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If you get lighting errors on the face of machines after installing a texture pack try setting GlowTextures_true=true to GlowTextures_true=false in ./config/GregTech/Client.cfg (If you don't know how to find this file, refer to this page).

Additionally, it is recommended that you place any GTNH specific texture packs prior to global replacers (such as Faithful). GTNH is in active development, while many older texture packs for 1.7.10 are not. Missing animated textures in particular can be avoided in this way.

The following texture packs have been reported to work - but if you encounter issues be sure to test with the packs disabled.

Name (Author or Maintainer) Scope Notes Links
Colored GregTech Screwdriver and File (By jack_glows) Simple resourcepack changing the color of the screwdriver handle to blue and the handle of the file to red. You'll never confuse them again. Curseforge Link Direct Download
Dynamic Duo GTNH (compiled by Alexdoru) Smooth vanilla textures, 32x textures for crafting items, & clean fonts Composite of GT & Fatithful textures, amongst others. Discord Message Link
GTNH Faithful Textures (Ethryan) Requires Fathful (Direct Download | Website) Download Page | Source
GTNH Textures Usernm (Usernm0) Circuits and other components, casings, coils, coins, ... Only patches select textures Download Page | Source
Ivelitex (Ivelieu) Applied Energistics 2 GUIs, some other GUIs and minor tool changes Source and download Alternate download
John Smith: Alk-GTNH (Alkalus) Download Page | Source
Minimalist Technology (Pyrolusite, GTNH version compiled by XxinsanityxX) GregTech 5 & IC2 IC2 Forum Post (original MT) Archived Forum Thread (GTNH MT) GTNH version - MediaFire
Outlined Ores (schneid3306) Adds a solid border that matches the color of the ore Discord Message Link
Scuffed GTNH Dark (Albi) Dark Mode for GTNH with custom progressbars. Made to be in line with Zedarrian Technology and Unity.
Supports GT5u, AE2, Forestry, NEI and more!

Currently in Alpha.
Recommended to use with:
Unity (Source)
Zedarrian Technology (Source)

Download Page | Source
Stellar Fusion (Magentanide) Requires Fathful (Direct Download | Website), Outdated Direct Download | Archived Forum Post
UU-Tex (Jimbno) Source
Wily-bit-s-GTNH-tex (Wily bit) A resourcepack that changes GTNH textures. Currently in development. Source