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Mod Upgrade:

  • Core Mod 1.5.36
  • Gregtech
  • GT++
  • GTNH-TC-Wands 1.0.2
  • GT Scanner Mod 1.5.1
  • Tec Tech 3.6.6a

Mod Changes:


  • -Comb Time and Voltage Adjustments
  • -Dragon egg crafting items
  • -Alternative Primitive Circuits for MV #3438 (NAND Chips)
  • -Superconductor dusts mixing fix #3440
  • -nerf Nichrome to 480eu/t vac freezer and make EBf burn time longer
  • -marshmallow recipe change
  • -nerf bee comb time to 300. Its a compromise between 1200 and 128
  • -re enable op bees. Bees get a rework anyways
  • -Unable to make the Blank fuel tank for the Small fuel canister #3459
  • -add 10K Coins for later use
  • -Suggestion: wild carrots ore dictionary #3485
  • -Suggestion: Extract fluid fire resistance potion from pam's ignis fruit #3484
  • -Suggestion: Flesh Root to mincemeat #3483
  • -Suggestion: Extract coconuts into coconut milk #3482
  • -Suggestion: Mixer recipe for Red Alloy #3491
  • -[RFC] Uses for Natura nether trees #3435
  • -added Trophy recipes for dream
  • -changed World Accelerator check for solars
  • -Recipe to turn empty hydration cell back into normal cell #3381
  • fixed cell hydration cell recipe


  • -[Suggestion] Change Blood Magic Life Essence Cell recipe to use Regular cell rather than Universal Cell. #2215
  • -Alternative Primitive Circuits for MV #3438 (NAND Chips)
  • -Fix for issue 3399
  • -Conflicting/Unusable recipes in Large Chemical Reactor #3450
  • -duct taped fix. remove gt++ recipe for cetan
  • -Seismic prospectors changes:
  • -Do radius in blocks. Clean up printouts. Add in chunk information for located ores.
  • -Added powderbarrels to usage. Added recipes to make Adv Seismic Prospectors. Removed recipes for the old ones.
  • -boronsilicate fix mixer recipe
  • -fix dimethylbenzen derp
  • -Fixed Mufflers and Large Boiler Fuels. (#1319)
  • -Adding new Textures for GT Coils Textures by @LogicFalls
  • -fixed GT Teleporter
  • -improofed readability a bit (in dependencies in GT_Mod & GT_MetaTileEntity_Teleporter)
  • -alkalus' fix to improve performance on the typefilter...
  • -Change to use an ObjMap
  • -Missing LCR recipe for CrO2 + O -> CrO3 #3510

GT Scanner Mod

  • -Fixed basic prospector behavior.
  • -Changed to display summary of ores found and distance from player.
  • -Adjusted range down overall. Increased success chance slightly.
  • -Increased durability
  • -added simple scanners
  • -added UHV Electric Prospector's Scanner
  • -removed unnecessary classes
  • -disabled debug build

Tec Tech

  • -Push some collider work and change plasma nerf behaviour
  • -Change fusion behaviour a bit

Config changes:

AE+AE2 Stuff

  • -add oredict to inscriber for dia and gold plates


  • -Bee adjustments and OCD cleanup


  • -added fluids to planets (charon not exists)

Loot Bags

  • -New lootbags and balanced the old ones #3469
  • -LuV Quest merge #3471

Tinkers Construct

  • -Stone Duplication With Fortune / Auto-Smelt #3497

Server dat

  • -Add Wabulabudaba russian gtnh server


  • -Missing Plasma #3427

Added/Changed Recipes:

AE+AE2 Stuff

  • -Add Inscriber recipe #3477
  • -Wireless Setup Kit #3441

Extra Utilities

  • -Quarry use now Europium Plate. Approved bei 0lafe


  • -Idea - Decending Name GenDustry Comb Ore Directory Names. #3509

Iron Chest

  • -recipe conflict world anchor #3475

Loot Bags

  • -LuV Quest merge #3471

Project Red

  • -Have Null routing chips use vacuum tubes instead of LV circuits, up output #3407

Quests changes:

  • -Suggestion Portable Quest #3493
  • -fix kill enderman quest
  • -[RFC] Uses for Natura nether trees #3435
  • -fix a few quest rewards
  • -Fixed a bunch of issues from tickets. Added redwheat, tin pipes, brass pipes(restricted pipes too)
  • -farming station, large combustion engine quests
  • -Quest Error Brew of Love #3488
  • -Cleaned up quests. Added new SpaceSuit quests for Venus PPE.
  • -update fusion quests lootbags
  • -Rotor and watermill quest outdated/incorrect #3406
  • -Quest #1495 #3197
  • -Making gallium easier to get #3455
  • -Add Mineral Sands to the Orefinder purchase quest #3463
  • -Suggestion: Make the feather duct-taped wings quest optional #3466
  • -Move seeds quest from behind mattock? #3476
  • -More Space race quests (tier 5 Rockets)
  • -more circuit quests and stuff Luv/ZPM/UV
  • -LuV Quest merge #3471 Add polybenzimidazole quests
  • -Manualy merge 0lafes Quests. Add a few more (IV so far) LuV follow later
  • -Add Synthetic rubber quests
  • -Updated seismic prospector quest to new advanced seismic prospector and added more information.
  • -more quests like chemical dehydrator and nickel quest
  • -marshmallow quest added
  • -Update/move basic prospector quest #3456
  • -duct taped fix. remove gt++ recipe for cetan
  • -Nuclear reactor quests #3443
  • -Suggestion: Alternate Radon Quest #3449
  • -update coins coins Quests by 0lafe
  • -The big fluffy crybaby quest 905 #3437
  • -Dragon egg #1499
  • -Completed Quest Inaccessible #3436
  • -Check unlock for Empty Epoxid Board, in EV #3426
  • -Quests #3511
  • -Fix hv food quest

Version History