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3D model of a brown backpack with red buckles and metal framed glass tanks on either side, visible one showing lava.

Adventure Backpacks is a mod that adds its titular item - backpacks - in quantity, along with several early game transportation/travel items. Most backpack variants are purely cosmetic, but a few have special abilities that vary from amusing to indispensably useful. All standard backpacks offer eight buckets of fluid storage, 48 slots of item storage and two special tool slots.


A long white blade, wider at the end than the base, with blue, red and yellow stripes on its handle.

A fairly mediocre weapon with 500 durability, the Machete is only notable for working as shears on plants. It can collect grass, vines, and leaf blocks.

Inflatable Boat

A lemon yellow boat with two thin black stripes from side-to-side.

The Inflatable Boat takes a LV Electric Pump and Rubber Sheets to construct, but is unbreakable unlike vanilla boats. Otherwise it functions the same, and can be picked up by hitting it with any tool or an empty hand repeatedly.

Piston Boots

A stone textured pair of galoshes with piston heads for soles.

Piston Boots are an early mobility upgrade available in the Steam Age. While worn, they give a permanent jump boost to three blocks height, a Speed buff when sprinting, step assist so jumping isn't required for one block elevations, and the same armor value as Iron Boots (two, or one shirt icon). Piston Boots can be used in combination with the Hang Glider to travel more quickly, even over relatively flat areas. They can be repaired at the cost of more rubber sheets, string and tanned leather. Does not count for either space suit nor hazmat protection. A downside to these boots is that the piston sound effect is played each time the player jumps.

Coal Jetpack

GUI with a light grey background. Two vertical blue bars for water tanks, one on the left and one center-right. The left tank has two slots next to it for water input and container return. The center has a fuel slot with fire icon above it and fill ratings for both water tanks. To the right is a heat bar gradient from cyan green to yellow orange, temperature, and a button for equipping the coal jetpack.
Coal Jetpack GUI

Unlike the standard Adventure Backpacks, the Coal Jetpack has no general purpose internal inventory slots. Instead, its primary function is mobility. To use, a keybind must be set for "Toggle Action" under ESC > Options > Controls > Adventure Backpack > Toggle Action > (default NONE). SHIFT + Toggle Action turns the Jetpack On/Off.

The Coal Jetpack has two tanks for liquid. The left tank with a capacity of 6,000L /6b will slowly feed the larger internal "water" tank of 12,000L/12b. This is actually a steam tank, as it will only fill if the jetpack is currently heated above 100C and makes a boiling sound. Water containers cannot be left in the bucket slot to increase water carrying capacity; they will be tossed on the ground when the GUI is closed. Any "steam" in the 12b tank will remain usable for flight even after the jetpack has cooled below 100C. A full "steam" tank will cause a constant soft hissing noise. Water, "steam", heat and fuel are all retained when the Coal Jetpack is removed.

A stack of fuel can be left in the bottom middle slot with the red outline. It will burn fuel constantly only while toggled On. While Off and worn, the Coal Jetpack will slowly lose heat; it stops declining if the pack is unequipped. Despite its name, the Coal Jetpack accepts most burnable solid fuels, including saplings, planks, logs, charcoal and coal. It will not use creosote buckets, diesel, oil or other liquid fuels.

The Coal Jetpack makes a louder hissing noise when flying or ascending. The fill speed is lower than the rate of expenditure when ascending, so the Coal Jetpack is not capable of indefinitely sustained flight by itself. Maximum elevation is y183, and altitude gain decreases sharply past y170. Like most jetpacks, it functions optimally when paired with a Glider. Unlike the Copter Pack, it has no issues lifting the player out of water.

