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Combs are produced by Forestry Bees, often alongside other resources. Common combs often only yield beeswax and honey drops, but more complex species can generate Resources, fluids, gasses and other useful items. The vast majority of combs are hidden in NEI and cannot be searched for directly. Look up the associated bee species and check the Bee Produce tab instead.

Extra Bee's Tungsten, Titanium, and Radioactive (Uranium) combs are unobtainable due to their species being replaced by a custom GT bee variants.

Table Notes

  • (x%) For items that are not a guaranteed yield from the comb. If no percentage is listed, always given.
  • (x% chance of x) At least one item is guaranteed, but there's an additional chance for more of the same.
  • (+{chemical}) Additional resource (normally an acid) is needed to process the comb into resources.
  • (ExB) Extra Bees species with duplicate name. Will show as Forestry for mod in-game.
  • (GTNH) GregTech: New Horizons exclusive species with duplicate name. Will show as Forestry for mod in-game.
  • / There are multiple processing paths for the comb, usually Centrifuge and Chemical Reactor with an acid.
  • Tier - Many centrifuge recipes are listed at ULV, however there is no Ultra Low Voltage Centrifuge. The earliest options are the Carpentry Centrifuge (not recommended) and the GT Centrifuge, both at LV tier.

Unobtainable Combs

The following combs are in the pack, but no available species makes them.

  • Tungsten Comb (ExB), Titanium Comb (ExB)
Comb Tier Bees Produce Machine
Alcoholic LV Fermented Honey Drop (90%), Tipsy Drop Centrifuge
Almandine LV Titanium Purified Almandine Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Aluminium LV Aluminium, Emerald Purified Aluminium Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid)
Chem. Reactor
Amber (ExB) [1] LV Elastic, Resinous Beeswax, Sticky Resin (50% chance of 2nd) Centrifuge
Amber (GTNH) [1] LV Amber Purified Amber Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Americium LuV Americium Purified Americium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Apatite LV Apatite Purified Apatite Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Arcaneshard EV Arcaneshards Arcaneshard Propolis (10%), Ender goo Drop (15%), Magic Wax (25%) Centrifuge
Argon MV Argon Argon Gas Fluid Extractor
Arsenic LV Arsenic Purified Arsenic Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Ash LV Ash Ashes (50%), Beeswax (50%), Dark Ashes (50%) Centrifuge
Astralsilver HV Astral Silver Astral Silver Dust (20%), Silver Dust (10%), Magic Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Awakeneddraconium ZPM Drake Purified Awakened Draconium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Barnarda ZPM Barnarda, BarnardaC, BarnadraE, BarnardaF Beeswax (50%), Barnarda E Stone Dust (30%), Barnarda F Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Barren LV Arid, Barren, Blutonium, Creepy, Cyanite, Desolate, Decaying, Decomposing, Gnawing, Nuclear, Skeletal, Unstable, Yellorium Beeswax, Honey Drop (50%) Centrifuge
Bauxite LV Aluminium Purified Bauxite Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Bedrockium EV Bedrockium Bedrockium Dust (50%), Refractory Wax (50%) / Purified Bedrockium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Blackplutonium LuV Black Plutonium Purified Black Plutonium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Blaze LV Volcanic Beeswax (75%), Blaze Powder Centrifuge
Blizz MV Cryotheum Blizz Dust, Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Blutonium LV Blutonium Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Blutonium Grains (25%) Centrifuge
Bone LV Skeletal Beeswax (20%), Honey Drop (20%), Bone Meal (80%) Centrifuge
Brimstone LV Acidic, Caustic Beeswax (80%), Acidic Drop (50%), Sulfur Dust (75%) Centrifuge
