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Not Enough Items (NEI) adds the search bar at the bottom of the inventory screen, and a list of matching items on the right while the inventory is open. It is the primary recipe and item usage encyclopedia for crafting. GT:NH's version of NEI has numerous alterations and upgrades from the standard 1.7.10 version to improve the modpack experience and handle the vast quantities of recipes required for this pack. Multiple categories of recipes are hidden by default, including many Tinker's Construct parts, covers, and microblocks to improve performance and usability.

Items in the Quest Book can be bookmarked or recipe checked directly with NEI shortcuts. Keybinds for NEI can be modified by opening the inventory, clicking on the wrench button (NEI Configs) in the lower left, then Keybindings > Inventory.


Screenshot of an open player's inventory, with bookmarked items on the left and NEI's item panel on the right. Text and yellow arrows are used to identify the various parts.
NEI Interface
  • Bookmark Panel
  • Central
    • Search Bar - Grey outlined rectangle, bottom center. Outline may be yellow if highlight mode is active.
    • Invisible Button - between Bookmark and Item panels, top center.
  • Item Panel
  • Buttons
    • NEI Config - Wrench button, lower left corner
    • Bookmark Panel Visibility - Book with bookmark button, lower left corner
    • Utility Buttons - Square buttons with icons, upper left hand corner. Only visible in Cheat/Utility modes.
    • Item Subsets - button & drop down menu, top center. Only visible if Bookmarks are toggled off.

Items Panel

The Item Panel is the heart of NEI, consisting of the main Item Pages, Item Page Controls and Stack Controls. Which items are displayed is controlled by the Search Bar. By default, when no text is present in the search bar all available items are shown. The total number of pages is displayed at the top of the Item Panel, and the [<] and [>] buttons will go to the previous or next pages. Clicking on an item will either show the item's recipe (Recipe Mode), give the player that item (Cheat Mode), or either option as configured for Utility Mode.

Stack Controls

The Stack Controls in the bottom right corner can be used to adjust the number of items given for left-click in Cheat Mode. Right-click always spawns one item. In Survival, Stack Controls can be used to set amounts for ghost items to configure filters, and set quantities for bookmarking. This is not the Search Bar!

Bookmarks Panel

The Bookmarks panel is a convenient place to store and organize groups of items for quick reference and easier crafting. Bookmarks can added with (default A) and be placed into any number of pages. Hold down Shift and then drag a bookmarked item to rearrange the list. Pressing (default A) again while hovering over a bookmark removes it.

Click on the "(x/y) [#]" at the top left to toggle the bookmarked item display between full page and single column. Recipes with component ingredients will display across the page in rows, otherwise each item will be on its own. Click on the arrows at the bottom left to go to different pages/tabs of bookmarks. The number in brackets shows the current page and total number of bookmark pages. The arrows at the top of the bookmarks panel are only usable if the current number of bookmarks exceeds the amount of space in the GUI. If the View Mode says (1/1), there are no additional bookmarks to view in this tab and the top arrows will do nothing. The number in square brackets is the total count of bookmarks in this tab/page.

Bookmarks are stored in /*instance*/saves/NEI/global/bookmarks.ini. This text file can be opened and altered to change NBT data of bookmarked items, rearrange pages, or used to backup important tools or collections. Of particular note is that ModdedNetwork Backpacks do not store their data directly and thus are not editable via NEI's bookmark file. JABBA dollies do work with this method. Bookmarks are global by default and thus can be used to move items between worlds for testing purposes or recovery.

Visibility of the Bookmarks Panel can be toggled with the book button in the lower right corner, or by (default B) keybind.

Grouping Bookmarks

Version 2.6.0 added a new feature to the Bookmarks Panel. The player now has the option of grouping bookmarked recipes together.

  • To do so, the player has to left-click and drag the empty space left of the bookmarks, see image 1. This will work best when the bookmarks tab is in single column mode.
  • It will be visible that a group has formed when a gray border appears in the empty space, see image 2, now you can right-click anywhere on the gray border and it will turn green, see image 3.
  • As can be seen in image 3, the recipes in a group will interact with each other and you can see the exact amount of materials you will need.
  • The player can also change the amount of wanted item, with SHIFT + CTRL + scrollwheel (holding ALT multiplies by Stack Control instead).
  • While the player is holding SHIFT and hovering over any item in the group, it will display any base item as green. See image 4.

Search Bar

The search bar (center, bottom) allows for quick filtering when looking for specific items. NEI's search will find matching item names, tooltips, source mods, and metadata. Search supports a modified Regex, and can be used to restrict searches to a particular mod or item type. Right-click the search bar to clear text, double-click to toggle Highlight Items. A held item can be clicked into the search bar to autofill with its name.

