From GT New Horizons


Mod Upgrade:

  • Galacticraft
  • Gregtech
  • GTNewHorizons Core Mod 1.0.51
  • HQM The Journey 4.4.1
  • Open Printer
  • Open Security 1.0-73
  • Thaumichorizons 1.1.9

Mod Downgrade:

  • RWG 1.3.2

Config changes:

  • Ender IO (Moved Ender Alloys to the EBF (delete in the Alloy smelter))
  • Galacticraft (Fixed Galacticraft Fuel Bug (sorry no old oil or fuel any more))
  • GT Mew Horizons Core Mod (Added Ofanix to the Lich Bone Drops)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • Extra Utilities (Change the Pseudo Round Robin Pipe Recipes)
  • Galacticraft (remove Titanium Shard and Ilmenite ore out of the Furnace, Added Fuel Canister from GC to the GT Fluid Canner)
  • Gendustry (Change the recipes for the Gendustry Templates and Samples)
  • Gregtech (Read Iridium Dust tiny and small)
  • GT New Horizons Core Mod (Added Diamond Lens to the Gold Engraved Chip, Adding Fletching and Bowstring Cast)
  • Minecraft (Change recipes for Dropper and Dispenser using now a string)
  • Railcraft (Adding Recipes for the Lapatron Loader Upgrade, Adding alternative Firestone recipes to the Laser Engraver and the Assembler )
  • Steve Carts (Start with Steve Carts)
  • Tinkers Construct (Added Bow String and Fletching Cast with all recipes)

Version History