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Loot comes from many sources in GT:NH; mob drops, treasure chests, lootbags and dungeons, to name a few. Such items are chance based acquisitions drawn from a larger item pool of potential choices. The quest book is the most obvious source of loot, as many quests give a lootbag as a reward.

Enhanced Lootbags

Two paper bag icons, the right one with a purple glow overlay showing it is enchanted.

Enhanced Lootbags are the items handed out by the quest book. They can be enchanted with Fortune III. Non-enchanted bags will pull items from both their own item pools and the common (trash) pool.

Thaumcraft Lootbags

Three cloth sack icons in muted beige, green and red, each tied closed with a brown strap.

Thaumcraft adds the Common Treasure, Uncommon Treasure and Rare Treasure lootbags. These bags can drop from Thaumcraft champion mobs and rarely be found in chests. Treasure bags are heavily weighted towards gold coins, which can be traded with Thaumcraft Villagers and Pech, or smelted down for gold.

Lootgames Dungeons

The Lootgames mod adds square "dungeons" to world generation, which can offer one of two games; minesweeper or simon says. Both games have four success thresholds, each of which adds one increasingly valuable chest of loot to the rewards. Failure can result in an explosion, zombies or lava. Unexplored lootgames will periodically make spooky whispering sounds when the player is nearby.

Roguelike Dungeons

Roguelike Dungeons are expansive, multi-level dungeon structures filled with spawners, traps and loot chests. They are extremely dangerous places to explore early, so players are advised to either do torch "death runs" to light up the corridors or bring powerful gear. The rewards tend to be poor for the amount of danger, with a few exceptions. These dungeons can rarely spawn with a secret room that contains a Brewing Stand or Enchanting Table, and the fourth level commonly has an Enderman spawner in a white/black checkerboard room. Certain variants can also spawn with Quartz and Glowstone structure blocks, and the brick house version is an ideal early source of brick dust.

Webbed Greatwoods

These Greatwood trees are decorated with Cobwebs, and contain a Cave Spider spawner underneath the base of the tree as well as a single chest of treasure. These chests pull from the standard dungeonChest table and most commonly yield GT ingots and gems.

Stone Circles

Stone Circles contain a 3x3 well in the center, with two Witch spawners under corner blocks and a Dispenser holding loot beneath the water. Loot is similar to mineshafts, with tracks/carts, tools and the occasional bee frame, food, gem or metal ingot item.


Villages have a variety of chests, covering both standard loot drops in blacksmiths, and specialty items for Witchery, Forestry, Tinker's Construct and Thaumcraft in their respective structures.