From GT New Horizons


Mod Upgrade:

  • Binnies Mods 2.0.17a
  • Gregtech
  • GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.4.14

Config changes:

  • Core Mod(Update Configs)
  • Gregtech(Update configs)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • IC2 (Added more recipes for CF Pack filling)
  • Jabba( Upgrade circuit changes to settings 3)
  • Tinkers Construct (Change Forge recip using)
  • Vanilla(Fix for Clay Blocks)
  • AE2(removed unused recipes)
  • Advanced Solar Pannels(removed unused recipes)
  • Botany(Stone Plate recipe fix)
  • Blood Arsenal(Remove unused recipes)
  • Blood Magic(Stone Plate recipe fix)
  • Core Mod(Add Tooltips to GT BBF, fix coinage mold recipe)
  • Draconic Evolution(removed unused recipes)
  • Gregtech(Nuggets remove recipes, removed unused recipes)
  • IC2(Iron Furnace need 5 Iron Plates in the assembler fix exploit)
  • Pams(removed unused recipes)
  • Project Red(Change recipes to GT Stone Plate)
  • Steve Carts(removed unused recipes)
  • Tinkers Construct (aluminium dusts exchange , )
  • Vamilla(Nuggets remove recipes)

Code changes:

Core Mod

  • (Add Diode recipes using Ticos molten Glass as fluid, Added more compressor recipes to gt code, Make assembly line use cheaper circuit techs.,
  • Wrought Iron and Aluminium Production Issue #1579, add all circuits to the Assembler recipes (Emitter, Sensor, Robot Arm),, Basic Circuit change #1596, Add Carbon to Resistor, Ordict fixes and stuff,, LuV and higher Emitters/Sensors require Neutronium #1564)


  • (Revert "Ammonia recipe is imbalanced #1567", Fix a bug where the bricked blast furnace didnt need casing, Rework naq/mnq depleated fuel rod usage, Trying to fix PE polymerizing recipe #1126, Fixed 2 formulas #1122, Not possible to get advanced circuits if you arent already in hv #1581,, remove Flawless Gems because they used for long Rods recipes, fix cheese as dough #1123, Fix cover and mode spelling, Make assembly line use cheaper circuit techs. #1114, Clean reset of Datastick so remaining old data does not break assemblyline, Item Distributor #1132, Fixed Diluted Sulfuric Acid recipes, PTFE Pipe Casing name, Assembly line upgrade #1130, changes ids because 131 was used by another Block, change Pyroluse Overn using now Cupronickel Coils too,, LuV and higher Emitters/Sensors require Neutronium #1564)

Quests changes:

  • Fix allot of quests

Version History