Electric Air Filter

From GT New Horizons

They come in three tiers, T1 for LV, T2 at late HV, and T3 gated at IV. Working range is centered 3x3 for T1, 5x5 for T2, and 7x7 for T3 power consumption 30EU/t for T1 (does not change with higher tier Energy Hatch nor Mufflers.) MUST have a Small Turbine present in the bottom right slot of the Controller, or it will not run. switch modes between normal (complete the current chunk until pollution =0) and random (pick a new chunk after each 10s cycle) - change modes by right-clicking with Screwdriver. Shift-right-click with Screwdriver to change working area - default is maximum size.

The muffler hatches don't have to face outwards, so Electric Air Filters can wall-share.

The Small Turbine's durability isn't used up.

Tier Working Area Power Consumption Effective Mufflers
T1 3x3 chunks 30EU/t LV, MV and HV
T2 5x5 chunks 480EU/t ???