Caelestis{color} LV Caelestis blue - Lapis Caelestis Caesicius (Light Blue), Callainus (Cyan), Caeruleus (Blue), Cinereus (Grey), Nox (Black)
green - Lapis Caelestis Paphiae Myrti (Dark Green), Viridis (Green), Flavus (Yellow), Lux Cinereus (Light Grey), Albus (White)
red - Purpura Amethystinus (Magenta), Purpura (Purple), Rufus (Red), Auranatiacus (Orange), Fuscus (Brown), Roseus (Pink)
Caffeinated LV Caffeinated Beeswax (90%), Honey Drop (75%), Coffee Powder (75%) Centrifuge
Callistoice IV Callisto Ice Purified Callisto Ice Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Caustic LV Scummy Caustic Drop (+30% chance of 2nd) Centrifuge
Centauri ZPM aCentauri, Centauri Beeswax (50%), Centauri Bb Stone Dust (30%), Centauri Bb Surface Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Certus (ExB)[1] LV Quantum, Spatial Certus Quartz Dust (20%), Honey Drop (25%), Nether Quartz (25%) Centrifuge
Certus (GTNH)[1] LV Certus Purified Certus Quartz Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Chromium HV Chrome, Enderium, Stainless Steel Purified Chrome Ore (+Hydrofluoric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Clay LV River Beeswax (25%), Clay (80%), Honey Drop (80%) Centrifuge
Coal LV Coal Beeswax (50%), Coal (5%) / Purified Coal Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Cocoa LV Crumbling, Heroic, Steadfast, Valiant Beeswax, Cocoa Beans (40%) Centrifuge
Colored LV Black, Blue, Brown, Cyan, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Light Grey, Lime, Magenta, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, White, Yellow Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (30%), {color} Colored Honey Drop Centrifuge
Conductiveiron MV Conductive Iron Conductive Iron Dust (90%), Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Coolant HV Coolant Beeswax, Coolant Drop Centrifuge
Copper (ExB)[1] LV Corroded Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Copper Grains Centrifuge
Copper (GTNH)[1] LV Copper Beeswax (30%), Copper Dust (70%) / Purified Copper Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Cosmicneutronium UEV Cosmic Neutronium Dimensionally Transcendent Residue, Molten Cosmic Neutronium DTPF[2]
Cryolite LV Cryolite Beeswax (30%), Cryolite Dust (80%) / Purified Cryolite Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Cryotheum LV
Cryotheum Cryotheum Dust, Refractory Wax (50%) / Gelid Cryotheum Centrifuge
Fluid Extractor
Cyanite LV Cyanite Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Cyanite Grains (25%) Centrifuge
Damp LV Ocean, River, Stained, Water Honey Drop (90%), Watery Propolis Centrifuge
Darksteel MV Dark Steel Dark Steel Dust, Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Decomposed LV Decomposing Compost, Honey Drop (25%) Centrifuge
Desh EV Desh Purified Desh Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Diamond (ExB)[1] LV Diamond Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Diamond Fragment Centrifuge
Diamond (GTNH)[1] LV Diamond Purified Diamond Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Divided HV Unstable Semi-stable Nugget (20%), Tiny Pile of Iron Dust (10%), Tiny Pile of Diamond Dust (5%), Magic Wax (50%) / Purified Diamond Ore (+Hydrofluoric Acid) Centrifuge
D-o-b LV D-O-B Rarest Metal Residue Dust (0.1%), Carbon Dust (0.4%), Stone Dust (7%)
(0.6%) chance each: Aluminium Dust, Certus Quartz, Chrome Dust, Coal Dust, Conductive Iron Ingot, Copper Dust, Diamond Dust, Emerald Dust, Gold Dust, Green Sapphire Dust, Iridium Metal Residue Dust, Iron Dust, Lapis Dust, Lead Dust, Manganese Dust, Naquadah Dust, Nickel Dust, Olivine Dust, Platinum Metallic Powder Dust x2, Red Alloy Dust, Redstone Alloy Ingot, Ruby Dust, Sapphire Dust, Silver Dust, Steel Dust, Redstone Dust, Thaumium Dust, Tin Dust, Titanium Dust, Tungsten Dust, Uranium 235 Dust, Zinc Dust