Copter Pack

GUI with a light grey background. A large tank on the left holds greenish-yellow creosote fuel. Two slots to the tank's right allow bucket input and container return. The top lists fuel fill level, total capacity and consumption rate. The bottom right corner has a button for unequipping the Copter Pack.
Copter Pack GUI
Fuel Burn Rate
Bio Diesel 1.0
Cetane-Boosted Diesel (Nitrofuel) 0.4
Creosote 7.0
Diesel (Fuel) 0.8
Ethanol (Bioethanol) 1.5
Heavy Fuel 1.3
Heavy Oil 3.0
Light Fuel 1.0
Light Oil 3.0
Oil 3.0
Raw Oil (medium_oil) 3.0

The Copter Pack is another mobility enhancing jetpack that takes liquid fuels rather than water and solid fuel. It toggles On/Off the same way as the Coal Jetpack, with SHIFT + Toggle Action key, which must be set in ESC > Options > Controls > Adventure Backpack > Toggle Action > (default NONE). Holding SHIFT while the Copter Pack is in flight will speed up descent rate. The Copter Pack has two modes; Normal and Hover. In Normal Mode the player slowly descends unless the JUMP key is held for ascending. In Hover Mode, the player's height is perfectly stable unless SHIFT is held to descend or JUMP is held to ascend. Unlike the Coal Jetpack, it does not function well in water. Touching water will turn the Copter Pack off. Flight can still be achieved out of water with the Copter Pack by spamming SHIFT + Toggle Action key while jumping. The Copter Pack makes a steady propeller noise while on, changing pitch depending on its mode and type of movement.


The Copter Pack is fuelled with select fuel sources, such as creosote, oil, diesel, and light fuel. It does not retain extra fluid containers when the GUI is closed, so its maximum fuel capacity is 16,000L/16b. Not compatible with Large Fluid cells nor Universal Cells. Fuel can be emptied from the Copter Pack by placing buckets or cells in the bucket slot. Different fuels have different consumption or burn rates. The rate is equal to how many L of fuel will be consumed per second, thus lower values are better. A full tank of Creosote will only last for a little under six minutes, while 16b of Cetane-Boosted Diesel will run for over fifty minutes.

Adventure Backpacks

GUI with a 8x6 grid of squares, with two tanks with bucket slots on either side, two green slots for tools and one brown slot for crafting output. Button in lower left corner has Steve wearing a backpack and a green arrow.
Adventure Backpack GUI

Right-click in the air to open a backpack, right-click on the ground to place it. Backpacks placed in-game can be broken with a hand or tool to collect them, and keep their contents. Adventure Backpacks can be worn by opening the interface and clicking the button in the lower left corner Square grey button showing the back of a Steve minecraft player model wearing a backpack, with a green arrow to the right. showing Steve wearing a backpack and a green arrow. Alternatively, place the backpack on the ground with right-click, hold down SHIFT and hold left-click until broken to equip. As of 2.5, a worn Adventure Backpack will also show up as an accessible tab in the inventory GUI.

Keybinds & Tool Cycling

While equipped, backpacks can be accessed with a keybind (default B) and the equip button will change to a unequip button with a red arrow. A second keybind for Actions is used when working with Hoses and activating flight for the Coal Jetpack and Copterpack. When a normal backpack is equipped, the Action key toggles tool cycling off/on. Both keybinds can be configured with ESC > Options > Controls > Adventure Backpack. The two green slots on the lower left can only hold tools, and are used for the Tool Cycling feature. When enabled (default N), tools (and only tools) can be placed in the two green slots, and swapped with the currently equipped tool with Sneak+Scroll wheel. At least one tool has to be stored for tool cycling to function, preferably two.

Sleeping Bag & CampFire

A campire next to a brown backpack on grass. A red and white sleeping bag is deployed next to the backpack.
Setting spawn with a CampFire

Hold SHIFT to change the equip/unequip button to the Sleeping Bag icon Square grey button with a red bedroll and white pillow.. This will let the player sleep, if it's night as long as the ground ahead is solid blocks and unoccupied. While placed in-game, the sleeping bag button is automatically available and the sleeping bag can be left deployed. Breaking the backpack automatically returns the sleeping bag.

The CampFire serves as a spawn point when using the Adventure Backpack's sleeping bag. Sleep within an eight block radius of the CampFire to set spawn. Upon death, the player will respawn at the last campfire used, unless it's removed before then. CampFires are single use and cannot be recollected by breaking. Equipped Backpacks will be placed in the player's grave, along with all their other items.

