From GT New Horizons


New Mods:

  • Open Modular Turrets
  • HEE Music is now a ressource pack (seperated from the main Mod) since version 1.8.5

Mod Upgrade:

  • AE2 Stuff
  • AE2 rv3 beta 4
  • Automagy 027.1
  • Biome o Plenty
  • Electro Magic Tools 1.2.5
  • Ender Storage
  • Extra Cells 2.3.7b183
  • Galacticraft
  • Gravisuit 2.0.64u
  • Gregtech
  • GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.0.9
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.5
  • Iron Minecarts 1.0.4
  • NEIIntegration 1.1.1 now with Forestry 3 and 4 support
  • Not enough Items
  • Open Blocks 1.5
  • Open Computers
  • Open Mods Lib 0.9
  • Project red pre
  • Rouge like Dungeon 1.4.4
  • Schematica
  • Tinkers Construct
  • Tinkers Gregworks 1.0.7
  • Thaumic Energistics
  • Tinkers Gregworks 1.0.7
  • Translocators

Config changes:

  • Galacticraft (Change Base Biome ID from 102 to 116 to prevent GC Entity spawns in the overwolrd.)
  • Gregtech ( make Gas Turbines, Diesel Generators, Magic Energy converters more efficient LV +5%, MV+10%, HV +15%)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • Extra Cells (pdate recipes to the new Version)
  • Gregtech (take Platinum Ingots out of the EBF and Vac Freezer because of Tiering)
  • GT New Horizons Core Mod (Change Coke oven Bricks in the Alloysmelter, Adding more Tooltips for chests and tanks, Recipe fix - Nano rubber boots, Recipe fix Laser Emitter, Added Block of Charcoal to Oredict )
  • HEE (changed most of the recipes now with Minetweaker. I will later add it to the coremod via code)
  • IC2 ( Adding recipes for mining Pipes otherwise you cant go pump stuff in LV Age.)
  • Minecraft (adding Ladder recipe to the Assmebler(alternative recipe)
  • Open Modular Turrets (adding more recipes)
  • Pams Harvestcraft (fix pams flour in dough crafting)
  • Railcraft(Adding Iroand Steel tank Waves, Gauges and Walls to the Assembler(alternative recipe)
  • Remote IO (Changing Blank Plate recipe and Wireless Transmitter)
  • Thaumic Energistics (Adding Wireless Essentia Therminal recipe)
  • Witchery (Added Wormwood recipes)

Code changes:


  • New debug lang for achievements generation(miuirussia), fuel rod override v2(Blood Asp) Mox not working lik ic2 any more (more heat up more eu), Overriding IC2 fuel rods(Blood Asp), fix teleporter(Blood Asp), Sensor kit should not stack(Blood Asp), Fix teleporter nuclear control support(Blood Asp), Fixed Display overflow(Blood Asp), Adding Distillery recipes for Bio Gass Lv and MV), add missing EBXL recipes. tmp disable modular armor recipes(Blood Asp), AE2 oredict register fix(Blood Asp), fix depleted mox crashing(Blood Asp), Fix forestry worktable crash(Blood Asp), recipe Change for Drain and the Shutter Module

Version History