From GT New Horizons


New Mods:

  • SGCraft 1.9.5 (Added for our Server, as we have Atlantis as "soon to be" Spawn". Items and recipes are disabled/OP Only)

Mod Upgrade:

  • ProjectRed (Teteros' patch for the GregTech tool problem)
  • Changed/added Recipes and/or configs:
  • Synced the script-files from server to client, to get rid of old/invalid entries
  • NodalMechanics: Changed the recipe and requirements (Moved it up a couple of tiers)
  • ThaumicTinkerer: Disabled Ichor/Ichorcloth and Ichorium for now, until the final decision has been made for its appropriate tier
  • EnderIO: Disabled WitherSkeleton replacement; In hope to fix the "Entity-30" problem
  • SpecialMobs: Disabled "Thief" and "Hungry" modifiers

Version History