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This page has interesting world seeds for players looking for specific biomes near spawn. "Realistic Alpha" is the default world gen for GT New Horizons worlds, and the only one recommended to be used. If the wrong world generation has been used for a world, see Changing World Gen for steps to correct the issue.

Due to GTNH's unique world generation, some world features do not correctly generate identically every time for the same seed. In general this makes for very minor changes between iterations of the same seed. Some features which are generally stable, such as ore gravel, may be overwritten by another non-deterministic feature. Seed maps and descriptions should be taken as a general guide rather than an absolute promise.

Same seed, different instances:

Non-Deterministic Features

  • AE2 Meteors
  • BC surface Oil Spouts
  • Stone deposit type (marble/basalt/granite)
  • Walled vs. non-walled Villages
  • Village layout / included structures
  • Individual animals, including horses
  • Slime Island size, layout and trees (but locations are fixed)
  • Exact tree placement for normal trees
  • Witchery structures (location fixed, choice random - stone circle, witch house, hobgoblin house, etc.)
  • Thaumcraft structures (Wisp spawners, hilltop stones, eldritch constructs, totems, nodes, webbed Greatwoods, etc.)
  • Roguelike Dungeons layouts and surface structure placement

Seed Repository

Seeds below were tested in version 2.3.0 / RWG-1.7.10-alpha- and 2.5.1 / RWG-alpha-1.3.9-pre.jar. World generation should be consistent with other versions except GTNH 2.2.0, which had accidentally altered worldgen parameters.

Seed Map Pic Notable Features

Spawn is next to a river between Hot Plains and large Deciduous Forest, which continues North ending in a village, Shield and Bayou. NE following the river is Hot Forest then a massive Snow Forest with a long mountain ridge. East has some smaller biomes, Tundra, Heathland, a Hot Desert mountain and a large Lush Desert with meteorite. SE is loads of desert and Canyon as far as the eye can see, with another river. South is a small Rainforest and a larger Cherry Blossom Grove. SW is Shield, Heathland (great place to pick up a horse) and more desert. West of spawn beyond the Deciduous Forest is a Red Sand hotDesert with clay canyons, then a large Cold River lake that has Water Gardens. NW has two huge lakes in Deciduous Forest, Redwood Forest, Tundra and a Slime Island at x:-560,z:-670.

