From GT New Horizons


Mod Upgrade:

  • Adventurebackpack 0.8ebeta27
  • Better Questing 1.0.155
  • Buildcraft 7.1.18
  • Chisel
  • EnderIo
  • Galacticraft
  • Galaxyspace 1.1.0(this will change a lot YEAH)
  • Gregtech
  • GT Core Mod 1.2.09
  • Industrialcraft 2.2.825
  • Opensecurity 1.0.94
  • Remoteio 2.4.1
  • Standart Expansion 1.0.99
  • Storagedrawers 1.10.3
  • Thaumicexploration 1.1.57
  • Thaumictinkerer 2.5.538
  • Tinkersdefense 1.3.7 (hopfully works now) Sorry not works. To much crashes.
  • Wireles Redstone

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • Core Mod (Added Tool Tips for Oven Gloves and Lava Buckets)
  • Ender IO (Telepad now LuV Level)
  • Extra Utilities (Item Filter need now Stainless Steel Gear)
  • Galaxy Space(Change mostly all, recipes are fixed, tired to Version 1.1.0, Change Rocket Reverse recipes, Avaritia Table now Nasa Workbench, Planets and Moons will be resetted)[/color]
  • Galacticraft (Short Range Telepoter are cheaper now)
  • Gendustry (recipe change now Osmium, Palladium and Naquadah is neede, high Tier Bee Combs are needed only Industry Apiary is at titan Level)
  • Gregtech(Add stuff to GT Code like Heavy Duty Plates, Rocket Parts, Planet and Moon Stone Byproducts, Added new Materials like Infinity Catalyst, Bedrockium and Unstable)
  • IC2 (Teleporter to IV Level now, Adv Miner Iv Level too, Reactor Needs now Titanium)
  • Project Red (Illuminator dust using more dyes Ordicted a bit)
  • Thaumic Tinkerer (Fix the recipe of a TT-kami scepter @Thanks to Sirilux)
  • Tinkers Construct (Cobalt and Ardite need an EBF now. No diret Ore smelt anymore)

Code and config changes:

  • Core Mod(Ore dict support goes to the code because of Minetweaker script erros and waiting time, Quantum Circuits need now Black Plutonium, adding an Industry Frame as Crafting Item for Gendustry, Teleporter need Infinity Block, adding many Galaxy Space components to the Core mod)
  • Ender IO (Ender Mini not Attak creepers any more)
  • Gregtech(Many new Ore Mixes and changes because of Galaxy Space Update, Added nwe 3 Tiers of Naquadah Reactors, Scanner reworks by Tec, remove pullution until it is used, )
  • Infernal Mobs (Hellhounds not alwas infernal any more, disabed rust due server issues and life stealer, enable 1up and regen)

Quests changes:

  • Fixed all Galaxy Space Quests to fit with version 1.1.0

Version History