(1%) chance each: Air Shard, Balanced Shard, Earth Shard, Energetic Alloy Ingot, Entropy Shard, Fire Shard, Fluix Dust, Order Shard, Plantball, Water Shard
(5%) chance each: Lignite Coal, Oil Drop, Sticky Resin
Draconium IV Drake Purified Draconium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Dragon Blood UEV Dragon Blood Dragon Blood Drop (5%), Dragon Blood Propolis (15%), Refractory Wax (30%) ExxonMobil Chemical Plant
Dragonessence IV Dragon Essence Dragonessence Propolis (7.5%), Ender goo Drop (20%), Magic Wax (30%) Centrifuge
Dripping LV Imperial, Noble, Majestic, Mystical Honey Drop (40%), Honeydew Centrifuge
Dusty LV Gnawing Honey Drop (25%) Centrifuge
Earthy LV Earthy, Skystone Clay (60%), Magic Wax Centrifuge
Ectoplasma EV Ectoplasma Ectoplasma Propolis (10%), Ender goo Drop (15%), Magic Wax (25%) Centrifuge
Electricalsteel LV Electrical Steel Electrical Steel Dust, Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Electrotine MV Electrotine Purified Electrotine Ore (+Phosphoric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Emerald (ExB)[1] LV Emerald Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Emerald Fragment Centrifuge
Emerald (GTNH)[1] LV Emerald Purified Emerald Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Enddust HV End Dust End Stone x4, End Propolis (15%), Ender goo Drop (10%), Magic Wax (20%) Centrifuge
Enderium HV Enderium Tiny Pile of Enderium Dust (50%), Small Pile of Enderium Base Dust (30%), Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Endermanhead IV Endermanhead Ender goo Drop (20%), Enderman Propolis (7.5%), Magic Wax (30%) Centrifuge
Endium HV Endium Purified Endium Ore (+Hydrofluoric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Endshard HV Endshard Ender Shard Centrifuge
Energetic LV Ecstatic, Energetic, Excited Beeswax (80%), Honey Drop (50%), Redstone Dust Centrifuge
Energeticalloy HV Energetic Alloy Energetic Alloy Dust (80%), Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Energy HV Energy, Lapotron, Pyrotheum Energium Dust (50%), Hot Coolant Drop (20%), Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Fiery LV Fiery Blaze Powder (60%), Magic Wax Centrifuge
Fireessence IV Fireessence Ender goo Drop (20%), Fireessence Propolis (7.5%), Magic Wax (30%) Centrifuge
Firestone LV Firestone, Sulfur Purified Firestone Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Fluix LV Fluix Beeswax (30%), Fluix Dust (25%) Centrifuge
Fluorine MV Fluorine, Nitrogen Fluorine Gas Fluid Extractor
Force EV Force Beeswax (50%), Force Drop (10%), Force Propolis (30%) ExxonMobil Chemical Plant
Forgotten LV Abandoned, Forlorn, Nameless, Oblivion Amnesic Wax (50%0, Honey Drop (40%), Propolis (50%) Centrifuge
Fossilised LV Fossilised, Tarry Beeswax (80%), Honey Drop (75%), Coal Grains Centrifuge
Frozen LV Absolute, Coolant, Frigid, Glacial, Icy, Merry, Tipsy, Wintry Beeswax (80%), Crystalline Pollen (20%), Honey Drop (70%), Snowball (40%) Centrifuge
Fruity LV Fruity, Ripening Honey Drop (90%), Juicy Drop Centrifuge
Fungal LV Fungal Beeswax (90%), Mushroom (block, 1+ 75% chance 2nd) Centrifuge
Furtive LV Batty, Beefy, Big Bad, Brainy, Catty, Ghastly, Neighsayer, Porcine, Poultry, Sheepish, Skulking, Smouldering, Spidery Beeswax (90%), Honeydew (35%), Propolis (20%) Centrifuge
Gallium LV Zinc Purified Gallium Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Glacial LV Absolute Honey Drop (75%), Kelvin Drop (80%) Centrifuge
Glittering Earthy LV Solum Clay (60%), Magic Wax, Stony Propolis (80%) Centrifuge
Glittering Entropic LV Chaotic, Shadow Metal Chaotic Propolis (80%), Gunpowder (60%), Magic Wax Centrifuge
Glittering Fiery LV Ignis Blaze Powder (60%), Burning Propolis (80%), Magic Wax Centrifuge
Glittering Ordered LV Ordered, Thauminite Magic Wax, Ordered Propolis (80%), Redstone (60%) Centrifuge