(default) Key Search Functions
@text Search by mod instead of item name.
@mod->keyword Search for a string, restricted to mods including the word after the @ sign. The '->' is required, no spaces.
#text Search by ore dictionary name
^text Limit search to items beginning with the search term
text|text Or; results match any | (pipe) separated search term(s). Not a capital I!

Navigating Search Results

Search results are broken down first by source, which are displayed as tabs across the top of the window if JEI Style Tabs is enabled (NEI Config > Inventory) and the top listing, and then by individual recipes. Multiple pages can be scrolled through with the mouse wheel, assigned keybinds, or by clicking the left/right arrows. Any item shown can be further searched by using left-click/(default R) and right-click/(default U) to see its recipe and uses. Go back to previous searches with the (default Backspace) keybind.

GT:NH has custom NEI plug-ins for showing specialized information sets. When viewing a recipe that is made in a GregTech Machine, all versions of that machine will be shown in a column to the right, regardless if they can make the item or not. Right-clicking a machine will show all its recipes, starting on the page for the current item if possible. This opens a similar recipe list to clicking the progress bar in most machines, which will show their available recipes as well.

Items marked with a small yellow "NC" in the upper left corner are not consumed by the recipe. This includes almost all casts, molds, Extruder plates, and lenses.

Fluid Temperatures

  • To see the temperature of fluids, press (default R) over a bucket or Molten Cell, then find the Fluid Extractor tab. Hover over the liquid output for a temperature tooltip (in Kelvin). Not available for non-GT fluids.

Underground Fluid Stats

  • Search for any GT fluid cell that occurs in worldgen and click on the blue pump tab (Underground Fluid Stats). Natural Gas is a good choice since it has only one result. The chance of a given fluid being placed and the range of amounts found are shown to the right. Click "Show All" to see all fluids that can be pumped in various dimensions using Drilling Rigs.

Vein Stats

  • Displays information about ore veins - what ores are part of which veins, the Y height they can generate at, weight or how commonly they occur, and which dimensions each vein can generate in. This tab will be available for any naturally placed ore block. "See All" will display every vein that can be created as part of worldgen.

Bee Breeding Tree

  • Only available for Princesses, Drones and Queens. Numbers shown are the default percentage for getting the necessary mutation when crossbreeding. If red, the bee has additional requirements to mutate, which can be seen by hovering over the bee. The hover-over text can be unreliable when multiple bee trees are on the same page. Click on the bee of interest to see it alone in the tab. Any bee in the tree can be clicked to show its required progenitors. Lines that extend past the fourth generation show additional tree exists below, while 'dead-end' bees are wild types or special loot.

GT++ Alloys

  • GT++ Alloys are made in the Alloy Blast Smelter multiblock, unlike almost every other alloy which uses the Mixer. The recipes are easy to miss as the first page only has the dust to molten metal recipe. Click the arrows for Page 2/2 to see the metal alloy production combination.

Highlight Items

A blue diamond chest emitting lavender smoke particle effects.
NEI Search Inventories particle effect.

Double-click the Search Bar to turn the outline yellow, activating Highlight (in any mode). This will dim all GUIs and highlight any matching items, which can be useful to find a specific ingot or dust in a large inventory or a lost tool. Double-click the Search Bar again to remove the highlighting. Highlight Mode works with Holo Glasses and JourneyMap overlays such as ores, showing only items that match the search text while active.

NEI also has a inventory search feature (default T, set in NEI Config > KeyBindings > Inventory > Search for Item In Nearby Inventories). Press the keybind while hovering over an item to have nearby inventories marked with a purple smoke effect if they contain a matching item, and will temporarily have a bright orange background if the inventory is opened. This will not search nested inventories, such as backpacks.


Crafting grid with sign recipe and small square question mark button.
[?] button auto-fill

NEI can populate crafting grids when opened from a crafting compatible interface, such as a Crafting Station or Worktable. A [?] icon will show next to the recipe. Hovering over the button shows a green checkmark for items that are available, and a red X for items that are missing. Clicking on the [?] button places ghost items in the crafting grid. Shift-clicking the [?] button will place actual items from available inventories. Shift-click the output to craft as many as possible, or right-click to craft up to one stack which will be held.

Utility Buttons

Nine grey square buttons with a white trash can, blue water drop, yellow-green C+, red/blue magnet, rising sun, full sun, setting moon, full moon and red heart icons.
Utility Buttons

The Utility Buttons are only available in Utility and Cheat Modes.

