Discord Commands

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A list of useful bang commands for GT:NH's Discord channel; Invite

There are many more than this; go to #⁠bot-commands and do !cc list to see all of them.

Command Does
!amd Tips/links on fixing AMD graphics card issues (crashing after a few hours, revert to 2022 April 28th drivers).
!angelica Download link for Angelica Alpha release, and link to Beta Burndown List
!assline Links to Assembly Line Automation wiki page.
!autoassline Displays this image of an AE2 automated Assembly Line.
!backup Links to Backups and Recovery wiki page.
!beelore Links to the Frame info on the official spreadsheet and list of bees on IC2 + Bees spreadsheet.
!boom Lists all the things that explode and why.
!brokenvp Visual Prospecting near spawn bug and how to fix it.
!changelog Links to a couple of the latest Github changelogs & wiki's summary Version pages.
!clientside Link to the Client-side Mods wiki page.
!commands List of commands, including these. Only use in the #bot-commands channel.
!crash Prints a helpful list of information required to help with crashing launchers/games. (Logs, launcher, game state, etc.)
!curse Explanation of why CurseForge launcher isn't supported by GT:NH.
!crops Links to IC2 Crops List and Beedril's Crops Notes.
!cropswiki Wiki page for IC2 Crops.
!dev Wiki page for Development.
!download Links to GT:NH downloads page.
!ebf Common EBF problems and their solutions.
!electricity Links to Electricity wiki page.
!enet Explanation of enet and why RF consumers might not be recognized on isolated EU systems.
!essentia Links to the Sources of Essentia Spreadsheet by OrderedSet.
!fastcraft Two options for fixing Fastcraft/Optifine conflicts.
!forestry_wiki Links to Forestry - Internet Archive
!ftbu GitHub Install links for the GTNH forks of FTBUtilities and FTBLibrary.
!github Links to Github Repository for GT New Horizons
!greginator Links to Divran's Greginator Tools]
!howto Displays an image of a huge nuclear explosion crater with the text "TRY TESTING IN CREATIVE"
!install Link to Installing and Migrating wiki page.
!intel Common intel graphics card / driver problems.
!legpower Link to the Large Essentia Power Generator spreadsheet.
!multimc MultiMC download link and brief install instructions.
!mutes Bullet point list of things MuTES can and cannot accomplish.
!nukes Links to Nuclear Reactors wiki page.
!oil Links to Oil wiki page.
!optifine Text explaining need for configuration options and link to Optifine download.
!ore Links to Ore Generation wiki page.
!prometheus Shows a picture of hands raising a backlit book with an in-game quest overlaid on the pages.
!quick_links Links to Quick Links wiki page.
!renewables Links to the Renewable Resources] spreadsheet.
!research Links to the Thaumcraft Research Cheatsheet wiki page.
!rslatch Displays an image of an RSLatch with a short explanation of parts / how to set up. Turns things on/off based on a low/high threshold, like generators.
!rtfm Prints "Read the F*****g Manual!" with the Quest Book icon.
!scripts “If you experience missing recipes after updating the pack to 2.4.0+, check if the /scripts/ folder in your instance contains anything. If it does, shut down the game, delete the /scripts/ folder and relaunch.”
!simpsa Invite link for Sampsa's Discord
!skyblock Link to the Garden of Grind document.
!speedrun Channel invite for GTNH Speedruns
!spreadsheet Links to the Official Spreadsheet.
!stargaterules Links to the Stargate Role Conditions google doc.
!stoneagethaum Links to the Stone Age Thaumcraft Guide.
!supported Links to the State of Mod Support spreadsheet.
!texturepacks Links to Textures wiki page.
!tips Links to Beginner Tips wiki page.
!tix Links to the GitHub issues page, and asks for a ticket to be added.
!tools Links to Tinker's Tools and GT Tools on the wiki.
!thaumhelp Links for Essentia Pipe Guide and Bit-By-Bit YouTube Playlist for Thaumcraft 4.
!turbine Links to Large Turbine Calculator Rework 2.3.6 spreadsheet.
!wandinfo Links to the Wand Info Spreadsheet.
!wtf Links to the Commonly used acronyms and nicknames wiki page.