled by OP status instead.

Fully Deleting a World

To completely remove all files associated with a GTNH world, look in the following locations inside the launcher's instance for folders named your world name:

  • /backups/ AromaBackup and/or FTBU backups.
  • /saves/ The actual world save.
  • /saves/NEI/local/ NEI config and preset files.
  • /journeymap/data/sp/ or /mp/ JourneyMap's map images and waypoints.
  • /TCNodeTracker/ Scanned Thaumcraft node locations.
  • /visualprospecting/client/ and /server/ Ore and fluid veins.

Superflat and Other Vanilla World Types

To generate a non-Realistic Alpha world in SP, follow these steps:

  • Quit Minecraft if it's running
  • In your Launcher, Edit the instance's mods
  • Disable "Default World Generator"
    • Alternatively, open the /your_instance/mods/ folder and temporarily remove the .jar file beginning with "defaultworldgenerator"
  • Launch your instance of GTNH; you will be able to select any of the available world types: Default, Superflat, Large Biomes, Amplified, Realistic Alpha or Biomes o' Plenty
  • It's recommended to restore Default World Generator afterwards

Superflat Customization

GTNH is built on MC 1.7.10, which uses numeric designations for all blocks and biomes when defining a superflat preset. Block layers are listed in order from bottom to top with their quantities, followed by biome, then any features.


These instructions are copied from Cubic Chariot's Garden of Grind documentation. This creates a void world with no blocks of any kind.

  • Disable Default World Generator as described above.
  • Disable Structure generation in /configs/witchery.cfg
  • Disable Nodes and structures in /config/Thaumcraft.cfg:
  • Create a Superflat world with preset 2;0;1; (plains) or 2;0;68; (grasslands, easier for IC2 Crops)

Converting a Server to Realistic Alpha

So say you have made a mistake, and started a multiplayer server world without changing the level-type variable in server properties to read "=RWG". but Oh boy are you in for a ride.

This is a simple step by step that assumes a bit of technical skill on the part of the user.

Setup and Assumptions:

  • NBTExplorer installed on your PC
  • A Copy of Singleplayer Gregtech New Horizons on the machine
  • A Server Instance of Gregtech New Horizons that has been borked by not reading the manual.

The manual by the way is located here: Server Setup

Why All This Is Necessary:

Have you noticed you are missing deserts, Seem to only find forests and extreme hills, and that you have vast swaths of land that are Tainted or Magic Forest. Perhaps this is a problem for some, enterprising seeker of Quicksand, or Bamboo to round out their tier 0 quests...

This is the fault of not inputting the level-type variable and just using the vanilla level generator. So I'll be taking the person who made this mistake step by step through how to fix the problem starting from noticing it was a problem.

Guide in Proper: 0. Read all the instructions before proceeding.

1. Pack all your stuff in an ME storage cells with a creative/neutronium AE energy cell to power 4 ME chests on either side of it. This is for quick packing and unpacking. Once done, pick up the cells. If you have a coop partner, have them help you scoop things into those chests.

  • 1.5 Use Creative mode to avoid dying from here on out.

2. Jump to the nether. This is important as it prevents you from being gibbed on spawning in or being trapped under 100 layers of rock. Depending on biome formation. Nether portal is the easiest portal and in

3. Log off and stop the server.

4. Back up so that if anything goes wrong you can start over from where you are. Some people would make a backup before packing everything up, but that is somewhat superfluous.

  • 4.5 Make a backup before you pack everything away.

5. Start a single player game using Realistic World Gen. Let it load in. Quit out of it, to the menu.

6. In NBTExplorer (Google around to find it, it's a fairly fun program that opens and explores minecrafts file structure. And is useful to an insane degree for doing things like fixing broken chunks, fixing corrupted objects.)

  • 6.1 open your servers level.dat.
  • 6.15 Open your singleplayer worlds level.dat after quitting out of it if you haven't already.
  • 6.2 copy the world gen information from the RWG world's level.dat from single player into the multiplayer level.dat.
  • 6.25 These are generatorName(Caps senstitive), generatorOptions, and generator version.
  • 6.3 Optional: You could also change the RandomSeed, but if it was random in the first place it should still be fine.

7. In make the changes suggested in the GT:NH independent server guide(Link is above) on the main GT:NH wiki.

8. Delete ~/world/region where ~ is the path to where your server is stored.

9. Restart the server.

10. If you have done this correctly fly through your nether portal, and then /cofh tpx 0 x y z to a coordinate fairly high in the world.

11. Find a good spawn location, and type /setworldspawn