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There are various mods that allow shaders to be used, each with a number of supported shaderpacks available for Minecraft. This page covers popular ones and helpful options to use on them. Since shaders use the GPU heavily, don't use shaders (or use minimal settings) if you have a low end computer.

Shader loaders

Shader loaders configure graphics settings and choose the shaderpack of interest. Loaders are client-side mods and can be used on servers. When opening the loader, click Open Shaderpack Directory to locate the directory to place shaderpacks.


Optifine has incorporated Shadermod into itself and can load shaders.

There are several things to be watch out for when using Optifine:

  • Optifine and the Fastcraft included with older versions of GTNH used to conflict. As of it is no longer necessary to remove Fastcraft from your mods directory.
  • As of GTNH version 2.6.0 Angelica is included in the pack which breaks Optifine. Disable or delete it for optifine to work.
  • Dynamic lighting works well with GTNH, however you want to make sure to use the Fast setting. Any higher causes severe lag because of constant lighting updates. You can put torches and other light sources in your player's right hand in the Mount and Blade slots and use torches that way with a weapon. The setting can be found in Video SettingsDynamic Lights.
  • Be sure to disable "lazy chunk loading" for any singleplayer install. If this setting is enabled (which it usually is by default), it prevents any chunks loaded by proximity to your character from being unloaded until you leave and re-enter the world, which will rapidly consume all of your RAM if you do any significant amount of travelling. This change is unnecessary if you only play on a server, in which case the clientside-only Optifine settings cannot influence the chunkloading of the server. SetofLazyChunkLoading:false in optionsof.txt which is located in the main Minecraft folder (not in the mod options folder, one above).
  • See Textures for some options to show off your shaders.
  • Who needs FPS anyways when your game looks this good!
  • The mana pool from botania can cause incorrect shadows that appear to follow the player. Set B:shaders.enabled from true to falsein .minecraft/config/Botania.cfg if you experience this issue.

Some things that come with Optifine:

  • F7 to show mob spawning spots and F9 to show chunk boundaries may not work with all shaders.


Shadermod is the original shader loader.


A backport of Sodium/Embeddium and Iris/Oculus from more recent versions of Minecraft to 1.7.10 by the GT:NH Team and special guests, that cannot run the shaders yet. [Note: This is an independent effort and has no official endorsement from the upstream projects] Features include:

  • Multi threaded chunk rendering** [Sodium Backport]
  • Shaders (Mostly working, some oddities, disabled by default) -- Planned to be enabled in a forthcoming beta release [Iris Backport]
  • Boots and runs (most) of the GregTech: New Horizons 2.5.1 pack

Future Plans:

  • Support for most 1.7.10 mods and modpacks
  • Fully functioning Shaders
  • More rendering optimizations


  • Shaders are scripts written to use OpenGL commands to add extra graphical effects to the game.
  • As many shaders are designed for modern, vanilla versions of Minecraft, and their respective newer loaders such as newer Optifine or Iris, you may encounter performance or display issues of varying severity when using them with GT:NH.
  • The following shaders have been confirmed to work either out of box or with tweaking settings or configurations.

SEUS 11.0

This shader will require some manual changes in order to be useful for you. First extract the ZIP file into the shaderpack directory under SEUS 11.0

  • Open composite1.vsh to change torchlight to pure white
  • Open final.fsh to change water fog to 0.05
  • You will have issues with nightvision. When using nightvision you will need to switch shaders.
  • Barrels and drawers are not rendering properly. Many items inside are rendered pure black like ingots, coins etc.
  • For some reason, drying rack is rendered as water.
  • Project red lamps don't look very good.

Sildurs Vibrant Shaders v1.2

This shader supports most configuration options within Minecraft under Video Settings -> Shaders -> Shader Options

  • Emissive Light setting allows changing torch color
  • change moonlight brightness to Very Dark for proper atmosphere
  • SVS v1.2 will not properly display the moon. Disable the shader to see the moon phase for launching to the moon

Complementary Shaders V4 (or newer)

This shader should work out of box, but can be further configured to improve compatibility and performance to your liking.

  • Any preset profile can be used.
  • Compatibility Mode should be set to ON.
  • RP Support can be set to Integrated PBR+, or to Basic for increased performance.
  • Advanced OpenGL can cause issues with chunks rendering within your distance, and should be set to OFF.
  • To preserve hardcore darkness, Lighting- > Overworld Light Colors -> Night Lighting Settings -> Night Brightness should be set to 0.00.
  • The mana pool from botania can cause incorrect shadows that appear to follow the player. Set B:shaders.enabled from true to falsein .minecraft/config/Botania.cfg if you experience this issue.