Healing Axe

From GT New Horizons
An axe with very dark purple handle, pale grey blade and hollow interior.

The Healing Axe is one of the most desired early game items. This axe while held will quickly refill the player's hunger and saturation. It can also be used to heal mobs (other than villagers) by hitting them with the axe, at the cost of hunger, while also being an unbreakable axe after all.

Healing Axe Quest

Quest for the Healing Axe is infamously difficult beginner's quest. Player will need to collect 13 types of Garden plants from all over the world, cook batches of 6 different complex foods and 4 stacks of tofu.

The hardest parts for most players are the Nether/Water Gardens, Coconut and flowers for Rainbow Curry. Water Gardens spawn rarely in SWAMP and RIVER tagged biomes with large, open water areas. They can also be crafted with four other Gardens. Nether Gardens are only native to the Nether. All Gardens can be acquired randomly from Enhanced Lootbags by trading 5x Farmer 1 coins in the Quest Book.

All of the flowers can be grown with a basic wild bee that likes Flowers (Meadows, Forest, Unusual, Sorcerous, Mystical, amongst others.) Put a princess and a drone in a Bee House or Apiary with lots of empty grass nearby in a climate they tolerate, and keep them cycling. The other, harder way is to explore for Lavender Fields and swamps that will have the Blue Orchids and Lavenders you need. Either way Burning Blossoms require a trip to the Nether and will set the player on fire if touched. Break the block they're on to harvest safely. Poppies and Dandelions are easy to grow with Bonemeal and Grass just requires shears. The Twilight Forest is also a good source of flowers.

The most difficult food items to source are the Coconut and Maple Syrup. A Maple Sapling can be bought from the Quest Book, but Coconut needs to be found while exploring or obtained from a Farmer Villager trade or the even rarer forestry Coconut sapling from a Lumberjack villager. Farmers can offer any of the Pam's Harvestcraft Saplings in their trade pool. Coconuts can be found in the wild in warm FOREST tagged biomes - Shield, Mystic Grove and tropical biomes are most likely to have them. The Twilight Forest can also generate wild fruit trees, including Coconut. While gated at MV behind a lengthy breeding chain and aluminium, Coconut is also possible to get from Forestry's Tree Breeding.

  • Gardens: Leafy, Mushroom, Stalk, Textile, Tropical, Nether, Ground, Berry, Desert, Grass, Gourd, Herb and Water Gardens.
  • Flowers: Blue Orchid, Poppy, Dandelion, Lavender, Burning Blossom, Grass
  • Crops/Food: Soybean, any Smoothie/Juice fruit, Potato, Lettuce, Tomato, Wheat, Onion, Rice, Spice Leaf, Chili Pepper, Coconut, Bell Pepper, Maple Syrup, Spinach, White Mushroom, any meat and Eggs.


There's easier way of obtaining the Healing Axe, if you already have defeated the Wither and got a Division Sigil. Once you activated the sigil, you can make Unstable Ingots, that explode if held in your inventory for more than 10 seconds. You'll need 3 Unstable Ingots and 2 obsidian sticks to craft the axe.