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This page has instructions on debugging various mods etc for GTNH

Obviously, backup anything important before you start messing with debug images!


Github sourcecode

CircleCI automated builds

Retrieving a Circle CI build

  • Start at
  • Logout of the top right
  • Login of the top right, can use Github account
  • Go back to
  • Click on a build name like master #460
  • Select the Artifacts tab
  • Click the circleCi dropdown
  • Click the repo dropdown
  • Click the build dropdown
  • Click libs
  • Download the jar file without dev or sources in the name
  • Place in your mods directory, be sure to delete the old version.

Using debug options in GT++

GT++ has debug output options in its config file located at config\gtplusplus\GTplusplus.cfg

It also allows command-line debug enable/disable in game with





  • logging - Enable log messages
  • debug - Enable full debug mode - do not use unless asked by dev!