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Client Pack:

Server Pack:


Mod Upgrade:

  • Applied Energistics rv3 beta6a
  • Berries ++ 1.1.1c
  • Gregtech
  • GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.18

Config changes:

  • Core Mod(Large Heat Exchanger gives 5x output steam, not 10x #2394)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • AE2( Fix Charged Certus Dust->Crystal creating water instead of using it, Add recipes for Covered Fluix Cable using synthetic rubbers)
  • Biomes o Plenty([suggestion][simple] add hardened sand to the sand oredict #2400)
  • IC2(Nano circuit naquadria cost #2393, ic2 adv battery recipe derp)
  • Railcraft(balance Rails a bit, change railcraft shunting wire recipes a bit, )
  • Thaumcraft(Recipe suggestion: Salis Mundis by crushing Balanced Shards in a Mortar and Pestle #2414)

Code changes:

Core Mod

  • Nano circuit naquadria cost #2393, [suggestion][simple] add hardened sand to the sand oredict #2400, remove shapeless recipe, [suggestion] Wool assembler recipe #2409


  • Add Tooltip for BBF Change Brick compression time for BBF, Update tooltips for Large Steam Turbine and Large HP Steam Turbine #2383, Tritanium should have a uu replication recipe in my opinion #2391
  • make Trtanium 1121,4 times harder than Diamond (source star trek), make tritanium use EBF and be meltable at 9000K, Update, [Balance] Adjust oilsands to make them worthwhile #2406,
  • Fix custom enchantment for materials, Compost recipe is wrong #2407, Add more rail recipes, Make pipes aware of translocators & tinker construct faucets so they can connect,
  • Oredict support for assline, change manyullyn shapeless recipe #2417, ZPM Microwave Transmitter #2421, Added Desh as Titanium and Oriharukon as Isotopes, added Oriharukon.mChemicalFormula,
  • Possible fix for ic2 cells interacting with fluid pipes, Seismic Prospector Blocks incorrectly name for LV/MV #2430)

Quests changes:

Flint sword doesn't get detected in Quest #11 (Sharpness: Over... 5...) #2385, Flint tools other than the shovel don't get detected in Quest #5 (Tools) #2384, Error in the quest to buy steel #2392,

Quest text adjustment for #481 (Creosote oil) #2386, [Quest] Update advanced heat exchanger quest on nightvision quest tree #2401, New Rail Craft Quests #2413, Fix diode Quest #2419,

Animal farms Quest #2420, SMD Capacitor Quest #2422, Windmeter #2424

Version History