Portable Crafting

3x3 grid of brown squares with a pink Tinker's Construct Hammer and Alumite ingots being used to repair the tool.
Tool repair, on the go!

The lower right 3x3 corner of the backpack inventory is special, and doubles as a crafting grid. Tinker's tools can be repaired by placing them in the center square with the pickaxe icon, and the repair material in any other brown square.


Adventure Backpacks can hold up to eight buckets of liquid, in two separate tanks. Fluids can be loaded/unloaded via the bucket icon slots in the upper left and right of the GUI, or with the Hose. While holding the Hose, Shift+Scroll Wheel to cycle between Drink, Suck and Spill modes. Drink has the player consume the fluid, Spill dispenses fluid from the current tank, and Suck collects the fluid into the selected tank. The active tank can be changed with the Action keybind (default N). Drop the Hose into a backpack tank with fluid to void the liquid in that tank.

A reference for the Adventure Backpack abilities. Any backpack not listed on this table is craftable and purely cosmetic.

Type Obtained Special Ability / Method of Acquisition
Bat Craft Provides a permanent Night Vision buff while worn.
Bookshelf Craft Adds +10 enchantment power when worn near an Enchanting Table.
Cactus Craft Slowly fills the backpack tank with water if the player is standing in water or in rain. Can also be placed on the ground to fill with water while it's raining. Damages on contact when placed.
Chicken Craft Periodically drops an egg near the player.
Cow Craft Slowly converts wheat in the backpack's inventory to milk.
Creeper Craft Plays a creeper hiss sound when sneaking near another player.
Deluxe Loot Found rarely in Stronghold chests. Cosmetic only.
Diamond Craft Changes to an Electric backpack when the player is struck by lightning while wearing it. Cosmetic only.
Dragon Craft Provides permanent Night Vision, Fire Resistance, Damage Boost, and Regen II buffs while worn. Requires a Dragon Egg.
Electric Special Get struck by lightning while wearing a Diamond backpack. Cosmetic only.
Glowstone Craft Emits a light level of 15 when placed on the ground.
Horse Craft Makes tamed horses follow the player while worn; may or may not work.
Iron Golem Craft Negates all fall damage while worn.
Melon Craft Slowly fills the backpack tank with melon juice if the player is standing in water or in rain. Can also be placed on the ground to fill with melon juice while it's raining.
Mooshroom Craft Slowly converts wheat in the backpack's inventory to mushroom soup.
Ocelot Craft Scares away creepers while worn. Creepers may still explode if you get too close though.
Pig Craft Randomly oinks while worn. Changes to a Pigman backpack when the player is struck by lightning while wearing it.
Pigman Special Get struck by lightning while wearing a Pig backpack. Provides a permanent Fire Resistance I buff while worn.
Rainbow Craft Provides Jump Boost I and Speed III buffs after eating a Golden Apple while worn. Also plays NyanCat music and gives the player musical note particles. Buffs and music last approximately 2m30s.
Redstone Craft Emits a redstone signal of 15 when placed on the ground, similar to a Redstone block.
Skeleton Craft Arrows stored in the backpack can be fired from a bow in the player's inventory.
Slime Craft Provides a Speed buff during a full moon at night time. Makes the player glide while moving, similar to walking on ice. Plays slime sounds and displays slime particles while the player is running.
Spider Craft Allows the player to right-click a spider to tame and ride it. Converts modded spiders to vanilla after they're tamed.
Squid Craft Provides a permanent Water Breathing buff while under water.
Sunflower Craft Slowly fills the player's hunger and saturation bar while in direct sunlight.
Villager Trade Trade a Librarian Villager a regular Adventure Backpack and ten Emeralds to get this variant. Cosmetic.
Wolf Craft Makes nearby hostile wolves passive while worn.


  • Adventure Backpack's internal tanks can convert custom potions into a vanilla type; for example making Laudanum from Roguelike Dungeons loot into normal Strength potions, removing all the negative effects.
  • The backpack variants are only craftable with the basic Adventure Backpack, so choose carefully.
  • The Dragon Backpack's Regeneration buff only activates if the player is damaged.

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