Charcoal Pile Igniter

From GT New Horizons

The Charcoal Pile Igniter is a method of producing charcoal faster than a coke oven, but without the ease of automation and creosote that a coke oven provides. It does require wrought iron and steel to craft, and so is gated behind a basic steam setup as well as a bricked blast furnace,

A currently running charcoal pile

Construction and Usage

The charcoal pit multiblock consists of a floor of bricks, from 3x3 to 11x11. The shape does not have to be a rectangle, as long as it fits within an 11x11 square. Above the bricks, place up to 5 layers of logs you wish to turn into charcoal. Cover any faces of the logs, except for one on top, with dirt or grass. Then place the charcoal pile igniter on the remaining space and wait about 10 seconds for it to start. If the top of the igniter begins to emit smoke, the process has started.

Note that all blocks in the structure must be within 6 x/z of the igniter; so if you want to have a full 11x11 square, you must place the igniter dead center.

Once the smoke has stopped, you are free to remove the dirt and dig up the blocks that have replaced your logs - these will drop charcoal.

The beginnings of a 5x5 charcoal pile; with the maximum height available (5 wood layers)
The completed charcoal pile