From GT New Horizons


New Mods:

  • Avaritia 1.11
  • Mumble Link 4.1.1-2b

Mod Upgrade:

  • Autopackager 1.5.9a
  • Blood Arsenal 1.2-5
  • Draconic Evolution 1.0.2
  • Ender Core
  • Fastcraft 1.22
  • Flood Lights 1.1.1-124
  • Forbidden Magic 0.574
  • GraviSuite 2.0.67u
  • Gregtech
  • GT New Horizons CoreMod 1.1.33
  • Holo Inventory
  • Ic2 Nei Plugin 1.1.0
  • Industrialcraft 2.2.818
  • Iguana Tinker Tweaks 2.1.6
  • Open Printer
  • Storage Drawers 1.9.6
  • Tinkers Gregworks 1.0.11

Config changes:

  • Gendustry (fix Bee Comb colors, remove some Centrifuge recipes, fix Ur Ghast Bees, Fix DNA and Protein recipes via cfg)
  • Ingame XML (change position to not overlap other Gui)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • Avaritia (remove all recipes for now will be add later back)
  • Core Mod (Fix the GTNH Tab and add all recipe back)
  • Draconic Evolution (add missing core back will begin with recipes soon)
  • Forestry/biome o Plenty/Pams Harvestcraft (add many new honey wax and Comb recipes, Fix honey and for.honey issue)
  • Gregtech (remove all Dust and gem recipes out of Blocks (Shapeless), Fix Bronze recipes, adding old Fuel rod recipes back)
  • Thaumic Tinker (add all recipes back and nerf them)
  • Tinkers Construct (fix cobalt issue)

Code changes:

  • Core Mod (adding bees centrifuge recipes to code and delete them out of Gendustry cfg, some name fixes, adding ichor Cap)
  • Gregtech (adding new Fluid Cans to GT Steel, Alu, StailessSteel, Titan, TungstenSteel, Chrome, Iridium, Osmium, Neutronium, add Draconium and Draconium Awakened to GT, Fix Rotors in assembler, )

Version History