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Wizard, Tinkerer, Butcher and numerous Farmer villagers mill about in a desert village with wood and cobblestone houses. The foreground is a gravel path.

Villagers are entities added by vanilla Minecraft that spawn in Villages during world generation. GTNH adds both new villager types and new trades for existing villagers. Not only are they a good source of hard to acquire resources in the early game, some villagers will offer trades that are quite profitable. The Heretic and Wizard villagers are key to Stone Age Thaumcraft progression, Priests sell Eye of Ender that normally requires a HV Chemical Bath to make, Lumberjack and Apiarist villages can jumpstart tree or bee breeding. A group of protected villagers can also be turned into a passive Emerald farm as they will periodically shed emeralds which can be collected with item logistics, such as a Vacuum Hopper.

Profitable Trades

In terms of easiest emerald generation, Farmers are by far the best villager to use. Most of their trades are buys, in contrast to other villagers who have few, if any. The downside is that Farmers want a large variety of Pam's Harvestcraft crops. An extensive farm is needed to effectively generate emeralds using Farmers. The other benefit of levelling up Farmer(s) is access to a variety of Pam's fruit tree saplings, including some that are necessary for the Healing Axe quest. Another income option is to set up a passive Emerald farm by placing penned villagers near a Vacuum Hopper or other dropped item collection system. While slow, this requires no player interaction.

The Blacksmith is also notable for potentially lucrative trades, involving certus quartz/dust and raw silicon. The variance of potential trade values is very high. With some luck, a blacksmith will offer a good rate of exchange that results in profit when sold back to the same blacksmith or another. Due to the other trades being quite expensive, Blacksmiths are best levelled after securing a steady supply of emeralds. Other easy trades include raw meat to the Butcher, and Ignoble Princess bees to the Apiarist. Paper is a less attractive option in GTNH due to the difficulty of early production, unless Paperbark trees are farmed or for MV+ players.

The Priest and Heretic both offer access to early glowstone - less valuable in this pack due to the Glowflower > Extractor recipe, but potentially helpful for players who haven't found a Glowflower to farm yet. The Priest also has redstone at a very high cost, but which might be worthwhile for a player trying to make an Ore Finder Wand. The Librarian has renewable glass and several items for progression in Hardcore Ender Expansion. The Wizard villager sells light sources, a renewable way of getting Mana Beans, and a much easier to afford Purifying Bath Salts source for novice Thaumaturges. Knowledge Fragments are expensive but give 1-2 of each primal research for Stone Age Thaumcraft runs where the Thaumometer isn't available yet.


Villager trading mechanics are standard for 1.7.10. A villager begins with one trade chosen at random from their profession's pool. After 3-12 exchanges, trades will lock (marked with a red X after closing and reopening the trading interface). Completing a trade for a villager's right-most, newest non-locked trade will usually refresh (pink swirly potion particle effect) and may attempt to add another offer permanently to the villager's available trades (green sparkly particle effect). The trading window must be closed to refresh/add trades. The more trades a villager already has available, the more difficult it becomes to unlock new ones as previous trades are not excluded from potential unlocks. If a trade has variable parameters such as an enchantment or amount, it may change when added again to the villager's trade list.

Priest trades that require an item do not care if it's already enchanted nor its current durability; a fully repaired item with the listed enchantment will be given. Charcoal can be used interchangeably for coal in villager trades.

At night, villagers will lay down to sleep. They can still be traded with and will stand up again in the morning. If the villager takes damage while asleep, they will briefly stand up, then go back to bed. Golden Lassos or Soul Vials can pick up villagers for relocation. If damaged by a Smeltery, villagers will produce blood, not liquid emerald.

Villagers can be bred as normal for 1.7.10 (based on population/wooden doors), or Mystery Arrows from Mine and Battlegear 2 can be used to split adults into two baby villagers. One of the baby villagers will be identical to the original adult (including trades and any locks), while the second will be randomly generated.

Non-Trading Villagers

Guards will spawn in villages with town walls, town keeps and watchtowers. They defend the village from any threats, including neutral mobs like Hobgoblins. They can become hostile to players with low reputations or who have attacked villagers.

