Coke Oven

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A multiblock Coke Oven allows the creation of better fuel with a byproduct of Creosote Oil without the usage of power. Coke Ovens will not wallshare and cannot be built adjacent to each other. This is one of the first multiblock structures a player is likely to build, along with the Water Tank in Stone Age.


Coke Oven under construction, formed, and working. Note hollow interior.

A Coke Oven is a 3x3x3 hollow cube. The raw materials are x105 Clay & x175 Sand, which make x104 Coke Oven Brick (items) with one left over.


  • x26 Coke Oven Brick (block)


You can use the Coke Oven to produce Charcoal from logs and Coal Coke from Coal. Charcoal cannot be turned into Coal Coke.

  • Wood --> Charcoal
  • Coal --> Coal Coke
  • Cactus --> Cactus Coal --> Cactus Coke
  • Sugar Cane --> Sugar Coal --> Sugar Coke


Creosote is a byproduct of the Coke Oven. It can be loaded into metal buckets or Seared Tanks through the GUI or right-clicking on the Coke Oven itself. Creosote can be used to craft torches or burned in Furnaces, Iron Furnaces, Boiler Fireboxes or Semi-Fluid Generators for early game Steam power. In LV it's also used as a lubricant.
List of usage cases for Creosote:

  • Better torch recipe (1 Bucket Creosote + 1 Stick + 1 Wool = 5x Torches)
  • Good furnace fuel (being able to smelt 32 items per bucket - bucket is not consumed, 64 items in nether furnace)
  • Decent fuel for your RC Steam Boilers (can use buckets in the solid-fueled firebox or directly pipe creosote oil into the liquid-fueled firebox, same efficiency as of 2.5.0)
  • Fuel for semi-fluid generator (the efficiency lower than in RC Steam Boilers, yet higher fuel density than steam)
  • Distill into lubricant (not a very bad source of it, considering you will end up with A LOT of creosote oil)
  • Crafting component in various Forestry Carpenter recipes. (Multi-block farms and Compartments)
If you truly have an excess of creosote, you can automate the voiding using a faucet and a redstone clock to dispense the creosote into a Voiding Fluid Pipe from BC Transport. This setup allows for continuous disposal of creosote without manual interaction. The manual method involves breaking the bottom center block of the Coke Oven and then rebuilding the multi-block structure.


For all railcraft multiblocks, the fluid is saved on the center of the bottom layer of the multiblock (i.e. the coke oven bricks block on the middle of the bottom 3*3 layer). Breaking it or re-centering the broken multiblock using another brick as the center will void all the fluid contained within. If you find yourself with a surplus of Creosote Oil and no way to stockpile it, breaking the bottom center block to void the excess is an option.


Problems Cause
Multiblock doesn't form Structure is not correctly built. There cannot be anything but air in the center of the 3x3x3, and it cannot be touching any other Coke Oven. Check that both bottom and top layers are solid. Coke Ovens cannot wallshare.
Not running or stops Outputs are full or inputs are missing. The Coke Oven will not run if its tank is full of Creosote. Break the bottom center block to void the internal tank. Supply with wood logs and empty Charcoal.


The image below shows a Basic automatic Coke Oven that will automatically pull items from the left storage that can be cooked in the coke oven and take out the resulting items and put them in the right storage. It also features a creosote oil drainer which must be activated by hand unless a Redstone clock is attached to the tinker's faucet.