Pyrolyse Oven

From GT New Horizons

The Pyrolyse Oven is a GT multi-block that you unlock at MV, you will most likely first use this multi as a faster and more efficient Coke Oven. Mainly used in the production of Benzene in the early game. Upgrading the Pyrolyze Oven's Coils will increase its production speed.


A 5x4x5 hollow Multiblock. One Pyrolyse Oven requires:

  • x1 Pyrolyse Oven Controller, front center, bottom layer
  • x66 Pyrolyse Oven casing, everywhere else
  • x1 Input Bus, center 3x3 on top layer
  • x1 Output Bus, any bottom layer casing
  • x1 Input Hatch, center 3x3 on top layer
  • x1 Output Hatch, any bottom layer casing
  • x1 Maintenance Hatch, any bottom layer casing
  • x1 Energy Hatch, any bottom layer casing
  • x1 Muffler Hatch, center 3x3 on top layer
  • x9 Coil blocks, center 3x3 on bottom layer


Early Game

The main use of the Pyrolyse Oven is to produce Charcoal from logs along with other fluid byproducts, you can also use it to make coal coke and creosote oil. This process can be sped up with Nitrogen (2x speed) and the use of higher tier coils (each tier increasing speed by 50%. Cupronickel coils only give 50% speed). Other uses include making Biomass and Fermented Biomass, Charcoal dust from sugar and Heavy Oil from Logs.

Late Game

Fluid Byproducts

The best way to process these is with a Quad Distillation tower one for each of the main byproducts of producing charcoal.

  • Charcoal Byproducts

By far the most useful, this fluid can be distilled down into Wood Tar, Wood Gas, Wood Vinegar and the various Dimethylbenzen products. This is the most efficient way to process wood in the Pyrolyse oven as you get all of the byproducts.

  • Wood Tar

The fluid that you will most likely start off producing (before you get a Distillation Tower) this fluid can be distilled down into Creosote Oil, Phenol, Benzene, Toluene and Dimethylbenzen products.

  • Wood Gas

This fluid can be distilled down into CO2 gas, Ethylene, Methane gas, Carbon Monoxide and Hydrogen gas. It can also be burned in a Gas Turbine.

  • Wood Vinegar

By far the least useful of the byproducts this fluid can be distilled down into Acetic acid, Water, Ethanol, Methanol, Acetone and Methyl Acetate. You only get very small amounts of most of these fluids.

  • Other

You can get Heavy oil from logs.


As with all GregTech machines, these items are consumed at the beginning of the process and cannot be retrieved. If power is lost to the machine these items will be destroyed - so be sure your power supply is enough to power the Pyrolyse Oven before use.