Werewolves are villages afflicted with lycanthropy which will cause them to transform into hostile wolfman forms under the full moon, attacking and killing other villagers or players. If Peaceful game mode is active, the were-villager will be deleted. Otherwise they will return to their normal villager self when the night ends. Werewolves are very difficult to kill without silver weapons, having high HP and taking little damage from most sources. Using Wolfsbane on a villager will detect if they are a lycanthrope or not.

Coven Witches are passive mobs used for recruiting a coven for Witchery circle magic. They can spawn in villages as well as in single house structures in the wilderness, and randomly in magical type biomes. In villages they may generate with an apothecary house or market stall with books.

Known Issues

Villagers will sometimes lay down in such a way that places their head inside a wall, causing them to take damage and suffocate. Fences are highly recommended to protect valuable villagers from accidental death. The absence of Guards (added by Witchery) can cause villagers to run around in a panic, often stranding themselves in nearby caves or holes. The Healing Axe does not heal villagers, but completing trades or otherwise giving them regeneration will work. The Trading Post from Extra Utilities does not work well and will only show partial or no trades for villagers in range.

Shift-clicking to trade all for a villager's first and only trade can deadlock them permanently, if a new trade isn't added. Do one exchange at a time when a villager only has a single trade to avoid this possibility.

Villager Professions

Item(s) listed in parenthesis are the value of the trade, usually emeralds. Randomly chosen trades are set when the villager is generated, and will not change. Different villagers of the same type may have a different variant of random items. Quantities may vary slightly from those listed here.

