Slime Island

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A bright minty green oval floating island dotted with grass and two aqua leaved trees with green slime block trunks. The middle of the island has a pool of bright aqua slime edged with purple slime blocks.
Slime island

Slime islands are floating islands (~y120-160) in the sky created as part of world generation by Tinker's Construct. They are relatively uncommon with an average placement of one per 8,000 chunks, approximately five and a half times rarer than the default configuration in most modpacks. Slime islands are easily distinguished as minty green ovals 30-50 blocks in diameter when viewed on JourneyMap. Normally they spawn with a pool of Liquified Slime, edged with Congealed Purple Slime blocks and one or more Slime Trees. The island itself is made of Slimy Grass on top of Blue Slimedirt. Occasionally an IC2 Rubber Tree and bits of normal grass and ferns may also be present. While very rare, it's possible for a featureless slime island to spawn with no trees or slime pool.

Slime Trees

Despite looking like trees, and dropping Slimy Saplings, slime trees have Congealed Green Slime blocks for a trunk instead of wood, topped with a diamond of pastel aqua Slimy Leaves. If any of the leaves are broken, all of them will quickly despawn. Slimy leaves will rarely drop more slimy saplings or Gelatinous Slime. The saplings cannot be force grown with bonemeal or Watering Cans, but will mature on any dirt or soil (slimedirt *not* required). The Slimy Leaves can be harvested with shears for use in making Slimeleaf Fletching, or extracted for Raw Rubber Dust. The green slime 'trunks' and slimeball drops can also be made into rubber, making this tree a popular choice over the much more tedious IC2 Rubber Tree / Sticky Resin.

Blue Slimes

The pool of Liquified Slime spawns large, medium and small Blue Slimes periodically. These can be Infernal, and normally drop only Gelatinous Slime. Killing a large or medium slime will spawn another, one size smaller. The Liquified Slime cannot easily be picked up or moved, and will simply vanish if attempts are made to collect it with a bucket. Liquified Slime is blacklisted from being placed to prevent server issues. There is a very rare chance that a King Slime may spawn instead of a normal blue slime. The King Slime has a magenta boss bar, 100HP, and spawns other Blue Slimes. If killed it drops a Miniature Yellow Heart and a random Blue Slime tool or weapon.

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