Glittering Watery LV Aqua Flowing Propolis (80%), Ink Sac (60%), Magic Wax Centrifuge
Glittering Windy LV Aer Breezy Propolis (80%), Feather (60%), Magic Wax Centrifuge
Glowing LV Glowering Glowstone Dust, Honey Drop (25%) Centrifuge
Gold LV Copper, Gold, Infused Gold Purified Gold Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Golden LV Glittering Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Gold Grains Centrifuge
Grossular LV Yellow Garnet Purified Grossular Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Haumea LuV Haume Beeswax (50%), Haumea Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Helium HV Helium Helium Gas Fluid Extractor
Honey LV Aluminum, Amber, Apatine, Ardite, Argentum, Ashen, Auric, Azure, Bleached, Blooming, Certus, Clay, Cobalt, Common, Cultivated, Cuprum, Diamandi, Ebony, Esmermaldi, Ferrous, Fluix, Forest, Fruity, Fuchsia, Growing, Indigo, Jaded, Lavender, Lime, Manyullyn, Maroon, Meadows, Natural, Oil, Peat, Plumbum, Prussian, Ripening, Saffron, Sepia, Silicon, Slate, Stannum, Stickyresin, Sugary, Sweetened, Thriving, Tricky, Turquoise, Void Beeswax, Honey Drop (90%) Centrifuge
Hydra HV Hydra Beeswax (30%), Fiery Blood Drop (33%), Hydra Blood Drop (8%), Breezy Propolis (5%) Centrifuge
Hydrogen MV Hydrogen, Oxygen Hygrogen Gas Fluid Extractor
Indium ZPM Indium Purified Indium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Infinity UEV Infinity Dimensionally Transcendent Residue, Molten Infinity DTPF[3]
Infinitycatalyst ZPM Infinity Catalyst Beeswax (50%), Infinity Catalyst Dust (25%), Neutronium Dust (20%) Centrifuge
Infusedair LV Air Air Shard Centrifuge
Infusedaqua LV Water Water Shard Centrifuge
Infusedgold IV Infused Gold Beeswax (10%), Infused Gold Dust (20%), Gold Dust (10%) / Purified Infused Gold (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Infusedignis LV Fire Fire Shard Centrifuge
Infusedordo LV Order Order Shard Centrifuge
Infusedperditio LV Chaos Chaos Shard Centrifuge
Infusedterra LV Earth Earth Shard Centrifuge
Iridium IV
Iridium, Osmium, Platinum Iridium Nugget, Acidic Iridium Solution (+Phthalic Acid) / Molten Iridium (QFT) Chem.Reactor
Iron (ExB)[1] LV Rusty Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Iron Grains Centrifuge
Iron (GTNH)[1] LV Iron, Manganese, Steel Beeswax (30%), Iron Dust (30%) / Purified Iron Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Irradiated IV Avenging, Vengeful, Vindictive Beeswax, Iridium Metal Residue Dust (0.11%) Centrifuge
Jupiter HV Callisto, Ceres, Europa, Ganymed, Io, Jupiter Beeswax (50%), Callisto Stone Dust (30%), Io Stone Dust (30%), Europa Ice Dust (30%), Europa Stone Dust (30%), Ganymede Stone Dust (30%), Tiny Pile of Callisto Ice Dust (5%) Centrifuge
Kevlar UIV Kevlar Polyurethane Resin, Liquid Crystal Kevlar, Molten Kevlar QFT[5]
Krypton IV Krypton Krypton Gas Fluid Extractor
Lapis (ExB)[1] LV Lapis Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Lapis Lazuli x6 Centrifuge
Lapis (GTNH)[1] LV Lapis, Lapotron Purified Lapis Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Lapotron HV Lapotron Amnesic Wax (40%), Lapis Coolant Drop (20%), Lapotron Dust Centrifuge
Latex LV Elastic Beeswax (85%), Honey Drop (50%), Rubber Bar Centrifuge
Lead LV Lead, Plutonium Beeswax (30%), Lead Dust (45%) / Purified Lead Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Leaden LV Leaden Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Lead Grains Centrifuge
Ledox EV Ledox Purified Ledox Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Lich HV Lich Beeswax (30%), Lich Bone Chip (33%), Lich Bone Fragment (8%), Ordered Propolis (5%) Centrifuge