321 Spawn is a valley of Chaparral with many mountains and horses. NW Fungi Forest, north is more Chaparral and eventually Snow Forest, Slime Island NE at x:300,z:-660. East is Wetland and Tundra beyond, Garden and a small Outback below it. SE is Hot Desert, a huge sand mountain with a meteor crater. South is Temperate Rainforest, West is all Bamboo Forest and a very wide river. Bog in SW. Has nice visible ores on the mountains. x:-465,z:130 has a huge clay mountain in the middle of a bamboo forest.
20 Spawn is in Hot Desert, Canyon and Coniferous Forest with a large mountain to the west. NW is Cherry Blossom Grove with Silverwoods and Grove beyond it. North is a big Cold Forest and Redwood Forest. Oasis River runs north to south, across it is Shrubland and Frost Forest in the NE. East is a massive Canyon, more Redwood Forest, Meadow and Garden to the SE. South has more Coniferous Forest, Canyon following the river, and eventually Bayou & Meadow. West is Coniferous Forest and beyond a huge Meadow with lots of flowers, in between very tall mountains. RLD Sandstone temple at x:48,z:148, Brick house at x:-670,z:450. Slime Island at x:-540,z:590.
-1 Spawn is Lush Desert with tons of Hardened Clay hills. North is Redwood Forest, North/NE Cherry Blossom Grove and Hot Desert East, huge Garden with mountain SE. South more Lush Desert and large lake. SW Maple Woods, West & NW more Lush Desert. Slime Island and Bayou at x:-255,z:-460.
-20 Spawn is on a mountain in Garden biome, with lots of Melons, Silverwoods, Roseters, flowers and Gardens for food. Hot Plains, Coniferous Forest and Mountain biomes north, Hot Plains and Hot Desert east with a close RLD Sandstone Temple x:140,z:30. South is more hot plains and Frost Forest. West is a very close Slime Island (visible from spawn point) and a small village.
-50 Spawn is a large Tundra. River runs North, with small bits of Meadow, Outback & Hot Desert, with a large Snowy Coniferous Forest NE. More Tundra, Slime Island and village east. Big Frost Forest to the NW/West, Seasonal Forest South and Mystic Grove with large purple lake SE. Extreme tall snowy mountains (y240) at x:660,z:-430. RLD brick house at x:50,z:-495.
-60 Spawn is Frost Forest and Ice River, huge ice lake to the north, and Frost Forest far south. NW is Tundra, SW has a small patch of Meadow in an otherwise frozen landscape. RLD Sandstone Temple at x:300,z:235, Castle at x:-355,z:-5. SE is Jade Cliffs and Prairie.
-80 Spawn is Cold Forest with Blue Orchids, berry bushes and lots of other flowers. Temperate Forest to the west, otherwise the whole starting map is Cold Forest, with lakes and rivers to the east. Huge village ~200 blocks from spawn, NE. Big mountain and RLD Castle x:-660,z:-290 to the north-west. Brick House at x:-750,z:250. Slime Island south, x:-520,z:260.
-90 Spawn and surrounding areas are Tundra with small to medium sized lakes. North is a large Grove biome with a round lake and tiny islands, across the river. Snowy Coniferous Forest NE, South has a large mountain and village on the edge of Snow Desert. RLD Castle at x:370,z:-15 and x:-200,z:350.
-100 Spawn is Tundra next to a large lake. North Coniferous Forest, NE Woodland, east more Tundra and Woodland, SE is Fen, South Coniferous Forest, SW some large mountains, West Maple Woods and Fen, NW Snow Forest and an ice lake. ~130 blocks south of spawn there's a lava flow and exposed Magnetite Ore (iron).
-110 Spawn is Jade Cliffs surrounded by Maple Woods, on the side of a moderate mountain. North is a large Prairie with meteorite and Coniferous Forest NE. NW is Cherry Blossom Grove, Woodland and a large village ~200 blocks from spawn. West is a huge Mystic Grove with large purple lakes. SW Rainforest and Snowy Coniferous Forest. South is a lot of water with small Rainforest islands. SE Coniferous Forest and a tall snowy mountain.
-120 Spawn biome Coniferous Forest on the side of a massive mountain range. NE Rainforest, Highland, & Snowy Coniferous Forest. East is a huge Garden with Silverwood trees, Gardens and flowers. SE and south is mountainous Meadow then Maple Woods & Grove, Slime Island at x:-290,z:750. SW Grove, Woodland & Redwood Forest. West Coniferous Forest and Lavender Fields, large village 450 blocks from spawn. NW Brushland and Temperate Forest. Meteorites at x:-530,z:240 and x:320,z:640. RLD Castle at x:220,z:120. Double giant redwoods at x:-50,z:750. Entire center of the spawn area's a fantastic mountain valley.