Profession Source Appearance Sells (Cost) Buys (For)
Apothecary Witchery A villager with a brick red robe, black hat with a purple cowl, and one blind eye. 1x Slimeball (8xEmerald)
5x Clay (5xEmerald)
1x Garlic (Witchery, 5xEmerald)
1x Wool of Bat (1xEmerald)
5x Poppy (7xEmerald)
Apiarist Forestry A villager in a pastel yellow coat. 1x Random Wild Hive Comb[1] (2x Wheat)
1x Random Wild Hive Drone[2] (1x Propolis & 4x any drone)
1x Monastic Drone (1x any princess & 12xEmerald)
6x Proven Frame (1xEmerald)
1x Ender Drone (12x Eye of Ender & 1x any princess)
1x Apiary (24x Wood[3])
1x Any Princess (1xEmerald)
Blacksmith Minecraft A villager in a brown robe, wearing a black apron. 1x Adventure Backpack - Villager (Adv. Backpack - any & 10xEmerald)
1x Chain Helmet (5xEmerald)
1x Chain Chestplate (11-14xEmerald)
1x Chain Leggings (xEmerald)
1x Chain Boots (5xEmerald)
1x Iron Helmet (4xEmerald)
1x Iron Chestplate (10-12xEmerald)
1x Iron Leggings (8-9xEmerald)
1x Iron Boots (4xEmerald)
1x Diamond Helmet (7xEmerald)
1x Diamond Chestplate (xEmerald)
1x Diamond Leggings (13xEmerald)
1x Diamond Boots (7xEmerald)
1x Diamond Sword (13xEmerald)
1x Diamond Pick (11xEmerald)
1x Diamond Axe (11xEmerald)
1x Diamond Shovel (7xEmerald)
1x Diamond Hoe (7xEmerald)
1x Iron Sword (7xEmerald)
1x Iron Pick (7xEmerald)
1x Iron Axe (6xEmerald)
1x Iron Shovel (4xEmerald)
1x Iron Hoe (4xEmerald)
1-25x Raw Silicon (1-3xEmerald)
1-15x Certus Quartz (1-18xEmerald)
2-25x Certus Quartz Dust (1-2xEmerald)
16-23x Coal (1xEmerald)
4-5x Diamond (1xEmerald)
8-9x Iron Ingot (1xEmerald)
8-9x Gold Ingot (1xEmerald)
1-27x Raw Silicon (1xEmerald)
1-15x Certus Quartz (1-5xEmerald)
1-20x Certus Quartz Dust (1-3xEmerald)
1-3x Certus Quartz Dust (1x Certus Quartz)
Butcher Minecraft A villager in a brown robe wearing a white apron. 1x Leather Cap (2-3xEmerald)
1x Leather Tunic (4xEmerald)
1x Leather Pants (2-3xEmerald)
1x Leather Boots (2-3xEmerald)
1x Saddle (6-7xEmerald)
6-7x Cooked Porkchop (1xEmerald)
6-7x Cooked Steak (1xEmerald)
16-23x Coal (1xEmerald)
14-17x Raw Beef (1xEmerald)
14-17x Raw Porkchop (1xEmerald)
Coven Witch Witchery A witch with dark red hair, black pointy hat and plum purple robe. None None
Farmer Minecraft A villager in a plain brown robe. 1x All Pam's Tree Sapling [4] (1xEmerald)
9-12x Arrow (1xEmerald)
4-5x Flint (10x Gravel & 1xEmerald)
5-8x Melon (1xEmerald)
1x Flint and Steel (3xEmerald)
8-10x Cookie (1xEmerald)
1x Shears (3xEmerald)
5-8x Apple (1xEmerald)
3-4x Bread (1xEmerald)
7-8x Cooked Chicken (1xEmerald)
16x All Pam's Crop[5] (1xEmerald)
9-12x Cooked Fish (1xEmerald)
14-21x Wool (any, 1xEmerald)
14-17x Raw Chicken (1xEmerald)
18-21x Wheat (1xEmerald)
Guard Witchery A villager wearing leather armor, royal blue robe and carrying a bow & arrow. None None
Heretic Thaumcraft A villager in a dark red robe and cap, with red eyes. 1x Skeleton Skull (1-3xEmerald)
1x Ghast Tear (4-7xEmerald)
8-16x Glowstone Dust (1xEmerald)
Wand Focus: Fire (1x Diamond & 4-8xEmerald)
Iron Capped Profane Wand (1x Stick & 9-12x Emerald)
3-4x Greed Shard (1-2xEmerald)
2-5x Lust Shard (1xEmerald)
4-9x Gluttony Shard (1xEmerald)
4-9x Wrath Shard (1xEmerald)
Librarian Minecraft A villager in a white robe. 1x Adventure Backpack - Villager (Adv. Backpack - any & 10xEmerald)
1x Clock (10-11xEmerald)
1x Compass (10-11xEmerald)
1x Knowledge Note (4-16pts, 4-7xEmerald)
4-5x Glass (1xEmerald)
1x Enchanted Book[6] (1x Book & 5+Emerald)
1x Bookshelf (3xEmerald)
1x Adventurer's Diary (3-5xEmerald)
Basic Essence Altar (12-15xEmerald)
1x Written Book (1xEmerald)
10-12x Book (1xEmerald)
24-35x Paper (1xEmerald)
Lumberjack Forestry A villager in a lime green coat. 1x Random Forestry Sapling[7] (8xEmerald)
1x Proven Grafter (2xEmerald)
32x Random Forestry Plank[8] (1xEmerald)
Merchant Thaumcraft A villager in a pastel blue robe and dark blue cap with gold trim, wearing a large gold medallion. 1x Emerald (20-22x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Wool - white (8x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Bottle o' Enchanting (16x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Iron Ingot (8x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Saddle (32x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Coal (3x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Book (7x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Glowstone (11x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Thaumium Ingot (10x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Arrow (2x Gold CoinGold Coin)
