Implosion Compressor

From GT New Horizons

The Gregtech Implosion Compressor is a multiblock that compresses various inputs using explosives. Most notably, it is used to make compressed metal plates for all tiers of rockets. It can also be used as an alternative to the Laser Precision Engraver when upgrading Gems. It generates 10,000 pollution per second of operation, which can quickly cause serious Pollution issues.

How to Build

The Implosion Compressor is a simple multiblock, with the only defined block placement its controller which must be centered on any side. Explosion Hazard Sign Blocks may replace any number of Solid Steel Machine Casings for decoration, and both count towards the minimum casing requirement.



Turn on the Implosion Compressor by right-clicking with a Soft Mallet or pressing the power button in the lower right corner of the GUI. The button will be green if the machine is currently on. Both some type of explosive (Powderbarrel < TNT < Dynamite (IC2) < Industrial TNT, from lowest value to highest) and a material to be compressed (metals, gems, etc.) must be present in one or more of the multi's Input Bus(es). The quantity of explosive needed varies by quality and item being processed.

"No valid recipe found" will be displayed in the controller GUI if it doesn't have enough or any appropriate items to compress or there are no Input Bus(es). "Not enough output space" means the Output Bus(es) are full or missing. If the machine powers on and immediately turns off without doing anything, check that the Muffler Hatch is pointing outwards (dark circle showing) and that power is connected.


Put the highest tier muffler possible on this multiblock because it generates a whopping 10,000 pollution per second without mitigation. Since the Implosion Compressor's pollution output is directly tied to how long it runs, upgrading the voltage tier of the Energy Hatch to reduce the recipe time will also reduce the output of pollutants.

The higher tier Galacticraft rockets will start to require compressed plates that need ever-growing amounts of explosives. An automated explosive production line is highly recommended to keep up with demand. Industrial TNT is preferred because of its efficiency in many high tier ingot compression recipes, or it can be made by a bee.