-130 Spawn biome is Cold Plains with plenty of animals. North is Bamboo Forest, Mystic Grove and Maple Woods. East is Snowy Coniferous Forest. South has Woodland and Meadow with a massive Natura redwood tree. West is Magical Forest, Maple Woods and Grove.
-140 Spawn is a big red sand Hot Desert with clay mesa/buttes, next to a Hot River running North-South. West is a flat Mountain biome and Hot Forest. North and NW Deciduous Forest, NE Lush Desert. East is more red sand Desert, turning into Frost Forest and Shield to the SE. South is Mountain and Tundra beyond the red desert. RLD brick house at x:310,z:40, castle x:-410,z:200.
-150 Spawn is Frost Forest, surrounding a small Woodland to the north/NE. Further NE is a big snow mountain in Snow Forest. East/SE Tundra, South/SW Snowy Coniferous Forest. West is more Frost Forest, Snow Forest and Ice River, with big interconnected frozen lakes. Cherry Blossom Grove far NW. Clay mesa Canyon ~1100 blocks SE from spawn, Bamboo Forest a further ~350 blocks. RLD brick house at x:-415,z:-670.
-721725785 Spawn biome is Hot Desert and Brushland. Boreal Forest, big Canyon and hot Forest to the north, Hot Plains and Boreal Forest east, Shield in the south, more hot Desert, Brushland and Highland west. Extremely weird terrain generation at x=11518, z=-26871
1202743790 Spawn is Fungi Forest with mooshrooms, and a village just across the river to the south-west with Lush Desert and hardened clay. Cherry Blossom Grove, Tundra and Fen to the north, Shield, Mountain and Meadow NW. More Cherry Blossom Grove and Jade Cliffs west, Slime Island at x-757, z:26. South Tropical Rainforest and more Fungi Forest. Snow Forest & Snowy Coniferous Forest in south-west with two large frozen lakes. Roguelike Dungeons Brick House in NE, next to village, closer castle RLD to the north from spawn. Second brick house RLD in SW Snow Forest. Annotated map
3637353442788426003 Spawn is a Temperate Rainforest. North large Seasonal Forest, east has Brushland and Garden including Silverwood trees, south is a large Fen biome with village SW from spawn, only a short distance away. West is Hot Desert and Brushland. North-west Bamboo Forest. Slime Island at x:314, z:392, SE in Wetland, with nearby village.
3971121552768171949 Spawn is in between Canyon and Lush Swamp biomes, with Mountain NW and a Slime Island at x:-195 z:195. North is a tall mountain and more Canyon, massive Bamboo Forest NE and East along with more Lush Swamp (good spot for Water Gardens). SE Fungi Forest, south is Fen & Highland. SW is a close village in a Meadow biome, mountain range and a Cultist Obelisk inside town, Snow Forest further out. West is Heathland with donkeys and horses. RLD Wizard Tower at x:-522,z:-244, brick house x:445,z:100. Small village at x:340,z:-404, large villages at x:-400,z:-440. x:-250,z:75
5857450900230701070 Spawn is between Hot Desert and Bog, with poison pool and lots of quicksand. NW is Maple Woods, north is Brushland, East is Fen, further out a massive Hot Plains with hardened clay canyons and a Oasis River running through it and Shield. SE more clay canyons, Bog and Bayou. South is Bog and Temperate Rainforest, eventually Tundra. SW is an unusual Lush Swamp with large land masses extending to the west, village at x:85, z:160 and Rainforest beyond that. RLD Brick house at x:977, z:-561, at the edge of a Frost Forest. Diamond vein at x:313, z:-104. Lavender Fields east, at x:1380 z:-200. Annotated Map
6178596967726028249 Spawn is Hot Desert, surrounded by Woodland and a bit of Heathland. Lake and hardened clay Canyon to the south then Shield, Mountain, Hot Plains, Maple Woods, Meadow and Temperate Forest. Two more even bigger lakes NE and NW with Grove, more desert and more Woodland. ~350 blocks SE from spawn is a Tainted Land biome, second ~1500 blocks south. SE Bog with a RLD Sandstone Temple at x:510,z:380. SW is a Mystic Grove with lush river, Sludgepit, small Sacred Springs. West lots of Lush Swamp, Wetlands & Fungi Forest NW, three Slime Islands. NW Lush Desert, Bamboo Forest and Boreal Forest turning to Snow Desert. Big meteor crater on mountain in Snowy Coniferous Forest, due north. RLD Brick house at x:-5,z:-620. Closest village north ~730 blocks, Hot Desert, second village across river. NE beyond the sand is a branching river and Lavender Fields. Ore Map Manganese vein ~350 blocks straight west. All other starter ores are close to spawn.