Lignite LV Coal, Peat Beeswax, Lignite Coal / Purified Lignite Coal Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Lithium MV Lithium, Salt Purified Lithium Ore (+Phosphoric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Lutetium IV Lutetium Purified Lutetium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Magnesium LV Chrome, Olivine Purified Magnesium Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Makemake LuV MakeMake Beeswax (50%), MakeMake Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Manganese LV Manganese Purified Manganese Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Mars HV Deimos, Mars, Phobos Beeswax (50%), Mars Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Mellow LV Abnormal, Hermetic, Monastic, Quantum, Secluded, Spatial Beeswax (20%), Honeydew (60%), Nether Quartz (30%) Centrifuge
Memory LV Aware, Empowering, Flux, Nexus, Pure, Ravening, Rejuvenating, Soul, Spirit, Vis Honeydew (40%), Intellect Drop (10%), Magic Wax (90%) Centrifuge
Mercury EV Mercury Beeswax (50%), Mercury Core Dust (30%), Mercury Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Meteoriciron HV Meteoric Iron Purified Meteoric Iron Ore (+Hydrofluoric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Mica HV Mica Beeswax (75%), Mica Dust x2 Centrifuge
Milky LV Bovine, Chad Honey Drop (90%), Milkdew Centrifuge
Mithril HV Mithril Purified Mithril Ore (+Hydrofluoric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Molybdenum LV Tungsten Purified Molybdenum Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Molten LV Hateful, Infernal, Smouldering, Spiteful Honey Drop (8.7%), Refractory Wax (86%) Centrifuge
Moon MV Moon Beeswax (50%), Moon Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Mossy LV Boggy, Damp, Fungal Marshy, Miry, Slimeball, Sodden Beeswax, Honey Drop (90%) Centrifuge
Mucous LV Sticky Beeswax, Honey Drop (75%), Slimeball (75%) Centrifuge
Mundane LV Attuned, Blossom, Botanic, Eldritch, Floral, Invisible, Mystical, Rooted, Sorcerous, Unusual Magic Wax (10%), Beeswax (90%), Honey Drop (60%) Centrifuge
Mytryl IV Mytryl Purified Mytryl Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Mysterious LV Arcaneshards, Dragon Blood, Dragon Essence, Ectoplasma, End Dust, Ender, Endermanhead, Endium, Fireessence, Phantasmal, Rune, Silverfish, Spectral, Stardust Honey Drop (40%), Pulsating Propolis Centrifuge
Mysteriouscrystal LuV Mysterious Crystal Beeswax (50%), Mysterious Crystal Dust (10%) / Purified Mysterious Crystal Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Naga MV Naga Beeswax (30%), Naga Scale Chip (33%), Naga Scale Fragment (8%), Stony Propolis (5%) Centrifuge
Neptun IV Neptune, Proteus, Triton Beeswax (50%), Proteus Stone Dust (30%), Triton Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Naquadah IV Naquadah, Naquadria Purified Naquadah Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Naquadria LuV Naquadria Purified Naquadria Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Neon IV Neon Neon Gas Fluid Extractor
Nethershard HV Nethershard Nether Shard Centrifuge
Neutronium UHV Neutronium Neutronium Nugget, Molten Neutronium (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Nickel (ExB)[1] LV Lustered Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Nickel Grains Centrifuge
Nickel (GTNH)[1] LV Gold, Nickel Purified Nickel Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Nitrogen MV Hydrogen, Nitrogen Nitrogen Gas Fluid Extractor
Occult LV Arcane, Esoteric, Ethereal, Mysterious Magic Wax, Honey Drop (60%) Centrifuge
Oil LV Oil Beeswax (50%), Oil Drop, Oil Berry x6 / Purified Oilsands Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Oily LV Oily, Refined Honey Drop (75%), Oily Propolis (60%) Centrifuge
Old LV Ancient, Distilled, Fossilized, Prehistoric, Oily, Primeval, Relic, Resinous Beeswax, Honey Drop (90%) Centrifuge
Olivine LV Olivine Purified Olivine Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Oriharukon IV Oriharukon Purified Oriharukon Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Osmium IV
Iridium, Osmium Osmium Nugget, Acidic Osmium Solution (+Phthalic Acid) / Liquid Osmium (QFT) Chem.Reactor
