Release Stability

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This is a reference page for development pack versions with notes about their stability and issues, aimed at helping players choose what version they want to play with if they are adventuring beyond the official stable releases. It is not an extensive list of every problem, just ones that are most likely to affect the majority of players.

For full change logs of official releases, see the Version Histories linked below.


Status: New, stable. Current official release, also used on official servers (Delta/Epsilon/Eta).

Changelog: Version 2.6.0


Status: New, stable with bug-fixes to 2.5. Few small issues.

Changelog: Version 2.5.1


Status: Some issues, not recommended (use 2.5.1, below)

Changelog: Version 2.5.0


Status: Small issues

  • Non-cell recipe with liquid inputs (e.g. oxygen, air) in the Vacuum Freezer are missing.


Status: Recommended.

Changelog: Version 2.4.0

  • CraftPresence keybind now defaults to ~ and overwrites other bindings. Change under Options.
  • When updating from 2.4.0-RC1: ./localconfig.cfg is corrupt due to Default Configs saving list properties wrong in that version. To fix this, delete that file and reset the config folder. You may need to to re-apply custom config changes.
  • Linux graphic crash/block rendering issues with OpenComputers GitHub Ticket - replacement OC jar available for 2.4.0


Click "Expand" for 2.3.x series Dev release notes.


Status: No known issues.


Status: Small issues

  • PAs overclock ULV recipes incorrectly which can lead to power failure.
  • multiple issues with Chem Plant.
  • Crafting Input Buffers can prevent servers from shutting down/restarting without killing the process
  • AE2FC Fluid terminals do not work with GT cells and are generally buggy.


Status: Various issues, probably not recommended.

  • BetterP2P is known to be incompatible with AE2 + AE2FC (a fix is here is tested, should be fine)
  • Various problems with multiblocks: oil crackers are broken and crash when placed, compact fusion does not support all types of hatches, steam multis don't work with void protection. The Mega-Apiary does not output combs which can be solved by replacing your Kubatech mod with the newer one here Kubatech 0.12.4-pre. Also issues with the LFTR, MBF, and MOC.
  • Update Bartworks here for the fix with MEBF parallels and MOC.
  • Some foods can cause the game to crash. Nutrition 0.0.3 fixes that.


Status: Useable but needs a bunch of manual mod updates. The GT one is mandatory.

  • Extra Cells has been removed. Convert all the cells to AE2 or AE2FC's variants manually! Automatic conversion may or may not work, so it is crucial to back up your world. Known issues with conversion:
    • Partitioned storage cells will not have their partition lists carry over; this is because Extra Cells and AE2/AE2FC stores their partition lists differently in NBT. Storage cells affected:
      • Any extra cells storage cells, such as 256k+ item storage cells, void, all fluid storage cells, and more.
    • All Extra Cells blocks will not be converted.
    • It has been reported that the conversion will not work when converting from older versions (the items just disappear).
  • rather badly incorrect fluid recipes. including broken DT and distilling recipes. highly recommended to update GT to
  • a few other smaller recipe issue. including 2 assembling line recipes (fixed by updating to coremod to 2.1.51), sodium persulfate ore processing and the volumetric flask solidifying (a hotfix for these 2 is more complicated: you would need update to both GT to and MUI to 1.1.12)
  • AE2 might have bugs. For normal players, best use this release: rv3-beta-232-stable-patch-backport


Status: Not recommended. If at all only use with updated GT. Dont use in UEV+


Major Bug

Locking Large Chemical Reactors (LCR's) can cause chunk corruption; confirmed on 2.3.3 and 2.3.4, may exist in earlier builds.
  • GT bending and many other recipes broken. updating GT to is highly recommended and fixes many but not all.
  • various other recipe bugs like iron wand caps which are not fixable like that.
  • cant obtain the new magnetic material yet. It's needed for UEV+ components.


Status: Decent with updated AE.

  • The java 17-20 version of 2.3.2 can no longer be installed due to missing libraries (its fine if you have it already).
  • AE2 has ghost connections, see this issue on Github
    • To fix, update AE2. You may use version rv3-beta-195 (this is the version in 2.3.3), up to rv3-beta-213 should work with minimal changes
  • BetterP2P crashes on use
    • To fix, update BetterP2P. The latest version on Github should work.
  • Betterquesting still has rare problems with total file path length.


Status: Not recommended. Questbook backend changes make downgrading from this version back to 2.3.0 unfeasible.

  • Many menus crash the game.
  • Quest File name lengths cause major problems on various windows versions.
  • Quests are not recognized properly on servers.
  • Compact fusion does not work
  • Many EEC recipes do not work.
  • Note that due to the major questbook changes it is not possible to downgrade from any 2.3.1+ to 2.3.0 without losing the quest progression unless you have a backup.


Status: Recommended.


Click "Expand" for 2.2.x series Dev release notes.


Status: Unproven

  • World loading may fail, requiring multiple reloads until conversion successful. (unconfirmed, might be unrelated to version)
  • Attempting to mouse scroll an AE Pattern Terminal window causes the game to crash.
  • minor issues with AE2


Status: DO NOT USE

  • Tinker's Construct Weapons cause the game to crash when hitting mobs.
  • Optifine/FastCraft conflict can cause strobing visual effects.
  • Attempting to mouse scroll an AE Pattern Terminal window causes the game to crash.
  • AE2 Autocrafting is broken.
  • World loading often fails, multiple reloads required until conversion successful.
  • kubatech crash prevented creation of new worlds completely


Status: Good

  • GT Machines may show incorrect amounts for vanilla materials in crafting recipes.
  • AE2 patterns using substitutions does not function correctly.
  • Plasma turbine bugged.


Status: Not Recommended

  • AE2 non-functional


Status: Good

  • blockrenderer causes serious lag spikes even after stopping use (NEI multi-block preview)

Status: Not Recommended outside of official servers (Delta/Epsilon/Eta) or other big servers. The only 2.2.x version on Curseforge or Technic Launcher.

  • Worldgen inadvertently changed, causing poor biome variety and chunk border errors.