1x Diamond (23x Gold CoinGold Coin)
Priest Minecraft A villager in a plum purple robe. 1x Adventure Backpack - Villager (Adv. Backpack - any & 10xEmerald)
2-3x Glowstone (1xEmerald)
2-4x Redstone (1xEmerald)
2-4x Bottle o' Enchanting (1xEmerald)
1x Eye of Ender (7-10xEmerald)
1-3x Enchants[9] (1x Diamond Chestplate & 2-4xEmerald)
1-3x Enchants[9] (1x Iron Chestplate & 2-4xEmerald)
1-3x Enchants[9] (1x Diamond Sword & 2-4xEmerald)
1-3x Enchants[9] (1x Iron Sword & 2-4xEmerald)
1-3x Enchants[9] (1x Diamond Axe & 2-4xEmerald)
1-3x Enchants[9] (1x Iron Axe & 2-4xEmerald)
1-3x Enchants[9] (1x Diamond Pickaxe & 2-4xEmerald)
1-3x Enchants[9] (1x Iron Pickaxe & 2-4xEmerald)
Rail Worker Railcraft A villager in a brown shirt and blue overalls. 1x Whistle Tuner (1xEmerald)
1-16 Random Railcraft Track (1-3xEmerald)
14x Activator Track (2xEmerald)
16-18x Detector Track (2xEmerald)
16-18x Booster Track (3xEmerald)
30-34x Track (2xEmerald)
1x Magnifying Glass (1-2xEmerald)
1x Signal Block Surveyor (6-8xEmerald)
19-24x Coal (1xEmerald)
10-13x Coal Coke (1xEmerald)
1x Signal Tuner (7-8xEmerald)
1x Engineer's Overalls (2-4xEmerald)
1x Trackman's Goggles (4-7xEmerald)
1x Minecart (8-10xEmerald)
1x Crowbar (8xEmerald)
1x Reinforced Crowbar (16xEmerald)
1x Steam Locomotive (37-39xEmerald)
1x Minecart (6xEmerald)
12-15x Coal Coke (1xEmerald)
21-32x Coal (1xEmerald)
The King(ish) OpenBlocks A villager in white bejewelled robes, black hair, and magenta glasses resembling Elvis. 1x Jukebox (3xEmerald)
1x Note Block (1xEmerald)
1x Random Record (10xEmerald)
Tinkerer Tinker's Construct A villager in grey-aqua robes with prominant dark eyebrows. None 8-9x Gold Ingot (1xEmerald)[10]
Tok'ra SG Craft A villager with blond hair, red eyes and a grey-blue coat. None 8-9x Gold Ingot (1xEmerald)[10]
Werewolf Witchery A humanoid wolf with large white teeth, yellow eyes and grey fur. None None
Wizard Thaumcraft A villager in royal purple robes with gold trim and a royal purple cap. 1x Alumentum (1xEmerald)
1x Nitor (1xEmerald)
1x Knowledge Fragment (6x Books)
1x Knowledge Fragment (1xEmerald)
2x Random Primal Shard[11] (1xEmerald)
1x Ring of Protection (6xEmerald)
1-2x Mana Bean[12] (1xEmerald)
1x Vis Stone (6-7xEmerald)
1x Apprentices Ring of [Primal Vis Type][11] (6xEmerald)
1x Purifying Bath Salts (5-7xEmerald)
4-6x Quicksilver (1xEmerald)
25-30x Beef Nugget (1xEmerald)
25-30x Chicken Nugget (1xEmerald)
5x Amber (1xEmerald)
21x Gold Coin Gold Coin(1xEmerald)
  1. Comb options are Dripping, Frozen, Honey, Mellow, Parched, Simmering, Silky, or Stringy.
  2. Drone options are Forest, Marshy, Meadows, Modest, Tropical, or Wintry.
  3. Vanilla Oak, Birch, Spruce or Jungle only.
  4. Only saplings from Pam's Harvestcraft. Every Farmer is capable of having a trade for every sapling (eventually), it's not a single trade that picks from a random list.
  5. Farmers can potentially have trades for every crop from Pam's HarvestCraft at once.
  6. The single enchantment is randomly chosen from all available (including mod-added enchantments) with a random power level between I-V
  7. Sapling can be any of the 130+ possible Forestry tree species.
  8. Plank type can be any of the 130+ possible Forestry wood types.
  9. 9.0 9.1 9.2 9.3 9.4 9.5 9.6 9.7 Enchantments are applied to the item listed as part of the cost in brackets, with random power (level 5-19). Also fully repairs the item. Vanilla axes and pickaxes are disabled, only useful for stripping enchantments.
  10. 10.0 10.1 This villager has no defined trades, and uses the fallback gold for emerald trade. Due to only having the one option, eventually the villager will become deadlocked.
  11. 11.0 11.1 Aer, Aqua, Ignis, Ordo, Perditio or Terra.
  12. The essentia type is randomized at time of purchase and again when the mana bean is picked up for the first time or the trade window closed. If multiple beans are shift-click purchased, they will all be the same type and only randomize once.

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