Otherworldly LV Alfheim, Charmed, Enchanted, Ethereal, Supernatural Beeswax (50%), Magic Wax (22%), Honey Drop Centrifuge
Oxygen MV Fluorine, Oxygen Oxygen Gas Fluid Extractor
Palladium IV
Iridium Purified Palladium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) / Molten Palladium (QFT) Chem.Reactor
Papery LV Pupil, Savant, Scholarly Beeswax (80%), Magic Wax (20%), Paper (5.7%) Centrifuge
Parched LV Austere, Conductive Iron, Crumbling, Dark Steel, Electrical Steel, Energetic Alloy, Frugal, Modest, Mutable, Pulsating Iron, Red Alloy, Redstone Alloy, Transmuting, Vibrant Alloy Beeswax, Honey Drop (90%) Centrifuge
Petroleum LV Refined Honey Drop (50%), Petroleum Propolis (60%) Centrifuge
Phosphorus HV Phosphorus Beeswax, Phosphorus Dust, Tricalcium Phosphate x2 Centrifuge
Platinum (ExB)[1] LV Valuable Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Platinum Grains Centrifuge
Platinum (GTNH)[1] HV
Mithril, Nickel, Platinum Platinum Nugget, Platinum Concentrate (+Hydrofluoric Acid) / Molten Platinum (QFT) Chem.Reactor
Pluto LuV Pluto Beeswax (50%), Pluto Ice Dust (30%), Pluto Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Plutonium EV Plutonium Purified Plutonium 239 Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Powdery LV Austere, Creepy, Crumbling Beeswax (20%), Honey Drop (20%), Gunpowder (90%) Centrifuge
Pulsatingiron HV Pulsating Iron Pulsating Iron Dust (80%), Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Pyrope LV Red Garnet Purified Pyrope Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Pyrotheum HV Pyrotheum Beeswax (30%), Blaze Powder (25%), Pyrotheum Dust (20%) Centrifuge
Quantium IV Quantium, Trinium Purified Quantium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Quicksilver LV Quicksilver Quicksilver Drop, Magic Wax (50%) / Purified Cinnabar Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Rareearth LV Redstone Beeswax (30%), Rare Earth Centrifuge
Redalloy LV Red Alloy Red Alloy Dust, Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Redgarnet LV Red Garnet, Ruby Purified Red Garnet Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Redstone LV Electrotine, Redstone Purified Redstone Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Redstonealloy LV Redstone Alloy Redstone Alloy Dust, Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Rocky LV Corroded, Diamond, Emerald, Galvanized, Glittering, Lapis, Leaden, Lustered, Resilient, Robust, Rocky, Ruby, Rusty, Sapphire, Shining, Tarnished, Tolerant, Valuable Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%) Centrifuge
Rotten LV Decaying Beeswax (20%), Honey Drop (20%), Rotten Flesh (80%) Centrifuge
Ruby (ExB)[1] LV Ruby Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Ruby Fragment Centrifuge
Ruby (GTNH)[1] LV Ruby Purified Ruby Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Rune{1/2} IV Rune Magic Wax (25%, both)
Rune1 - Rune of Power, Agility, Vigor, Defense and Magic Fragments (5% each)
Rune2 - Rune of Void Fragment (2.5%)
Salismundus MV Hydra, Lich, Naga, Salis Mundus, Snowqueen, Ur Ghast Salis Mundus, Magic Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Salt MV Force, Lithium, Salt Beeswax (50%), Salt x6, Rock Salt x6, Saltpeter x6 (25%) Centrifuge
Sapphire (ExB)[1] LV Sapphire Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Sapphire Fragment Centrifuge
Sapphire (GTNH)[1] LV Sapphire Purified Sapphire Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Saturn IV Enceladus, Titan, Saturn Beeswax (50%), Enceladus Stone Dust (30%), Titan Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Seaweed UV Seaweed Beeswax (50%), T Ceti E Seaweed Centrifuge
Seedy LV Apatite, Ash, Farmed, Fertilizer, Sandwich Honey Drop (90%), Nutdew Centrifuge
Shadow LV Abyssal, Darkened, Shadowed Honey Drop (50%), Obsidian Dust (75%) Centrifuge
