GT-NEI-Ore-Plugin Spreadsheet Export Tutorial

From GT New Horizons

To Export a CSV-Spreadsheet like this one, you need to follow the Steps in this tutorial:

Required Software

Required Libraries


  1. Setup MultiMC with a fresh instance of GT-NH (or any other GT-Styled Modpack)
  2. Unzip the Libraries into instance/mods
  3. Open MultiMC and click on your instance, then "Edit Instance" and go to "Version"
  4. Click on "Add to Minecraft.jar" under Advanced
  5. Now locate the "commons-collections-3.2.2-bin.jar".
  6. Set "print csv" to "true" in the gtneioreplugin.cfg in the /config folder. You can set the path to print the csv there too.
  7. Start the game and your spreadsheet will be created at the destination once you are in the main menu.
  8. Don't forget to disable the print csv config again.


Open the Sheet in notepad++, search and replace "true" with "X" and "false" with nothing.