From GT New Horizons


Removed Mods:

  • Ingame InfoXLM

Mod Upgrade:

  • Better HUD 1.3.4
  • Better Questing 1.0.101
  • Block Limiter 0.51
  • Gregtech
  • GTNH Core Mod 1.1.43
  • Ic2 Nuclear control 2.4.0a
  • Industrial Craft 2 2.2.822
  • TC Inventoryscan 1.0.11
  • YamCore 0.5.65

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • Avaritia (now fully integrated and useable)
  • Galacticraft (Schematics exchange Tierwise, change the recipe from fluid oxygen and nitrogen,
  • GT NewHorizons Core Mod (Adding Wet Tofu )
  • Minecraft (change TC Aspects from Blazepowder, Rods and Paper, change Nether Star dupe recipe)
  • Railcraft (Adding recipes for the RF Cart and Loader, Unloader)
  • Thaumcraft (add Amber Autoclave recipe and Disable Block and item crafting in the workbench)
  • Tinkers Contruct (adding Lead ingots and Nuggets to the smeltery)

Code changes:

  • Block Limiter (adding Item Limiter to the Mod so you can block items from usage in Dimension or on the whole Server, Client)
  • GT NewHorizons Core Mod (Adding Wet Tofu item, adding compressed Oxygen and compressed Nitrogen Fluid Gas, Addig new Netherstar dupe recipe, Change Thaumcraft aspect Names, adding World Accelerator recipes )
  • Gregtech (Change Thaumcraft aspect Names, Channge burnvalues for Nitro Diesel, Diesel, Ethanol to match with the setting we had(so no changes) Change Burnvalue charcoal a bit 4x, change some Gui for Distillation Tower, Large Turbine and Large Heat Exchanger, adding missing recipes for Ingots (Ender IO Metals) to the EBF with oxygen and without oxygen, adding Turbine Casings from gt 5.0.9, adding some casings to the Assembler, added new Guis for Bronze Steel machines, Adding assembly machine WIP,)

Version History