Shadowmetal HV Shadow Metal Shadow Metal Dust (20%), Shadow Steel Dust (10%), Magic Wax (50%) / Purified Shadow Metal Ore (+Hydrofluoric Acid) Centrifuge
Shimmering LV Quantum Enderpearl Dust (25%), Honey Drop (25%) Centrifuge
Silky LV Acidic, Caustic, Corrosive, Edenic, Exotic, Glutinous, Infectious, Leporine, Malicious, Sticky, Transmuting, Tropical, Virulent, Viscous, Wispy Honey Drop, Silky Propolis (80%) Centrifuge
Silver (ExB)[1] LV Shining Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Silver Grains Centrifuge
Silver (GTNH)[1] LV Astral Silver, Cryolite, Silver Beeswax (30%), Silver Dust (80%) / Purified Silver Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Silverfish EV Silverfish Ender goo Drop (20%), Magic Wax (25%), Silverfish Propolis (10%), Spawn Silverfish (mob egg, 15%) Centrifuge
Simmering LV Demonic, Embittered, Fiendish, Furious, Sinister, Transmuting, Volcanic Phosphor x2 (70%), Refractory Wax Centrifuge
Slag LV Aluminium, Arsenic, Bedrockium, Chrome, Copper, Cryolite, Electrotine, Enderium, Gold, Iridium, Iron, Lead, Lithium, Manganese, Naquadah, Naquadria, Nickel, Osmium, Platinum, Plutonium, Salt, Silver, Stainless Steel, Steel, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, Uranium, Zinc Beeswax (30%), Black Granite Dust (20%), Red Granite Dust (20%), Stone Dust (50%) Centrifuge
Snowqueen EV Snow Queen Beeswax (30%), Snow Queen Blood Drop (33%), Snowqueen blood Drop (8%), Flowing Propolis (5%) Centrifuge
Soul LV Dreaming, Pure, Somnolent, Soul, Spirit, Vazbee Honeydew (26%), Soulful Wax (90%) Centrifuge
Space HV Black Plutonium, Callisto Ice, Desh, Ledox, Meteoric Iron, Mysterious Crystal, Mytryl, Oriharukon, Quantium, Space Beeswax (50%), Oxygen Drop (15%), Refractory Wax (30%), Coin "The Space Invaders 1" (5%) Centrifuge
Sparkling EV Wither Draconic Dust x2 (10%), Tiny Pile of Nether Star Dust (10%), Magic Wax (50%) / Purified Nether Star Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Stainlesssteel HV Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Dust (50%), Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Stardust HV Stardust Ender good Drop (10%), Magic Wax (20%), Stardust Propolis (15%) Centrifuge
Static LV Ecstatic Beeswax (80%), Energy Drop, Redstone Dust (75%) Centrifuge
Steel LV Stainless Steel, Steel Beeswax (30%), Steel Dust (40%) Centrifuge
Stickyresin LV Slimeball, Stickyresin Beeswax (50%), Plantball (15%), Stickyresin (50%) Centrifuge
Stringy LV Amber, Derpious, Diligent, Industrious, Quicksilver, Salis Mundus, Tainted, Thaumium Dust, Unweary Honey Drop (40%), Propolis Centrifuge
Stone LV Certus, Diamond, Emerald, Firestone, Fluix, Force, Lapis, Olivine, Red Garnet, Redstone, Ruby, Sapphire, Yellow Garnet Basalt Dust (50%), Beeswax (50%), Black Granite Dust (50%), Marble Dust (50%), Red Granite Dust (50%), Redrock Dust (50%), Stone Dust (70%) / Purified Soapstone Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Sulfur LV Lead, Silver, Sulfur Beeswax (30%), Sulfur Dust / Purified Sulfur Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Tainted LV Tainted Tainted Goo (15%), Taint Tendril (15%), Fibrous Taint (15%), Tainted Grass (15%), Tainted Plant (15%), Magic Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Tar LV Tarry Creosote Propolis (70%), Honey Drop (50%) Centrifuge
Tceti ZPM TCeti, TCetiE Beeswax (50%), Tceti E Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Temporal LV Doctoral, Lordly, Nexus, Ravening, Timely Honeydew (60%) Magic Wax, Phased Pollen (5.5%) Centrifuge
Thauminite HV Thauminite Thauminite Nugget (20%), Tiny Pile of Thaumium Dust (10%), Magic Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Thaumiumdust MV Thaumium Dust, Thaumic Shards Magic Wax (50%), Thaumium Dust Centrifuge