  • Delete - toggles one-click delete for trashing items more easily. Shift-click to delete all instances of the item (including any in open inventories), and shift-click on the button to clear the entire inventory. Deleted items cannot be recovered, so be careful.
  • Rain - Toggles rain off/on. Right-click to disable rain, left-click to enable rain again.
  • Gamemode - cycle between Creative, Creative+, Adventure and Survival modes. Individual modes other than Survival can be turned off from NEI Config.
  • Time - Allows the player to set the game time to dawn (half sun icon), noon (full sun icon), dusk (half cresent moon icon) or midnight (full crescent moon icon). Right-clicking disables and left-click enables any time period. Up to three of the four time periods can be disabled, and the game will skip past those times of day.
  • Heal - heal the player to full HP and full hunger/saturation.

NEI Config/Options

Long grey rectangular buttons with Inventory, World, Commands, Tools and KeyBindings. The top left says Global, and the bottom center says Back.
NEI Config/Options

This menu offers all the optional controls, toggles and keybinds that affect NEI. Unlike most mods, NEI's keybinds are not available from ESC > Options > Controls, but sequestered here in their own section. Of particular note is the Global/World toggle button in the upper right. This changes between adjusting the default (Global) settings for NEI, and the current world's settings (World). If changes to options are seemingly not working, check that the button says World and not Global. World specific settings can be wiped by clicking on a light grey [W] button while in World mode, defaulting back to the Global setting for that item.

Options are broken down into five sections; Inventory, World, Commands, Tools, and KeyBindings. Whenever a Back button is not offered, the ESC key will return to the previous screen. Commands and Tools are not likely to be of much interest to most players, offering functionality already available in the Utility Buttons and technical support with data dumps. Inventory has the option for disabling/enabling NEI which along with (default O) can hide the remaining NEI buttons. NEI's primary mode can be toggled here, which Utility buttons and gamemodes are available can be changed, the display order for the item panel can be adjusted, as well as numerous other alterations to NEI's overall behavior.

World > Panels Settings can be used to tweak the GUI locations of the two main panels should they conflict with other mod overlays.

Keybindings is an extensive section that offers a high degree of control over NEI's actions. Of particular note are the "R" and "U" shortcuts, which display Recipes and Uses respectively when hovering over any item. To disable NEI keybind by setting it to "NONE", right-click its box.


