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HV Tier


HV is the third electric tier, upon reaching HV, you should already have ability to make HV circuits and stainless steel. You should also upgrade your EBF(s) with Nichrome coils and have a MV precision laser engraver with a green sapphire and ruby lens.

The Start / Early-HV

You should be making a HV generator(combustion, gas, steam) for this energy tier, a chemical reactor, and a mixer. After making the machines listed, you should be preparing for build a cleanroom and a MV circuit assembler.

First Energy Crisis

You will find yourself struggling to power the machines, as each machine are consuming 4(about 4.5 due to efficiency loss) times that of the MV version of machine you have. You are required to make a effective setup for energy, such as oil or a forestry tree farm for benzene.


While you solved part of energy crisis and made some important HV machines, you should work on the cleanroom, the most important multiblock you will do in your HV age. It's the sign of entering mid HV. With it, you could start working on generation 3 circuits which is starting at MV. From now on, your copper consumption will increase a lot due to the massive demand of plastic circuit boards.


After you made some EV circuits, you could now make a HV circuit assembler for mainframe which is your first IV circuits. You'll need it for NASA workbench which is required soon for titanium. You should be creating a vacuum freezers for cooling down the hot ingots from the EBFs like Kanthal, tantalum and titanium. You could also make a distillation tower if you have enough stainless steel for it.

Preparation for rocket

After viewing NEI, you saw that you need a NASA workbench and a Implosion Compressor for your first rocket. You'll need 37 T1 heavy-duty alloy plate and a lot more of all the stuff behind it. You'll need a T1 rocket, a oxygen equipment set with 2 light oxygen tank(1 is too tiny for resource collecting), oxygen collector and compressor, fuel loader, and 9 landing pad.

Blast Off \O/

You did it! you crafted your first rocket ever in your life, now you need to fuel it fully with 5 cell-worth of cetane-boosted diesel, it's noticed that rocket will produce a huge amount of pollution if launched. When you landed, you should find yourself in a lander. YOU MUST HOLD THE SPACE BAR(or you will die with rocket gone and needs to make one again) to slow down the lander. You should keep the speed less than 25m/s to avoid explosion on landing. Try find ilmenite vein(for chromium and ilmenite), bauxite(for ilmenite and a lot of aluminum), and neodymium(for EV+ motors, fluorine, phosphorus, and rare earth elements that you need later in the game).

End Of HV

After collection of the ores, check the NEI to make titanium, you will need a stack for turning in the titanium quest to fully enter EV tier in the questbook. Note that you must cool titanium using a vacuum freezer.

Side stuffs

While all the stuff above is the main quests, you could also do some side stuffs that could help you progress also.

1: Industrial apiary - way faster version of normal apiary, only got beaten by mega apiary. Warning: it's going to drain all of your power off

2: Blood magic - while it's not actually required in HV, but you could summon meteors for a no-rocket run or a huge amount of resource for your base