Thaumiumshard LV Thaumic Shards Breezy Propolis (20%), Burning Propolis (20%), Chaotic Propolis (20%), Flowing Propolis (20%), Ordered Propolis (20%), Stony Propolis (20%), Magic Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Thorium EV Thorium Purified Thorium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Tin (ExB)[1] LV Tarnished Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Tin Grains Centrifuge
Tin (GTNH)[1] LV Iron, Tin Beeswax (30%), Tin Dust (60%) / Purified Tin Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Centrifuge
Tinted LV Amber, Ashen, Azure, Bleached, Ebony, Fuchsia, Indigo, Jaded, Lavender, Lime, Maroon, Natural, Prussian, Saffron, Sepia, Slate, Turqouise Beeswax (80%), Honey Drop (80%), {color} Tinted Honey Centrifuge
Titanium EV Titanium Purified Titanium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Transmuting LV Blossom, Botanic, Crumbling, Floral, Mutable, Transmuting, Vazbee Beeswax (80%), Magic Wax (80%), Unstable Propolis (15%) Centrifuge
Trinium ZPM Trinium Purified Trinium Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Tungsten IV Tungsten Purified Tungsten Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Unknownwater ZPM Unknownwater Unknown Liquid Fluid Extractor
Unstable LV Hazardous, Unstable Honey Drop (25%), Saltpeter Dust Centrifuge
Uranium EV Uranium Purified Uranium 238 Ore (+Phthalic Acid) Chem.Reactor
Uranus IV Miranda, Oberon, Uranus Beeswax (50%), Miranda Stone Dust (30%), Oberon Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Urghast EV Ur Ghast Beeswax (30%), Carminite Chip (33%), Carminite Fragment (8%), Burning Propolis (5%) Centrifuge
Venus EV Venus Beeswax (50%), Venus Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Vega ZPM Vega, VegaB Beeswax (50%), VegaB Stone Dust (30%) Centrifuge
Venomous LV Venomous Beeswax (80%), Venomous Drop (80%) Centrifuge
Vibrantalloy HV Vibrant Alloy Vibrant Alloy Dust (70%), Refractory Wax (50%) Centrifuge
Walrus LV Walrus Walrus (item) Centrifuge
Watery LV Dreaming, Somnolent, Watery Inc Sac (60%), Magic Wax Centrifuge
Wheaten LV Agrarian, Bovine, Caffeinated, Farmed, Farmerly, Fermented, Monastic, Rural Beeswax (20%), Honey Drop (20%), Wheat (80%) Centrifuge
Windy LV Windy Feather (60%), Magic Wax Centrifuge
Xenon IV Xenon Xenon Gas Fluid Extractor
Yellorium LV Yellorium Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Yellorium Grains (25%) Centrifuge
Yellowgarnet LV Yellow Garnet Purified Yellow Garnet Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
Zinc (ExB)[1] LV Galvanized Beeswax (50%), Honey Drop (25%), Zinc Grains Centrifuge
Zinc (GTNH)[1] LV Tin, Zinc Purified Zinc Ore (+Hydrochloric Acid) Chem.Reactor
  1. 1.00 1.01 1.02 1.03 1.04 1.05 1.06 1.07 1.08 1.09 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 1.16 1.17 1.18 1.19 1.20 1.21 1.22 1.23 1.24 1.25 1.26 1.27 Different comb, made by different bees and with different produce. Extra Bees's can be centrifuged directly and has lower yields on average for most materials. The GTNH lineage usually requires an acid to process into purified ore, though a few common materials can be centrifuged directly for a lower output.
  2. Made in the Dimensionally Transcendent Plasma Forge, with Excited Dimensionally Transcendent Crude Catalyst and Molten Copper in addition to the Cosmicneutronium comb.
  3. Made in the Dimensionally Transcendent Plasma Forge, with Excited Dimensionally Transcendent Resplendent Catalyst and Infinity Catalyst in addition to the Infinity comb.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 There is also a Quantum Force Transformer recipe that uses this comb, combining all four Platline metals (Platinum, Palladium, Osmium & Iridium) and a Platinum Group Catalyst to process them into their liquid metal forms.
  5. Made in the Quantum Force Transformer, and requires Carbon, Ultimate Plasticizer Catalyst, Nitrogen and Hydrogen in addition to the Kevlar combs.