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New Mods:

  • findit 1.0.1

Mod Upgrade:

  • Adventurebackpack 0.9-h9
  • Better Questing 1.0.173e
  • Core Mod 1.5.33
  • Crops++ 1.3.1
  • Electro Magic Tools
  • Extra Cells 2.3.14bNIGHTLY
  • Galactic Greg 0.9.9
  • Gregtech
  • GT++
  • RF Expansion 1.0.13a
  • Standard Expansion 1.0.108b
  • Tec Tech 3.6.6
  • Witching Gadgets 1.2.9g-GTNH

Mod Changes:


  • -added cropGeneExtractor
  • -added cropReplicator
  • -added cropSynthesiser
  • -add water lily textures
  • -added WiP Weedpicker
  • -added WaterlillyCrop
  • -added debugweedmaker
  • -smaller code fixes
  • -removed fluid canner recipe

Electro Magic Tools

  • -fixed weird behavior of GUIs due to short Overflows
  • -fixed Aqua Infused Gen not working underwater
  • -did some changes to the reflected gens, still don't work.

Extra Cells

  • -Fix #398 - OreDictionaryExportBus not working with craftable items

Galactic Greg

  • -added support for small ores in space

Witching Gadgets:

  • -fixes and some more items
  • -fixed renderer issures on terraformer
  • -added River, Ocean, End terraformer focus
  • -started on vorpal sword


  • -Usage for PBI #3179
  • -OC recipes: memory planks autocrafting "economy" #3185
  • -OC recipes: Cards are not craftable #3184
  • -OC recipes: Server (T3), screen (T3) #3183
  • -remove config 0 circuits
  • -OC IV circuits not have variants
  • -[Recipe] Solar Panel (Super Solar Panel) #3114
  • -move fish oil recipes to the core mod
  • -nei shows wrong recipe for thick neutron reflector #3207
  • -World Anchor Uncraftable #3235
  • -exchange recipe tier for personal and passive anchors
  • -IC2 Personal Safe lacks assembler recipe #3264
  • -Add Quantium Pipes for super fast new uhv conveyor belts.
  • -[RFC] GT Solar Panels to strong #3232
  • -Add UHV forming press for Uv Solar pannel ingredients
  • -Circuit Downcrafting Exploit #3289
  • -Typo in item "casting form (large pipe shape) 5994" doesnt have R in large #3285
  • -added floppys w NBT for OC
  • -tweaked GT_CraftingRecipeLoader to use the private fields instead of 4 Args in call
  • -added Lua Bios EEPROM
  • -increase ore washer tank
  • -Update
  • -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261
  • -fix wrong obsidian recipe
  • -Regular Coke Oven Bricks #3346
  • -Fix to support disabling MACHINE_METAL tinting on machines.
  • -Add new coins for Dream World in Witchery
  • -Glowstone dust from biome's plants is unusable (has meta 32767) #3370
  • -remove all wildcard values and replace it by meta 0


  • -Gated PBI at LuV
  • -Make the pre production more expensive start from MV, HV, EV, IV Level
  • -Usage for PBI #3179
  • -move fish oil recipes to the core mod
  • -add new space certus Quartz oremix (need a Nether reset)
  • -pulled small ores into code
  • -removed config for custom ores
  • -removed immensive engineering support
  • -removed magneticraft support
  • -removed PFAAGeologica support
  • -added small ores for GaGreg
  • -fixes #3226 via
  • -added some Main Branch PRs
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -tiny pile sulfur + raw rubber = rubber #3267
  • -Suggestion: add small certus quartz ores #3250
  • -UHV piston use wrong motor tier #3242
  • -bedrockium wires don't have wiremill recipes #3241
  • -Configurable max stacks for conveyors
  • -Update tooltips for conveyor modules
  • -Light and Heavy Fuel Burn Values #3115 (320 to 305K)
  • -reverted Blood-Asp#1468 due to buggy behavior with ore grinding
  • -Look for air instead of tile.air.
  • -[Suggestion] Change Circuit Assembler "processing" GUI to avoid confusion with Assembler #3274
  • -increase ore washer tank
  • -Railcraft Crowbar Recipe Issue #3333
  • -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261
  • -fix wrong obsidian recipe
  • -Jade should be added to the Twilight Forest. #3345
  • -Universal Fluid Cells Wont Empty #3342
  • -Revert changes for machine metal support, using different method now via coremod to enable disable.
  • -change shards ore texture thanks to @LogicFalls
  • -name fixing Iron3Chloride
  • -Name tag assembler recipe #3351
  • -cleanroom not working in LV #3355
  • -Increase Large Combustion Engine pollution 50%.

Tec Tech

  • -Init work on collider
  • -Fix dyes (#11) Remove writes to GT Dyes enum because it caues problems with trying to remove MACHINE_METAL tinting.