Setting Action
NEI Enabled/Disabled Toggles NEI visibility on/off. Same effect as the (default O) keybind.
Cheat/Recipe/Utility Mode Says what mode NEI is currently in, and cycles through the three options (Recipe/Utility/Cheat). Recipe is the default/recommended mode.
Utilities [buttons] Toggles individual buttons on/on for Utility Mode. Light grey/raised are active, dark grey/flat are disabled. Left-click to enable, right-click to disable buttons.
Gamemodes [buttons] Toggles available game modes on/off for Utility Mode. Left-click to enable, right-click to disable modes.
Item Panel Sorting Configure the order that NEI shows items in. The grey panels can be reordered by click-dragging to set the hierarchy.
Item IDs Shown/Hidden - appends the internal item ID number after an item's name in its tooltip, similar to F3+H "Advanced Tooltips". Both can be active at once, which will show it twice. Any meta values will be given after a :
Search Mode Plain, Extended, Regex. Plain is default text search only, Extended allows the use of prefix wildcards, and Regex allows regular expressions such as fuel rod (?!\(depleted). Extended or Regex are recommended.
Profile Recipes Debug feature. True - Adds an extra tab/panel to see how long it took NEI to locate the recipe. Set to False for normal play.
Disable Mouse Wheel Transfer False - Similar to MouseTweaks, NEI allows items to be scrolled in/out of inventories. Set to True if experiencing two items moving at once with scroll.
Invert Mouse Wheel Transfer Direction True/False. Only active if Disable Mouse Wheel Transfer is set to False. Swaps the push/pull behavior when scrolling the mouse wheel up/down.
Cache Item Rendering True/False. Recommended to leave on False, as True makes any item with an enchantment overlay invisible.
World Specific Bookmarks By default NEI uses one set of bookmarks across all worlds. Setting this to Yes lets individual worlds have their own bookmark file instead of a shared one.
World Specific Presets
Bookmarks Panel Visibility Hides/shows the left-side bookmark panel, same as (default B) keybind.
Use NBT in Bookmarks Turning this off will potentially break any item that uses NBT data as part of its functionality if spawned with Cheat Mode. Recommended to leave set to Yes.
REI Style Animation in Bookmarks Yes - when an item/recipe is bookmarked, the icon starts tiny and springs to full size.
No - bookmarked items appear instantly with no animation.
Show Recipe Marker Adds a small grey "R" to bookmarked items that are the result of a recipe, rather than an ingredient. Recipe items appear as new lines when bookmarks are toggled by clicking the "(x/y) [#]" at the top of the Bookmarks panel (regardless of this setting).
Show Item Quantity Widget Yes - shows the Stack Controls for setting item quantities to spawn in Cheat Mode.
No - hides the [+], [-] and text box at the bottom of the right hand panel.
Center Search Widget yes - places the main search bar at the bottom middle of the screen. No - Pushes the search bar off to the right side, compressing the stack widget.
JEI Style Tabs [Sunglasses Boubs] On Adds tabs for various machines or processes across the top of the NEI recipe window for faster location.
[Angry Boubs] Off Use the standard NEI GUI window, with [<] and [>] buttons to scroll through processes only.
JEI Style Item Overlay on ?-Hover Yes - When hovering over the [?] button (only visible when a crafting GUI is open), shows a red X or a green checkmark for missing and available resources, respectively.
No - no overlay.
JEI Style Recipe Catalysts Yes - Adds a list of blocks/machines to the UI (vertical left-side panel) that can be used to craft currently displayed recipes.
Creative or JEI Tab Style Creative tabs are slightly taller and wider than JEI style ones. No effect unless "JEI STyle Tabs" is set to [Sunglasses Boubs].
Ignore Overlap with Potion HUD Yes - bookmarks and other NEI elements will float over any buffs/debuffs.
No - Bookmarks will dynamically reposition around any buff/debuff elements.
Optimize computation for GUI overlap Yes - Calculation for GUI element overlap with item list will be optimized. It might be useful for small scale GUI, but also results in overlap not being resolved when the element is located inside of item panel (or ditto for bookmark panel).
No - Performs full calculation. Default setting.
JEI style cycled ingredients Yes - All instances of a substitution-eligible item will cycle at once.
No - individual item slots will cycle at random through eligible oreDict entries.
Require holding Shift to move items when overlaying recipe Yes - clicking on the [?] button will load one craft's worth of items, Shift-clicking the [?] loads as many as possible items from available inventories while a crafting grid is open.
No - always loads the maximum quantity of items into the crafting grid.
Show OreDictionary Names True Show the substitutions or "this item is the same as" groupings. These appear in the item description box on hover-over, below the source mod in light grey text.
False - Do not show oreDict listings.

Commonly Used Keybinds

(default) Key Action
R Recipe to make this item. Alt: left-click on an item.
U Recipes that use this item and recipes the item can make, if any. Alt: right-click on an item.
A Bookmark this item. Hold down Shift then click-drag to rearrange bookmarked items.
T Purple particle effect from chests & other containers nearby that have this item. Doesn't search backpacks.
Y Purple particle effect shows matching nearby placed blocks (~16 radius). Helpful in locating specific machines.
O Toggle NEI visibility on/off. Useful if the overlay is blocking parts of another interface.
B Toggle NEI bookmarks on/off. Also shows Item Subsets menu drop-down when off.
Backspace Go back to the previous item looked at.
Shift (hold down) Stop item icon cycling where a recipe accepts multiple options. Hover over an item and scroll up/down to manually cycle.
Shift (hold down+drag) Rearrange bookmarked items. Must hold down Shift before dragging the icon.
Shift+Command+A Add the item and all its component parts to your bookmarks as a recipe.
Shift+Control+A Add the item and all its component parts to your bookmarks with amounts as a recipe.
Shift+Control+scroll up/down Change the amount for the bookmarked item under the cursor. If done to a recipe bookmark, it will multiply inputs as well.
Shift+scroll (bookmarks) Move forward/back through pages of the current bookmark tab.
Shift+scroll (recipes) While the cursor is hovering over the recipe area, page through the available recipe handlers instead of scrolling through all recipes within a single handler.

Item Subsets

A long vertical panel of grey buttons showing vanilla minecraft item icons. The text on the left buttons says Blocks, Creative Tabs, Extra Common, Extra Filtering, Forestry, Items, Microblocks and Mod.
Item Subsets

Item Subsets is a hidden menu option that can only be accessed when the bookmarks panel is turned off (default B, or use the Toggle Bookmarks button). The drop down menu offers multiple categories of item types and traits that can be sorted with. Unlike searches, turning off subsets of items is permanent until they are re-enabled.