Config changes:

Anger Mod

  • -angermobs and vampirism #3290

Core Mod

  • -Passive chunkloading incorrect info #3253


  • -non gendustry bees are op #3347
  • -osmium queen #3339
  • -Fences are uncraftable with non vanilla wood planks #3304


  • -Updated and fixed some stuff in Gendustry lang.
  • -Gendustry log warns


  • -Update GraviSuite.cfg


  • -Jade should be added to the Twilight Forest. #3345
  • -Suggestion: add small certus quartz ores #3250
  • -shruken filesize
  • -added custom veins as named veins
  • -Add planets to the space quartz mix


  • -High Pressure Coal Boiler vs Advanced LV Boiler #3371

Open Coputers

  • -Opencomputers OS #3310
  • -Various OpenOS items are uncraftable #3312

Special Mobs

  • -witchery doesn't recognize special mobs blazes which causes problems #3214

Added/Changed Recipes:

Twilight Forest

  • -Add Thaumcraft aspect for Twilight Forest stuff #3236

Carpenters Blocks

  • -fix recipe carpenters safe

Core Mod

  • -[RFC] GT Solar Panels to strong #3232

Ender IO

  • -[suggestion] move ender IO farming station to early HV #3199

Electro Magic Tools

  • -Nano goggles infusion refuses to start #3262


  • -Fixed a couple of errors and added the max values if one was set.


  • -Frequency module is uncraftable #3314


  • -combs aren't properly accepted in voltage type filters #3358


  • -Quantum solar panel can't be crafted back to GT EV solar panel #3257


  • -Mutation frame too OP for gtnh [] #323


  • -OV scaner craft bug #3245
  • -nei shows wrong recipe for thick neutron reflector #3207
  • -Cp Foam and Concrete Bucket #3202

Magic Bees

  • -Update Magic-Bees.zs
  • -Metabolic frame #3341


  • -add iron and gold nuggets to saw recipe
  • -shift saw in nugget recipe

Project Red

  • -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261
  • -fix pr chip recipes using mv circuit
  • -Added Circuit Boards from PR mod to circuit assembler
  • -add routec junction pipes to assembler

Super Solar Pannels

  • -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261


  • -nerf magic mirror
  • -Update Thaumcraft-05-Golemancy.zs
  • -Salis mundis duplication not working #1116
  • -Red spectral component not craftable with Ruby lens #3261
  • -fix pr chip recipes using mv circuit
  • -fix aspects

Tinkers Construct

  • -make unused pattern to wood pulp

Quests changes:

  • -Move Gas turbine quest so it is obvious it is an alternative to diesel. Add information that pollution is 50% less with gas vs diesel
  • -Added Large Gas Turbine, Trading Station, and Automating Power on/off quests.
  • -Updated witchery and new Project Red quests.
  • -change coins in quests a bit
  • -First half of witchery quests cleaned up.
  • -New quests added for: vacuum hopper, XP shower, carbon crossbow limb, replacement hand pump, cleaver + wiither skulls, salt coins, witch gear, wtich books.
  • -Part one redesing Robot arms emitter and sensors need a change
  • -Part two redesing Robot arms emitter and sensors changes
  • -Coins Coins Coins repatable Quests make the game to easy. #3189
  • -New Tab ProjectRed quests
  • -add more witchery quests
  • -fix a few more witchery quests (coin balance)
  • -Added new IC2 quests. Added node upgrade quest for World Interaction Upgrade. Fixed some quest issues.
  • -reduntant quest pre-requisites, smd component, central processor, advanced circuit assembler #3356
  • -remove mv steam turbine from hv starter quest
  • -Add Horse spawn eggs to Saddle Quest
  • -[Quest #1299] Cant detect Dense energy cell #3344
  • -add handpump quest
  • -Early game storage (pre-AE) #3277
  • -Flew to Ceres - can't loot or break the landing balloon #3300
  • -Reconfigure HV Macerator quest requirements to MV macerator quest #3334
  • -General Quest Fixes/Typos #3321
  • -Frequency module is uncraftable #3314
  • -Pitchblende quest demands red Uranium 238 Ore #3318
  • -Move Tetrahedrite quest from Steam to LVf #3305
  • -make advanced ores for the wand as checkbox quest with no reward.
  • -Make rutile quests optional-Titan Ore balancing #3278
  • -Rutile is main quest but a or quest. So you can go the rutile or bauxite way
  • -add more coins to quest
  • -Alvearies (How to be(e)) incorrect amounts (low priority) #3291
  • -Contains changes from WarlordWossman for 4 additional Stevescarts quests.
  • -[RFC] GT Solar Panels to strong #3232
  • -Ore Wand Quest #3271
  • -[Quest 803] Wrong circuit for quantum armor #3273
  • -[Quest 1531] Wrong data stick for rocket #3272
  • -[Sugguestion] Seed oil quest #3269
  • -Add Ore Drilling Plant quests #3244
  • -BBF quest has wrong clay number #3248
  • -Incompatible Blaze Powder types #3252
  • -Passive chunkloading incorrect info #3253
  • -Suggestion: copper wand caps in adept thaum instead of iron #3260
  • -Wrough iron quest #3221
  • -Basic circuit assembler quest in an odd place #3224
  • -fiery bowstring required again in ardite crossbow body quest? #3233
  • -remove �f
  • -Add crosbow to the quest
  • -Mention crop calculator in questbook #3225
  • -add more quests. Weed Ex Crop Matron
  • -Crossbow quests #3209
  • -Sifter quest too generous #3215
  • -change Solar Quests to new recipes
  • -[Quest] Remove ore requirement from Magnalium quest #3187
  • -Stone age quest tab improvements #3191
  • -Change dolly and glider quests to just retrieve the item #3178
  • -"Cough Cough - Something needs to be done about the smell" quest #3180
  • -Space Race Quest Fixes [Minor] #3181

Version History