  • Left click enables a subset.
  • Right-click disables a subset.
  • Double-left click shows only that subset.
  • Shift-Right-Click a subset to search for it (does not change visible/hidden subsets)

Enchanting Values

A table of enchantments and their values for the Golden Shovel.
Enchantability Values

Pressing the Enchanting Value keybind (default I) while hovering over an enchantable item will bring up a secondary menu showing all echants that item can accept, the level range required and how likely a given enchantment is to be picked by weighted values.


NEI has three main modes; Recipe, Utility and Cheat. The current mode can be toggled by clicking on the NEI Config button in the bottom left corner, toggling the Global/World button to World, then Inventory > Recipe/Utility/Cheat Mode. Windows users can also Command-click the Config button to cycle between modes.

Recipe Mode

A grey wrench on a square grey button.
Recipe Mode

This is the default and primary mode for NEI. The list of items serves as an encyclopedia, and clicking on an item will show all the ways of crafting or obtaining it. While in Recipe Mode, the NEI Config Wrench icon will be grey. Recipe mode disables all the Utility buttons and will not spawn items.

Utility Mode

A golden yellow-orange wrench on a square grey button.
Utility Mode

A hybrid of Recipe Mode and Cheat Mode. While in Utility Mode, the NEI Config Wrench icon will be golden yellow. Individual Utilities (Time, Rain, Heal, Delete, Magnet, Enchanting, Potions, Items) can be toggled on with left-click and off with right-click from the NEI Config menu. Gamemode is always available and cannot be disabled.

Cheat Mode

A red wrench on a square grey button.
Cheat Mode

A creative type mode that allows infinite items to be spawned or deleted. While in Cheat Mode, the NEI Config Wrench icon will be red. Use caution in Cheat Mode as items dropped into the bookmark or item panel spaces will be deleted. Cheat Mode allows two additional modes to be invoked for creating custom enchanted items and potions easily.

Enchanting Mode

A custom interface with an iron sword on the left and a menu of enchantment effects listed on the right.
Enchantment Mode

The Enchanting interface can be invoked with (default X) in any inventory screen while Cheat/Utility Mode is on. Items can be placed in the slot to the left and enchantments chosen from the menu to the right. The enchantment level can be customized anywhere between 1 and 10. Unlock mode allows any items to be enchanted, while Locked restricts items to enchantments they can normally accept.

Potion Mode

A graphic interface with a row of potions on top, and options for choosing duration, level and type of potion effects.
Potion Mode

The Potion interface can be invoked with (default P) in any inventory screen while Cheat/Utility Mode is on. Any potion can be placed in the slot to the left, and its effects altered in duration, level and type using the GUI controls. Potions can be given multiple effects and up to nine potions can be saved in the row of slots across the top.


Most NEI problems stem from accidentally disabling parts of the interface with keybinds. If a particular keybind is consistently causing problems, disable it in NEI Config > KeyBindings > Inventory.

Issue Fix
Bookmarks are squished vertically Click on the (x/y) [#] header in the upper left of the Bookmarks Panel.
Inventories are greyed out / dark overlay Double-click the search bar if it has a yellow outline.
Bookmarks are missing Click the bookmarks visibility toggle button in the lower left or press (default B).
NEI is completely missing Press (default O) keybind for NEI visibility toggle.
Clicking on items gives them to the player instead of showing recipes Cheat Mode is enabled. Turn it off with CMD+Click Wrench icon or NEI Config > toggle Global to World > toggle Cheat Mode button until it says Recipe Mode.
No buttons in Utility Mode Available utilities have to be enabled for Utility Mode. NEI Config > toggle Global to World > left-click on desired buttons.
Changes to configs don't work Ensure that the button in the top left says "World" and not "Global" after opening NEI Config. World settings override global ones, and by default NEI loads into Global mode.
Recipe doesn't work Double-check all ingredients, fluids, and the power requirement/tier of the recipe. NEI does have some known bugs in showing the correct recipe amounts for vanilla items in GT machines - try adding bigger stacks and see if the recipe works.
Search results don't update Known limitation of NEI. Items which change during gameplay won't be reflected in the search results. Usually happens with using NEI to find "Not Yet Eaten" foods. Relog to fix.
Stuck on "Loading item list..." If longer than a minute, can be caused by a corrupt preference or bookmark file. Exit the game, go into /your_instance/saves/ and remove the /NEI/ folder. Reload the game. bookmarks.ini is human-readable and can be consulted for redoing bookmarked items.
Game crash on accessing KeyBindings > Inventory Exit the game, go into /your_instance/saves/NEI/local/your_world/ and remove the NEI.cfg and NEI.dat files. Reload the game. You will have to reset your keybindings and any custom NEI settings.

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